Проект "Я - переводчик!" (2016 г.)

Чусовитина Юлия Александровна

Проект "Я - переводчик" был представлен на региональном конкурсе проектов на английском языке от Американского информационного центра.Конкурс посвящён Международному дню переводчика.

Участники проекта: Галкин Александр 7 А, Храмов Егор 7 А, Базаев Назар 9 А, Худякова Полина 9 А, Терентьев Александр 9 А. Эти учащиеся являются победители и призерами школьного и муниципального конкурса художестаенного перевода. 

Руководители проекта: Еремина С.В., Чусовитина Ю.А.

 Лучшие переводы вошли в сборник, который и был презентован на конкурсе.


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Предварительный просмотр:

Daddy Forgets My Name

by Bruce Lansky

My daddy calls me sweetie pie.

He calls me honey bunny.

He also calls me poopsie,

which I think is kind of funny.

My daddy calls me sugarplum,

and also sleepyhead.

My silly dad forgets my name

when he tucks me into bed.

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Предварительный просмотр:

                                                            My Family’s Fond of Gadgets

     by Kenn Nesbitt

My family’s fond of gadgets

and new technology.

My mother likes her radio.

My father likes TV.

My sister likes to dance around

the house with headphones on.

My brother plays on his PC

until the break of dawn.

The baby has a smartphone

and a touchscreen-tablet too.

If we had pets, I’m sure

that even they would have a few.

We chat with instant messaging.

We email and we text.

We’re always looking forward

to the gadget we’ll get next.

The power went out recently.

That day was like no other.

Our screens went blank and, strange but true,

we talked to one another.


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Предварительный просмотр:


 by Bruce Lansky

Manners are useless.

Take my advice.

Always act rudely.

Never be nice.

Eat with your fingers,

not with a fork.

Don’t use a napkin.

Why be a dork?

Don’t change your clothing.

Dress like a bum.

Don’t do your homework.

Try to act dumb.

Never say, “Thank you.”

Never say, “Please.”

Don’t say, “I’m sorry.”

It’s better to tease.

If you remember

to do what I say,

you’ll have no more friends

when you call them to play.

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