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    Проекты о Великобритании

    Михеева Светлана Владимировна

    "Башня Елизаветы"  подготовили Арина с Полиной


    Предварительный просмотр:

    1. Where is England located?
    2. What language do people speak in Wales?
    3. What  is the capital of Scotland?
    4. Who built London?
    5. Where does Nessy live acording to the legend?
    6. Who is the head of  the country?
    7. How many children does the Queen have?
    8. What is longest river in the UK?
    9. What is the highest  mountain?
    10. Where does Prince Charles rule?
    11. Who  founded  the Greenwich Royal  Observatory?
    12. What is the UK washed by?
    13.  Who lives in the Highlands?
    14. Who lived  in Sherwood forest?
    15. What is the largest city in Scotland?
    16. Where was the musical band “Beatles” born?
    17. What is the symbol of  England?
    18. What is the nickname of  the British flag?
    19. How many islands are there in the British Isles?
    20. Where is the home of queen’s grandson?
    21. What was the largest  former British Colony?
    22. What is the currency?
    23. What is the capital of Nothern Ireland?
    24. What is an International dialing code?
    25. What  is the name of the Queen?
    26. Where does the Prime Minister live?
    27. What is the population?
    28. Where  is the shortest distance between England and France?
    29. What island has got its own parliament and laws?
    30. Which country has got a status as a principality?
    31. Who is a Dunke of Edinburg?
    32. What is King’s name?
    33. Who old is the Queen?