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    Знаменитые люди России

    Рыжков Михаил

    В презентации содержится информация о знаменитых людях России.


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    Famous people of Russia
    Catherine II
    Peter I
    Catherine II(1729-1796)
    Catherine II the Great, Sophia, Frederick Augustus (after the baptism of the Orthodox rite - Catherine A.). Catherine once wrote an epitaph, which would be placed on his tombstone, which specifically mentioned that "Having come to the Russian throne, and would have tried to deliver a good and happiness of his subjects, liberty and property, it is easy to forgive and not fed to anyone hate . Poschadlivaya, amiable by nature veselonravnaya, with the soul of the Republican and with a good heart, she had no friends. The work was easy for her, she loved art and be in public. "? Years of her reign (1762-1796) actually found the "golden age of Catherine." At this time, was converted almost all of the internal structure of the empire, has increased the power of the Russian army and navy under "Catherine Eagles" - Potemkin, Rumyantsev, Suvorov, Kutuzov, Ushakov, Orlov. As a result of successful wars were joined Black Sea, Crimea, Kuban region, Eastern Georgia, half Polish POSP-cast with Belarus and Western Ukraine. During the reign of Catherine the Great, Russian culture flourished, education and science, opened a new training and educational institutions, academies, libraries and publishing.? Catherine herself wrote dozens of plays, articles and books on various aspects of Russian history and economics, pedagogy and philosophy. She corresponded with Voltaire and lexicographer, left an interesting "Memoirs" of the first period of his reign. It was during her reign Russia became a great power to be reckoned with throughout the world. Died November 6, 1796 in Tsarskoye Selo.
    Peter I(1672 – 1725)
    King of Moscow (since 1682 of the Romanov dynasty) and the first Emperor of Russia (from 1721). In Russian historiography is considered one of the most outstanding statesmen, determine the direction of development of Russia in the XVIII century.
    Lomonosov (1711- 1765)
    The first Russian natural scientist of world importance, a chemist and physicist, founder of physical chemistry, astronomer, instrument, geographer, metallurgy, geology, the poet, who laid the foundations of the modern Russian literary language, artist, historian, advocate the development of national education, science and economics, the founder of Science on the glass. Developed a project of the Moscow State University, later named in his honor. Discovered the presence of an atmosphere on the planet Venus.
    Suvorov (1730-1800)
    The Russian leader, Generalissimo. Began serving a corporal in 1748. The Seven Years' War. During the Russian-Turkish wars won at Kozludzhe, Kinburn, Focsani, Rymnik and captured the fortress of Izmail. In the last phase of EI Pugachev rebellion, since August 1774, led the troops aimed to suppress it. He commanded the troops, the vast Polish uprising. In 1799 he spent the Italian and Swiss campaign, defeating the French troops on the rivers Adda and Trebbia and Novi, was released from the environment by clicking the Swiss Alps. Created an original system of views on ways of war and battle, education and training of troops. Strategy Suvorov wore offensive. Developed tactics columns and extended order. Never lost a battle.
    Soviet cosmonaut, the first man in the world, flying into space April 12, 1961 Starting from April 12, 1962, the day of Gagarin's flight into space was declared a holiday - the Day of Cosmonautics.