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    Дистанционное обучение 1.06.2020 - 5.06.2020

    Сидельникова Татьяна Владимировна

    Задания для студентов АПК


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Выполните  контрольную работу и ответы пришлите своему преподавателю на эл почту.

    Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку за 1 курс

    I) К каждому вопросу даны несколько вариантов ответа. Выберите тот, который считаете правильным.

    1. ..... it snow a lot in Iceland?  a) Do b)Does c)Is d)Are

    2. Michael was born ..... 1962.  a) in b)at c)on d)near

    3. Anne is a fashion designer; she ..... to the opening of every new fashion show in the city.  

    a) is going b)go c)goes d)went

    4. This building is very high. Actually it’s ..... building in the town.  

    a) high b) higher c) a higher d) the highest

    5. It took Felix ..... to repair his car.  a) so much time b) much so time c) time much so d)so time much

    6.  I like that camera. I am going to buy ..... . a) it b) its c) it d)them

    7. Computer programs are called….. a) hardware b) instructions c)disk drive d) software

    8. In a computer vocabulary” a flame” is translated into Russian language as…. a)огонь b)пламя c) неприветливое письмо по электронной почте

    9. Find the word with the sound [ou] a) house b) go c)lot d)come

    10. When you start a computer you… it. a) kick b)boot c)touch d)take

    II) Сопоставьте слово с его переводом.

    1. Geek a) колесико для прокрутки длинных текстов
    2. Scroll wheel b) датчик
    3. Sensor с) принтер
    4. Board d) микросхема
    5. Chip е) плата
    6. Printer f) профессионал в компьютерном деле

    III) Вставьте глагол to be в нужной форме

    1.My father ... a teacher. 2. He ... a pupil twenty years ago. 3.I... a doctor when I grow up. 4. My sister ... not at home tomorrow. 5. She ... at school tomorrow. 6. ... you ... at home tomorrow? 7,... your father at work yesterday? 8. My sister ... ill last week. 9. She ... not ill now.

    IV. Задание на чтение.

    Установите соответствие между заголовками A–G и текстами 1–7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз.

    A. First computers

    B. Risky sport

    C. Shopping in comfort

    D. Difficult task

    E. Shopping from home

    F. New users

    G. Digging for the past

    1. A group of university students from Brazil have been given the job of discovering and locating all the waterfalls in their country. It is not easy because very often the maps are not detailed. The students have to remain in water for long periods of time. Every day they cover a distance of 35 to 40 kilometers through the jungle, each carrying 40 kilos of equipment.

    2. For many years now, mail-order shopping has served the needs of a certain kind of customers. Everything they order from a catalogue is delivered to their door. Now, though, e-mail shopping on the Internet has opened up even more opportunities for this kind of shopping.

    3. Another generation of computer fans has arrived. They are neither spotty schoolchildren nor intellectual professors, but pensioners who are learning computing with much enthusiasm. It is particularly interesting for people suffering from arthritis as computers offer a way of writing nice clear letters. Now pensioners have discovered the Internet and at the moment they make up the fastest growing membership.

    4. Shopping centres are full of all kinds of stores. They are like small, self-contained towns where you can find everything you want. In a large centre, shoppers can find everything they need without having to go anywhere else. They can leave their cars in the shopping centre car park and buy everything in a covered complex, protected from the heat, cold or rain.

    5. Not many people know that, back in the fifties, computers were very big, and also very slow. They took up complete floors of a building, and were less powerful, and much slower than any of today’s compact portable computers. At first, the data they had to process and record was fed in on punched-out paper; later magnetic tape was used, but both systems were completely inconvenient.

    6. Potholing is a dull name for a most interesting and adventurous sport. Deep underground, on the tracks of primitive men and strange animals who have adapted to life without light, finding unusual landscapes and underground lakes, the potholer lives an exciting adventure. You mustn’t forget, though, that it can be quite dangerous. Without the proper equipment you can fall, get injured or lost.

    7. Substantial remains of an octagonal Roman bath house, probably reused as a Christian baptistry, have been uncovered during a student training excavation near Faversham in Kent. The central cold plunge pool was five metres across, and stood within a structure which also had underfloor heating and hot pools, probably originally under a domed roof.

    V) Задание на аудирование.

    Computers are of great importance in modern hospital. The chief use of computers is the storing and sorting of the medical knowledge, which has been enquired in the last 50 years. No doctor can possible keep up with all discoveries. The only solution of the problem is to store medical knowledge in a computer. Today there are medical computer centers where all existing knowledge of symptoms of various diseases and of their treatment is stored. Doctors fill data on symptoms in the computer and get the necessary information on correct diagnostics and treatment.

    Information science with the ideas and message of processing and storing information is of great importance today. That’s why computer technology must be told in secondary school. The new subject “basic information science” and “computing machine” was introduced for the senior forms at schools. The pupils teach computers to investigate school problems. Contact with the machine increases the interest in learning, makes them more serious about studying new subject. School computers are used for not only studying information science, but also examinations purposes. Young people who finish the school must be trained to operate computers.

    Say “True” or “False”

    1. Every doctor can keep up with all medical discoveries.
    2. There are medical computer centers where all existing knowledge of symptoms is stored.
    3. Doctors fill data on symptoms in the computer and get the necessary information.
    4. There is no such subject at school as “basic information science”.
    5. Young people needn’t be trained to operate computers.
    6. School computers are used only for studying information science

    Тема: Финансовые учреждения и услуги

    Основные понятия и термины по теме: financial institutions (финансовые учреждения), asset management firms (фирмы по управлению активами), stock brokerages (фондовые брокерские компании), financial resources (финансовые ресурсы), individual (физическое лицо), investment (инвестиция/вложение),pension fund (пенсионный фонд), insurance institution (страховое учреждение), mortgage loan (ипотечный кредит), аccepting deposits (прием вкладов), supplying short-term loans (поставка краткосрочных кредитов), transferring money (переводить денежные средства), exchange (обмен валюты),to get income (получить доход).

    Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно.

    Financial institutions include banks, credit unions, asset management firms, building societies, and stock brokerages. These institutions are responsible for distributing financial resources in a planned way to the potential users.
    There are a number of institutions that collect and provide funds for the necessary sector or individual. On the other hand, there are several institutions that act as the middleman and join the deficit and surplus units. Investing money on behalf of the client is another of the variety of functions of 
    financial institutions.


    Financial institutions can be categorized as follows:

    • Deposit Taking Institutions
    • Finance and Insurance Institutions
    • Investment Institutions
    • Pension Providing Institutions
    • Risk Management Institutions

    At the same time, there are several governmental financial institutions assigned with regulatory and supervisory functions (наделенные регулирующими и надзорными функциями). These institutions have played a distinct role in fulfilling the financial and management needs of different industries (определенная роль в выполнении финансовых и управленческих потребностей различных отраслей промышленности.

    Deposit taking financial organizations are known as commercial banksmutual savings banks, savings associations, loan associations and so on.

    The primary functions of financial institutions of this nature are as follows:

    • Accepting Deposits
    • Providing Commercial Loans
    • Providing Real Estate Loans (предоставление кредитов недвижимости)
    • Providing Mortgage Loans
    • Issuing Share Certificates (выдача сертификатов акций).

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Тема: «ТЕАТР».

    Лексика на тему «Театр» (The Theatre)

    General Vocabulary — Общая лексика

    dramatic art/theatrics

    театральное искусство

    opera house

    оперный театр

    operetta/comic opera


    the Puppet theatre/ puppet-show

    театр кукол

    the stage and screen

    театр и кино

    shadow theatre

    театр теней

    Acting — Действия

    live action, acting

    игра актера

    acting skills

    актерское мастерство

    a part, a role


    a bitpart

    эпизодическая роль

    a title role

    главная роль

    to appear/enter on the stage

    появляться на сцене

    to overact/to overplay



    слова роли

    a fragment

    отрывок роли


    реплики в зал

    drama practice/a full rehearsal

    репетиция/генеральная репетиция

    grease/ make-up


    Переведите письменно текст


    William Shakespeare, the greatest English poet and dramatist, was born on the 23 of April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. It was a little town. William was the eldest in the family of 8 children. He went to the Grammar School in his native town. He visited the theatre for the 1st time when he was still a schoolboy. Stratford was often visited by travelling companies of actors. William was about 21 when he arrived in London. He had many difficulties during the first years. He was an actor and then he began to write plays for the company of actors which he belonged to. He wrote over 30 plays such as «Macbeth», «King Lear», «Othello», «Romeo and Juliet», poems and 154 sonnets. W. Shakespeare died on April 23 1616 and was buried in a fine old Church in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    T: I hope you have been attentive, now you have a small test. You must read the sentences and choose the right information. Work in group by 4. While working you will listen to a short piece of fine music composed by the greatest Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to the ballet «Romeo and Juliet» by W. Shakespeare.

    Тема: «КИНО»

    Лексика по новой теме.

    • western - вестерн
    • horror film – фильм ужасов
    • love story – фильм о любви
    • historical film – исторический фильм
    • fantasy film - фантастика
    • thriller - триллер
    • documentary film – документальный фильм
    • comedy - комедия
    • action film - боевик
    • cartoon - мультфильм
    • science fiction – научно-фантастический фильм
    • feature film – художественный фильм
    • musical – мюзикл
    • drama – драма
    • melodrama - мелодрама
    • blockbuster – супербоевик, блокбастер.

    Read the text and answer the questions:

    Everyone loves a good blockbuster film. They are exciting to watch and often use incredible special effects. Many of the greatest box office hits (кассовые хиты) of all time were made in the 1990s. They include Toy Story 2 (1999), Titanic (1997), and Jurassic Park (1993), to name a few. These films had huge budgets and took time to make. However, they also made a lot of money both for the studio and for the actors who starred in them. Russell Crowe was paid $15 million for his role in the 2000 blockbuster, Gladiator. After he won the Best Actor Oskar, he was able to demand as much as $20 million per film.

    1. When were many of the greatest box hits made?


    1. What box hits do they include?


    1. What film was a blockbuster in 2000?


    1. Who played the main role in this film?


    1. What prize did Russell Crowe win?


    Завершите следующие предложения правильным словом.

    blockbuster budget director producer

    1. The ________________ finds the money to pay for the film to be made.
    2. The________________ tells the actors and actresses what to do.
    3. A _________________ film is a successful film that costs a lot of money to make.
    4. The _______________ for a film is the amount(количество) of money spent making film.

    Домашнее задание

    Ответьте письменно на вопросы.

    Do you like watching films?

    Do you go to the cinema?

    Do you watch films on TV or on a computer?

    What genres do you know?

    What is your favourite genre?

    Do you like love story?

    What is your favourite love story?

    Did you watch the new Russian film “Вий”?

    What is the genre of this movie?

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Тема: «Интернет в современной жизни».

    Ответьте письменно на вопросы после текста.

    Internet and Modern Life

    The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. Everybody knows that the Internet is a global computer network, which embraces hundred of millions of users all over the world and helps us to communicate with each other.

    The history of Internet began in the United States in 1969. It was a military experiment, designed to help to survive during a nuclear war, when everything around might be polluted by radiation and it would be dangerous to get out for any living being to get some information to anywhere. Information sent over the Internet takes the shortest and safest path available from one computer to another. Because of this, any two computers on the net will be able to stay in touch with each other as long as there is a single route between them. This technology was called packet switching.

    Invention of modems, special devices allowing your computer to send the information through the telephone line, has opened doors to the Internet for millions of people.

    Most of the Internet host computers are in the United States of America. It is clear that the accurate number of users can be counted fairly approximately, nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet today, because there are hundred of millions of users and their number is growing.

    Nowadays the most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. They can do it either they are at home or in the internet clubs or at work. Other popular services are available on the Internet too. It is reading news, available on some dedicated news servers, telnet, FTP servers, etc.

    In many countries, the Internet could provide businessmen with a reliable, alternative to the expensive and unreliable telecommunications systems its own system of communications. Commercial users can communicate cheaply over the Internet with the rest of the world. When they send e-mail messages, they only have to pay for phone calls to their local service providers, not for international calls around the world, when you pay a good deal of money.

    But saving money is only the first step and not the last one. There is a commercial use of this network and it is drastically increasing. Now you can work through the internet, gambling and playing through the net.

    However, there are some problems. The most important problem is security. When you send an e-mail, your message can travel through many different networks and computers. The data is constantly being directed towards its destination by special computers called routers. Because of this, it is possible to get into any of the computers along the route, intercept and even change the data being sent over the Internet. But there are many encoding programs available. Notwith-standing, these programs are not perfect and can easily be cracked.

    Another big and serious problem of the net is control. Yes, there is no effective control in the^Internet, because a huge amount of information circulating through the net. It is like a tremendous library and market together. In the future, the situation might change, but now we have what we have. It could be expressed in two words— an anarchist's dream.


    1. What is the Internet?
    2. When and where did the history of Internet begin?
    3. Why was the Internet designed?
    4. What is modem?
    5. Where are most of the Internet host computers?
    6. What is the accurate number of internet users?
    7. What is the most popular Internet service today?
    8. What are other popular services available on the Internet?
    9. What is the most important problem of the Internet?
    10. Why is there no effective control in the Internet today?
    11. Is there a commercial use of the network today?

    Тема: «Современные компьютерные технологии »

    Ознакомьтесь и выучите новые слова

    New vocabulary mass media – средства массовой информации source of information – источник информации reliable – надежный quotation marks – кавычки to make a reference – делать ссылку plagiarism – плагиат tough – трудный to be available – быть в наличии in time – вовремя to borrow – брать взаймы to lend – давать в долг

    Составьте словосочетания

    • system
    • information
    • message
    • letters
    • the Internet
    • call
    • games
    • messages
    • fax
    • phone
    • electronic
    • to receive
    • to send
    • printed
    • to use
    • computer

    Преимущества и недостатки Интернета Согласно опросу, у Интернета есть много преимуществ, а не недостатков.

    Прочитайте и переведите

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet According to survey the internet has many advantages than disadvantages. Advantages:


    Подготовьте рефераты по теме: «Наука и техника».