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    Лучший учитель

    Елена Анатольевна Борисова
    Чеснокова Екатерина


                                                         The teacher of my dream.   

                In this life we all are chasing our dreams. However, sometimes a horrible reality can destroy the dream. In my opinion a good teacher can enable the dream to destroy that kind of reality.

                I can’t believe now that I used to dislike English lessons I found them to be quite boring. The matter is that our English teacher was rather strict, sometimes even over-strict. It seemed that her main purpose was to fill the students with a big amount of information. This way of teaching created some kind of passive indifference. Some of my classmates were even afraid of asking questions about the areas that confused them.

                Everything changed when a new English teacher came to us. Borisova Elena Anatolyevna is a teacher of a quite different personality. She is kind gentle and understood that all my classmates were afraid of speaking or making mistakes. The first thing she did was to clarify the areas that confused us. There was also some terminology that we had always misunderstood. And those notions like Past Perfect Tense or Past Perfect Progressive were no longer a problem. Moreover, although being young, she is an experienced and a patient person. She simplified some challenging language rules and explained certain errors that had always let us down.

                As for her teaching style, she also encourages the individuality of every student. For example, little by little I began to enjoy studying English. She convinced me that having a natural talent for languages is not enough to be a successful English language learner: I began to practise every day to improve my reading and conversational skills, to broaden my knowledge of British and American science, history and culture.

                Thanks to Elena Anatolyevna, learning English became a matter of interest for me. At present I am happy to participate in English language Olympiads and various contests as well as to do research work in English. With all my hard work and help from my teacher, who is so kind, friendly and inspiring, I gained pride and self-confidence in my life.

                To my mind, Borisova Elena Anatolyevna is exactly the person, who should be nominated, due to the fact that she is able to lighter the fire of enthusiasm in her students and makes them enjoy the subject, encouraging individuality.

                Do you think she is the best teacher? No, she is the bestest!         


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