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    Олимпиадные задания для 5 класса
    олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему

    Олимпиадные задания разработаны по материалам УМК " Enjoy English" для учащихся 5 класса и могут быть использованы для проведения школьной олимпиады.


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    Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку                                                                                          Класс: 5

    1.Choose the right answer:

    1) He is … doctor.       a) a        b) an        c) the       d) --  

    2) My grandmother lives in … Odessa         a) a        b) an        c) the       d) --  

    3) Don’t forget to take … umbrella.   a) a        b) an        c) the       d) --  

    4) I don’t like … butter.     a) a        b) an        c) the       d) --  

    5) His sister likes … oranges.    a) a        b) an        c) the       d) --  

    6) Rick’s hen ___ red.       a) can     b) is

    7) I ___ got six grey rabbits.   a) have     b) has

    8) Jim’s dog ___ swim.   a) is      b) can

    9) ___ your dog black?     a) am    b) is   c) are

    10) Are you a pupil? – Yes, I ___.       a) am    b) is   c) are

    11) Jill’s postcard     a) открытка Джил       b) открытки Джил

    12) teachers’ computer   a) компьютер учителя   b) компьютеры учителя c) компьютер учителей

    13) Mike __ very happy yesterday.      a) is       b) were        c) was       d) will be

    14) My father _____ Great Britain last year.   a) visits         b) visited       c) visit    d) will visit

    15) There ___  one apple on the table.       a) is     b) are      c) am

    16) My father doesn’t often _____ TV. a) watched        b) watch        c) watches    

    17) Martin __ to school every day.        a) go      b) will go      c) to go      d) goes

    18) Mary ____pictures tomorrow.     a) take      b) will take     c) took      d) takes

    19) Maths is___than History.   a) difficulter   b) more difficult  c) the most difficult  d) the difficultest  

    20) He is the __ pupil in his class.      a) good       b) goodest        c) better       d) best  

    2. Fill in the blanks.

     favourite,            by heart,             second,            Maths,           have,           lessons

       I have a friend. His name is Jason. He is only six. But he goes to school. Every day he has three (1)____. The first lesson is (2)___. Jason and his classmates count pens and pencils. In the (3) ___ lesson they learn poems (4)___. Art is Jason’s (5)___ lesson. He can draw very well. At 12 o’clock they (6) ___lunch.

    3. Read and match the names of the animals and the texts.

    1. tortoise
    2. donkey
    3. shark
    4. lion
    5. rabbit
    1.  This animal is very strong and dangerous. It lives in Africa. It has big teeth, big head and short neck. It eats other animals.
    2. This animal is very nice and furry. It has long ears and very sharp teeth. It eats grass and carrot.
    3. This animal is quite small. It has quite a long neck, long legs and a small head. It also has a hard cover on its back to protect it from other animals. It goes slowly.
    4. This animal lives in a sea. It is very big and dangerous. Its teeth are extremely sharp.
    5. This animal is not very big but it’s quite strong. It has long ears and it’s famous for being very obstinate.

    4. Write your letter to Linda Smith:

                                                                                                                                                10 May

     Dear friend,

           My name is Linda. I am twelve.  I live in London with my Mum, Dad and my little sister Kate. I go to school five days a week. I am the best in the class. My favourite subject is Literature. I like to read books and learn poems. I always do my homework.

           I have many friends. After school we listen to music and dance.

           I can run and jump very well. And you? How old are you? Do you like school? What are your favourite subjects ? What do you do after school?

            Write soon!

            Best wishes,  

                   Linda Smith.        

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