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    Бойко Маргарита Владимировна
    Ерохина София ученица 4 а класса ГБОУ СОШ № 60 Выборгского района Санкт-Петербурга

    Работа - участник конкурса THE MACMILLAN READERS EXPERT для учащихся 4 -11 классов и студентов.


    Предварительный просмотр:


    Ерохина София 11 лет

    4а класс ГБОУ школа №60 Выборгского района


    Учитель английского языка Бойко Маргарита Владимировна boikomargarita @yandex.ru

    Тел: +79062665440

    Предварительный просмотр:

    I was in Wonderland, like Alice

     I was sitting in my room. Five books were in front of me. “What good will those colorful books bring to me?” I wondered, and took one of them…….I was absorbed in reading. I dived underwater and sailed on a pirate ship. I was in the palace, where the sultan lived and in the forest of medieval England. Finally, I appeared in New York City. I was in Wonderland, like Alice.

    The first book I read was « Sharks and dolphins» by Donna Shaw (Macmillan children’s readers level 6). From the first page I appeared in the sea, where terrible, angry sharks and kind dolphins dwelt. Both sharks and dolphins lived in the sea, but they were different. Sharks are fish.  Dolphins are mammals. There were many types of them and everyone was unique. I found out how they moved, breathed, ate and hunted. Dolphins are my favorite animals. They are beautiful, clever and sociable. When I was on holidays with my family I saw them swimming and jumping in the sea several times. It would be great to swim for a while with them together! I was afraid of sharks. Now I know more about them. The picture of a whale shark with its huge mouth I liked best of all.

    Besides I liked the story about children James, Annie, Tim and Claire, who lived in Australia. As you know, the ocean is full of danger because of sharks. But the children ignored the warning of lifeguards. In the long run they were attacked by severe sharks and saved by a family of dolphins. I enjoyed the happy end.

    Oceans and seas are mysterious. I liked the book « Sharks and dolphins» because I learned a lot about sea world. I wish you to dive there one day.


    Предварительный просмотр:

    «Pirates» by Philip Steele (Macmillan factual readers, level 4+).

    I watched lots of films and cartoons about sea pirates. But some days ago I read «Pirates» by Philip Steele. Philip Steele is an English writer.  He writes informative books on history, geography   and culture. Most of them are for children or teenagers, but some are for adults too. He has travelled to Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia.   I imagined I am a sailor. It is terrible to climb the mast in the climax of the storm!  I imagined myself wearing high boots, a huge hat, having thrust pair of guns behind a wide belt. Like Long Ben, I hid treasures on a lonely island. Courage and knowledge of sea charts, endurance and resourcefulness in any difficult situations – here are qualities of the pirates. They could navigate, using the sun or stars to find their way. They used all sorts of weapons, such as pistols, swords, knives and axes. They had their special flags and language.

     I learned a lot of interesting things about these hunters for treasures and adventures. Maps and bright, colorful pictures helped me in my exciting voyage.  Who became pirates?   Where did they sail?  What were pieces of eight?      Were there women among pirates?     When was a pirate not a pirate? Now I know the answers. If you want to know them too, read the book!


    Предварительный просмотр:

    “Aladdin” adapted by Gill Munton Macmillan English Explorers level 5

    The next book took me to the Middle East.  Shah Riyar takes every day the new wife and executes her at sunrise the next day. Scheherazade was a wise daughter of the vizier. She decided to stop that cruel habit. Every night she tells a fascinating story and interrupts it "on the most interesting place ".  Every morning shah   thought: "I will execute her tomorrow, and this night I will hear the end ". She told him a story about Aladdin who was the son of the tailor. He lived with his mother. They were very poor. One day Aladdin met an evil wizard and found the magic lamp. When he was under the ground in caves full of treasure I wanted to warn him not to touch the jars! When he walked through the orchard I thought: «I would take some fruit home with me». The genie of the ring and the genie of the lamp helped Aladdin and his dreams came true. He became very rich, built a palace and he married the royal princess. They lived happily ever after.

    The story of Aladdin is one of the most famous tales but there are many more.   Scheherazade told shah stories one thousand and one nights. By that time, the shah was in love with Scheherazade and her stories.  He forgot that he wanted to kill her because she was wise, chaste and beautiful.

    Do you like magic? I believe that wisdom is magic too. If you didn’t read the story, I recommend reading it!


    Предварительный просмотр:

    «Robin Hood and his Merry Men» adopted by Gill Munton Macmillan English Explorers level 4

    The following book was about friendship, nobility, love and the best feelings and courageous acts.

    Very long time ago kings and knights, rich and poor people lived in England. Life of the poor was very difficult. They had no money or food. They needed a hero. People composed and sang ballads about him. He was a very strong and handsome man. He was brave, kind and generous.

    Robin Hood is one of the legendary folk   heroes from the middle Ages.  Robin and his Merry Men were friends of the poor and helped them.  His enemies Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to catch him but they couldn’t. Robin Hood was the best bowman in England, and he could fight excellently with a sword as well. Moreover, he could use the quarterstaff better than any other man.

    But he was sharp-witted   too.  Robin Hood invited Sheriff to dine with Merry Men. Robin Hood always gave those men, who took money from poor people, a very fine dinner, and then he made them pay money for it. The Sheriff understood that he was in the hands of Robin Hood. After dinner the Sheriff had to pay a lot of money. Robin Hood went to Nottingham very often but he was always dressed in different clothes and the Sheriff could not recognize and catch him.  He was a butcher and sold meat at the market. He took part in a shooting contest, where he won the golden arrow.

    The story of Robin Hood is a story of the medieval England. If you like history and adventures, the book is just for you.


    Предварительный просмотр:

    «The Princess Diaries»  Meg Cabot   Macmillan readers elementary level

    I take the next book and read:  «The Princess Diaries. Meg Cabot. »    Meg Cabot?   Who is she? Then I find the author s site and read:

    «Meg Cabot is a №1 New York Times bestselling author of books for both adults and…teens. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, Meg also lived in Grenoble, France and Carmel, California. Before moving to New York City after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Indiana University. Meg wrote the Princess Diaries series, which was made into two hit movies by Disney, sold over 20 million copies, and has been translated into 38 languages».

    I wanted to read the book because I had watched the movie about Princess Mia.

    Mia Thermopolis is fourteen years old and she is a freshman at Albert Einstein High School. She is not very popular because she is strange. She doesn’t have lots of friends. No boy asked her to go out. Her parents have never got married so she lives in New York City with her mom, Helen, and her cat, Fat Louie. Mia thinks about her feelings, but doesn’t tell anybody about them. One day Mia s mother gave her a diary. Mia decided to write about her feelings in her diary. There are a lot of amusing moments in the book. I laughed a lot while I was reading.

    I liked Mia’s grand mere, Clarisse Marie Renaldo, best of all. She is a real lady .She is clever, well-manned, with sense of humor. Clarisse Marie Renaldo gave Mia princess classes. Grand mere helped Amelia to turn from unpopular schoolgirl to a real princess of the beautiful country Geneva!

    The end of the story is remarkable. Mia found a real friend who fell in love with her not for a title but for her mind, charm and kindness.

    Many girls and boys have the same feelings. The author of this book wasn’t a lucky teen. She was born in the year of fair horse and failed Algebra twice. Many girls dream to be a princess. But to be a princess not always means to have a title.

    If you want to have princess classes, just read this book!

    There are still lots of wonderful stories! Some of them I made up myself, but they are very long.

    I will tell you my stories next time….May be………


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