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Предварительный просмотр:

 «Some more glimpses of London».

I.Начало урока.

  -Morning, children! I’m glad to see all of you. Let’s start our lesson.

   Today we have some guests at the lesson. We hope that they will be pleased with our answers, with our trip to London.

Dear guests! You are welcome to London together with us too! We have a chance to visit Great Britain and London as exchange students because we have got an invitation from London. (показываю приглашение из Лондона).

Знакомство с целью и задачами урока.

      The aims of our lesson are: - to learn English better;

                                                   -to communicate with foreigners;

                                                   - to see London’s sights.

                                                   -to repeat English grammar and vocabulary.

II. Речевая зарядка по теме: " What do we know about GB? "

Т.: Before visiting any foreign country we read books about it or look for some interesting information. We have read and learnt a lot about GB and its capital, London. So let's see what we know about it.

What is the official name of the country?

Where is the country situated? Show it on the map, please.

What is the largest island?

What oceans wash the country?

What is the official language of the country?

How many countries does the UK consist of? Show them on the map.

Do you know the capitals of these countries? Show them on the map.

How many people live and work there? (More than 7 million people live and work there)

 Where is London situated ? (London is situated on the river Thames)

What parts does London consist of ? ( London consists of three parts: the City of London, the East End and the West End)

III.Now I will ask Bahriza and Makpal to help me.

Оргмомент.( В аэропорту).

 -We shall go to London by plane. Listen to an announcement (говорит диктор).

Student-1:Ladies and gentlemen! The plane by Kazakhstan Airlines going from Astana Airport to London is waiting for you. Gate number 4.

Departure time- 8.45

IV.На борту самолёта.( идёт посадка в самолёт).

1.Stewardess:-Your ticket, please. Your seat is 44 b. – Here you are-Ladies and gentlemen! Fasten your seatbelts, please. The pilot is preparing to take off. Once we are in the air, we will be serving a light snack and something to drink. Thank you

2. Student-2: Excuse me. Could you tell me please, how much time will it take us to get to London?

 -About 4 hours.

Student – 3: Where shall we land?

 -At Heathrow Airport.

Student 4: What altitude are we flying at?

-11.000 metres. 

3.Заполнение анкет.

You have to fulfill a landing card. Please, write your names, surnames, country and town, where you are from, your purpose of visit and address in London, where you  

will live.(Ученики заполняют анкеты , звучит музыка на английском языке).


  -Help yourselves, please. Tea or coffee?

  -Tea, please.

  -An orange or an apple?

  -Apple, please. Thanks.

5. Cтюардесса предлагает газеты и журналы.

  -Would you like to read a newspaper or a magazine?

  -Yes,  please.(Пассажиры читают прессу на английском языке,  обсуждают      некоторые статьи).

6.Беседа о Лондоне.

Stewardess: You are going to London, the capital of Great Britain. And what do you know about this country?

Student 5: Great Britain is an island country. The biggest island is Great Britain. The full name of this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But people often call it Great Britain or England. But it is not correct. Because Great Britain means Scotland, Wales and England. England – only one part and the UK consists of 4 parts.

Stewardess: And what do you know about London?

Student 6: -Oh! London is the capital of the UK. It is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is 2 thousand years old. London is situated on the river Thames. About  8 mln people live here.

Student 7: -In London there are many sights: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower, Big Ben and others. We want to see them.

St.: -And where are you from?

Student 8: -We are from Pavlodar. We learn English at college and know much about English-Speaking countries, about London.

St.:-Pavlodar. And where is it  situated?

Student 3: -In Kazakhstan. It is a very beautiful town. 3 Universities are situated there. Look at these photos, please.(показывает открытки с видами и рассказывают).

St.: -And why do you learn English?

Student 2:-Because English is an international language. It is spoken by millions of people. It is the language of business, computers, international conferences.

St.:-Oh! How interesting! I have a film about London. Would you like to see it now?

(Просмотр видео-фильма о Лондоне и обсуждение).

7.Stewardess: -Ladies and gentlemen! We are landing in Heathrow Airport in London

Fasten your seatbelts, please. The temperature in London is now 16 degrees above zero . Thank you for flying Kazakhstan AstanaAirlines.

V.В Лондоне.

 1.В аэропорту. На таможне.

         -Where are you from?

St.-8:-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar city.

         -Your passport, please. Have you got viza?

         -Yes, we have. (показывает мой заграничный паспорт)

         -Are you travelling alone?

         -No, with group of students.

         -What is the purpose of your visit?

St.-7:-We want to see London and learn English.

         -Open your luggage, please.

         -Here you are.

         -Welcome to London! Have a good time!


2.Встреча в аэропорту.

  -Are you fromPavlodar? I’m……….., your guide. How do you do? Nice to meet you

S-s: -How do you do? Nice to meet you too.

 -You will stay with British families. Here you have your addresses.        Take also your telephone cards, travel cards, maps. Now we are here(показывает на карте). Tomorrow we shall meet there. Don’t be late. I’ll be waiting for you at 9 near the Information Office.

VI. Развитие навыков монологического высказывания по теме «Достопримечательности Лондона ".

Т.: We need several guides because we are going to visit several places of interest. Who wants to be a guide? Come here. Here you can see several cards. Take any card and see, what you will tell us about. I will give you 5 minutes to prepare.

Westminster Palace

Big Ben

The Houses of Parliament.

The Tower

Tower Bridge

Trafalgar Square.

Hyde Park

British museum

St.Paul’s Cathedral

Regent’s Park

National gallery

Westminster Bridge

Madame Tussaud's

VII. Чтение текста «The Tower of London".

Т.: Now imagine that we are having a rest at the hotel. Let's read an article from the magazine. The text is «SOME MORE GLIMPSES OF LONDON». Read the text to yourself.

Now make up questions for the text. Group 1, make up questions for the 1st part of the text, group 2 - for the 2nd part. Start working. Are you ready? Let's begin.

VIII. Quiz about London.

- Do the quiz on computer.

9 .Заключение. Подведение итогов урока.

T.: Thanks a lot. Our imaginary trip to London is coming to the end. I hope you like it. What have we done at the lesson today? ( Ответы учащихся с использованием the Present Perfect Tense)

I hope that you'll be able to visit London in your nearest future. Your marks for today are.......

Your hometask is to write a letter to your friend . Tell him or her about your trip to London. Thank you very much. The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye.

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