Валиева Эльвира Рамазановна

Валиева Эльвира Рамазановна

Сайт учителя английского языка

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words!

Профессия: Учитель английского языка

Профессиональные интересы: Использование новых методов и технологий в преподавании.

Увлечения: Танцы,спорт,чтение,вышивание,изучение иностранных языков

Регион: Республика Татарстан

Населенный пункт: г.Альметьевск

Место работы: МБОО "Средняя общеобразовательная школа №25 имени 70-летия нефти Татарстана"


О себе

Telling about myself….Why is this question so hard? I think because it sounds like a book- length question and we do not see ourselves from the side. But still I can tell a little about my character, my life, my interest.

   Hello! Here, I am. My full name is Valieva Elvira Ramazanovna. I was born in the 28th of November in Arsk town. When I was 6, I began to study at the secondary school .I was interested in Russian, Literature and  English.I like English lessons, because it was so interesting to know a lot of new words and I was delighted with the methods of teaching and in this way drew in learning.Learning of English demands great skills and assiduity. From my school years, I dreamed to become a teacher of English and that’s why I was not afraid of difficulties and I could realize my dream. After I have finished school I entered to Arsk Teacher Training College. Here I spent the most wonderful moments in my life. I have got a qualitative education, good practice, I have found true friends and took part in many interesting


competitions and contests. During my study I was fond of break-dance and rap. Dancing and listening to the rap brought me only pleasure and satisfaction. I think, only having listened to the rap we can be deep in thought about the meaning of life.  I have graduated from Kazan Federal University.Now, I am a teacher of English.  I will have difficult and at the same time fascinating experience. I’ll do my best to achieve the highest results in my profession. Personally, I think, that teaching requires utter dedication and selflessness to be able to impart your learning to the pupil. As for my character, I can describe myself as logical, clear thinking, insightful, independent, fair, sensible person. Sometimes I give myself admirable advice, but I am incapable of taking it. I always appreciate in people honesty, kindness, confidence,decisiveness. As for me, the most exhausting thing in life is being insincere. Of course, all the people make mistakes, fall, but we should try again and to correct them. We have never let others extinguish our flame, we should try to achieve our aim, our wishes, in spite of difficulties. Because barrier, that what people see when turning away from his goal. I like to spend my free time with my family and my friends.My family is the most valuable thing in my life. Only the love, care, supporting of my parents help me to move on.Only they give me strength, inspiration for my achievements. In my turn, i always try to cause joy to them..As for me, the worst thing to see their tears and do not live up to their expectations. I have the best friend, Her name is Elena. She is  also  the dearest person for me. Friendship is one of the greatest thing for me. Nobody knows how to define it in a proper way. I think that friendship is the highest spiritual achievement of men. A good friend is that kind of man who deals with you what she wants you deal with her.


Книги, которые сформировали мой внутренний мир

Белухин Д.А. "Как возненавидеть себя, детей и педагогику"

Б.Кауфман "Вверх по лестнице ведущей вниз"

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