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    Тест (английский язык, 9 класс) по теме:
    тест по английскому языку по теме "Музыка" в 9 классе

    Демченко Анна Александровна

    тест по теме Музыка, состоит из двух заданий, проверяющих лексические навыки по теме. 1 задание в формате ГИА. 2 задание на выбор подходящего по смыслу слова


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    Test Unit 2 form 9


    True, false or unstated?

    The Beatles are back?

    At the start of the year 1994, the world received a shocking piece of news: “The Beatles are to record again for the first time in 24 years” The Band’s three remaining members at that time, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (without John Lennon who was murdered in 1980) announced plans to record together.

    The three musicians did not want to record only new versions of their old songs. They were also interested in recording new music. They were going to make a ten hour special video-biography to be shown on British television later that year. The new project would include a lot of unpublished documentaries, interviews and materials from The Beatles’ private collections. At the same time a new book about the group was going to appear in the bookshops. The fans would also have the chance to buy recordings of their live concerts on five CDs in the music shops.

    Fans of the famous four were hoping that this comeback would not run into many difficulties. In the earlier years, The Beatles had a long history of arguments over money and copyright. This was one of the reasons why the band decided to stop working together ten years before Lennon’s death.

    Now that they were returning to the stage, The Beatles’ old and new fans expected a new kind of fascination and excitement. They were hoping that their idols would remind them of the good old days of rock and roll. Actually, many of them never thought that one day they would get another chance to watch their idols perform again.

    A5 The Beatles recorded together until 1970.

    True             2) False                 3) unstated

    A6 The three Beatles wanted to record only their old hits

    True             2) False                 3) unstated

     A7  In 1994 the programme about The Beatles was going to be shown on TV.

    True             2) False                 3) unstated

     A8 Both old and new fans were interested in the special TV programme.

    True             2) False                 3) unstated

    Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

    -I like listening to classics in pop and rock. Take Sting, for example. He is like a dinosaur in the music industry: he 1)______ in the 70s and his music is still 2)_____ listening to. He 3) ____ and 4)_____ 12 albums where most 5)_____ and tunes are wonderful. He is a 6) ____ musician.

    -I think many young people listen to the awful noise they call music. There are musician who can’t even play their musical 7)_____. Though their music is 8)_____ they are 9)______ for some young people. Such music doesn’t  10)______ but destroys. I don’t like it!

    -I’m sorry that the music on CDs is different from the music at the concerts. Their 11)_____ sound different because at the concerts theydon’t have the high-tech computers and 12)____ they have in the studios. I like singers whose music is real.

    -I’d say that today’s dance music is really good. Every month 20 groups and singers 13)_____ and each of them is great! I can’t help dancing to their music!

    -I don’t like that today most successful musicians don’t 14) _____ the world very often and prefer to sell their 15) _____ . I’d like to go to concerts to see and listen to them.

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

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