Контрольная работа по модулю 3 (5 класс УМК "Spotlight")
тест по английскому языку (5 класс)

Предлагаю коллегам альтернативную контрольную работу по модулю 3 для 5 класса, УМК " Spotlight". Данная работа состоит из заданий по лексике модуля, грамматике, разговорным фразам, по чтению.
Можно использовать в качестве повторения модуля.


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Предварительный просмотр:

Test 3

 № 1 Match the parts of the words:

1.  book

2.  arm

3.  coffee

4.  out

5.  wash

6.  war

7.  down

8.  fire

A    place

B    chair

C   side

D   case

E   table

F   drobe

G   basin

H   stairs

№ 2  Fill in the correct word.

bedroom      block    books    cooker    first     garage   lamp   mirror    sink    wardrobe

1. There is a … in the kitchen.  

2. I have got a bookcase in my … .  

3. His living room is on the … floor.  

4. Amy has got a … in her bathroom.  

5. I read my … in the bedroom.  

6. Joy lives in a … of flats.  

7. Dad’s car is in the … .

 8. Mike has got a … on his desk.  

9. Ann’s clothes are in the … .

10. Mum washes dishes in the … .

№ 3  Fill in the correct word.

bedrooms, ground, kitchen, living, two, upstairs

                       HOUSE FOR SALE

  • a semi-detached house with  1) …… floors
  • three   2)…
  •  a large  3) …. room
  • a dinning room on the 4) …  floor
  •  a  5) ….  with  a cooker and a fridge
  •   two  bathrooms, one   6)  ….  and one downstairs

№ 4 Choose the correct item

1. There is a cat …. the sofa                         A  in                  B  under         C  behind

2. The armchair is … the fireplace.             A  in front of       B  behind       C  on

3. There is  a painting … the wall.              A on                   B  in                C  in front of

4. There’s a computer … the desk.             A  next to          B  in front of    C  on

5. My bed is … the window.                       A  behind          B  in                C  under

6. The desk is … the bed.                            A  next to          B  on                C  under

№ 5 Complete with : There is a, There isn’t a, There are, There aren’t any


1. …………………….. chairs in the living room.  

2. …………………… lamp in the room.  

3. ………………………..… mirror on the wall.  

4. ………………………… sofa in the living room.

5. ……………………………  tables in the room.

№ 6 Choose the correct item

  1. There   is/ isn’t a bed in the room.
  2. There is/ isn’t  a big carpet on the floor.
  3. There aren’t /are four pictures on the walls.
  4. There isn’t /is a computer on the desk.
  5. There is/ isn’t a teddy bear on the bed.

№ 7  Choose the correct response:

1. Where is the kitchen?  

2. Have you got a bookcase?  

3. Have you got paintings in the room?

4. What floor is it on?  

5. Is there a coffee table in your living room?

A  Yes, there are five on the wall.  

B  Yes, it’s in front of the sofa.  

C  It’s next to the dining room.  

D It’s on the first floor.

 E  Yes, and it has got many books.

№ 8 Read the text and answer the questions:

My name is Tom and I am nine years old. My favourite room is my bedroom. I’ve got a lot of things in my room: a bed, a computer, a bookcase and a wardrobe. I’ve got posters on the walls and a bib mirror next to my bed. My walls are white, blue and yellow. Mu desk is under the window and I do my homework on the computer. My cat likes to sleep under my bed! I really like my room!

1. What is his favourite room?

2. What is on the walls?

3. What colour are the walls?

4. Where is his desk?

5. What is always under his bed?

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