Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку по теме "Хэллоуин"
план-конспект урока на тему

Кулабухова Анастасия Сергеевна

Документ включает в себя конспект внеклассного мероприятия. Аудитория - 5-6 классы


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Предварительный просмотр:

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

Учитель: Кулабухова Анастасия Сергеевна

Тема мероприятия – Halloween

 Выбор темы внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку обусловлен ее актуальностью.

Количество учащихся, занятых в мероприятии – 20


  • общеобразовательные  - формирование лингвострановедческой компетенции, совершенствование социокультурных умений учащихся, совершенствование лингвистической компетенции.

  • воспитательные - формирование потребности и способности к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи при работе в группе, воспитание уважительного отношения к образу жизни других народов, более глубокого осознания своей культуры.

  • развивающие – развитие творческих способностей и умений работы в команде, развитие смекалки, умения логически мыслить, скорости реакции, развитие способностей к распределению и переключению внимания, к непроизвольному запоминанию при восприятии на слух.

  • познавательные – расширение кругозора учащихся через знакомство с праздником Кануна Дня Всех Святых.

Дидактические задачи – активизация лексических навыков по тематике праздника, совершенствование навыков аудирования, развитие умения переводить, совершенствование лексических навыков говорения.

Дата и время проведения мероприятия: 28.10.2013

Длительность мероприятия: 45 минут

Место проведения: МАОУ СОШ №59 «Перспектива»

Форма проведения – командное соревнование.

Содержание и методика мероприятия: соревнуются 2 команды. У каждой команды уже выбран капитан и название, за каждое задание команда набирает определённое количество очков, в конце соревнования баллы подсчитываются, все команды награждаются призами.

Оформление кабинета:

  • Проектор
  • Компьютер.
  • Экран

Ход мероприятия.

В зале появляются  приведения  с фонарями из тыкв, чёрные кошки, ведьмы, вампиры. Под звуки мистической музыки они двигаются к сцене. Дети выстраиваются на сцене. Выходят ведущие.

It's Hallowe’en! It's Hallowe’en!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't be seen
On any other night:
Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.
In masks and gowns we haunt the street
And knock on doors for trick or treat.
Tonight we are the king and queen,
For oh tonight it's Hallowe’en!

(слайд 1)

1 narrator: Dear pupils, teachers and guests! Today we’ll celebrate the most  mysterious holiday not only in Britain but also in the world.

2 narrator:  I think everybody guessed it is Hallowe’en. Today you’ll learn a lot of interesting things about it. During our competition you’ll get some points. Your teachers will be your judges. They’ll announce your results at the end of our occasion.

Дети, стоящие на сцене начинают рассказ.

1 pupil: On October 31st, we celebrate Hallowe’en, thought to be the one night of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies are especially active. (слайд 2)

Why do we celebrate Hallowe’en? (слайд 3)

2 pupil: The easy answer to this question is that no one really knows the origins of Hallowe’en.

What we do know for sure is that Hallowe’en is on the eve of a major Catholic festival, All Saints (1st November) and the eve of the pagan Celtic festival known as Samhain.

3 pupil: It is widely thought that Hallowe’en originated as a pagan Celtic festival of the dead related to the Irish and Scottish Samhain, but there is no evidence that it was connected with the dead in pre-Christian times.

4 pupil: Hallowe’en is also know by other names:  (слайд 4)

  • All Hallows Eve
  • Samhain
  • All Hallowtide
  • The Feast of the Dead
  • The Day of the Dead

5 pupil: On Hallowe’en, when it was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world, people thought that they would encounter ghosts if they left their homes. (слайд 5)

6 pupil:  To avoid being recognized by these ghosts, people would wear masks when they left their homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits. On Hallowe’en, people placed bowls of food outside their homes to appease the ghosts and prevent them from attempting to enter their home.

Появляются ведущие:

1 narrator: Another tradition on Hallowe’en is Apple Bobbing. (слайд 6) The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with water and putting apples in the water. Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Players try to catch one with their teeth. Use of hands is not allowed, and often are tied behind the back to prevent cheating.

(На сцену выносят тазики с водой и яблоками)

Narrators: Let’s play.

Ведущие проводят конкурс, зал поддерживает соревнующихся аплодисментами. Во время конкурса звучит фоновая музыка.

1 narrator: Well done! Thank you!

2 narrator: The main Hallowe’en activity for children is trick-or-treating. Children dress in costumes and masks and go from door to door saying "trick or treat". The neighbours give children such treats as candy, fruit and pennies so that children do not play tricks on them.  (слайд 7)

1 narrator: Now it’s time for poems! We want our participants to recite poetry to the audience. Take into account that our judges will estimate you.

На сцену выходят  по 2 человека из каждой команды, читают вслух выученные заранее стихи.

Haunted House

 There's a house upon the hilltop

 we will not go inside,

 For that is where the witches live,

 Where ghosts and goblins hide.

 Tonight they have their party,

 All the lights are burning bright,

 But oh we will not go inside

 The haunted house tonight.

 The demons there are whirling

 and the spirits swirl about.

 They sing their songs to Halloween.

 "Come join the fun," they shout.

 But we do not want to go there,

 so we run with all our might

 And oh we will not go inside

 The haunted house tonight.

If You've Never

(Elsie Melchert Fowler)

 If you've never seen an old witch

 Riding through the sky.

 Or never felt big bat's wings

 Flopping, as they fly.

 If you've never touched a white thing

 Gliding through the air,

 And knew it was a ghost because

 You got a dreadful scare.

 If you've never heard the night owls,

 Crying, "Whoo-whoo-whoo?"

 And never jumped at pumpkin eyes

 Gleaming out at you.

If all of these exciting things

 You've never heard or seen,

 Why then--you've missed a lot of fun,

 Because--that's HALLOWEEN!        

This is Halloween

(Dorothy Brown Thompson)

 Goblins on the doorstep,

 Phantoms in the air,

 Owls on witches' gate posts,

 Giving stare for stare.

 Cats on flying broomsticks,

 Bats against the moon,

 Stirring round of fate-cakes,

 With a solemn spoon.

Whirling apple parings,

 Figures draped in sheets,

 Dodging, disappearing,

 Up and down the streets.

 Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,

 Shadows on a screen,

 Shrieks and starts and laughter-

 This is Halloween!


(Harry Behn)

 Tonight is the night

 When dead leaves fly

 Like witches on switches

 Across the sky,

 When elf and sprite

 Flit through the night

 On a moony sheen.

 Tonight is the night

 When leaves make a sound

 Like a gnome in his home

 Under the ground,

 When spooks and trolls

 Creep out of holes

 Mossy and green.

 Tonight is the night

 When pumpkins stare

 Through sheaves and leaves


 When ghoul and ghost

 And goblin host

 Dance round their queen.

 It's Halloween.

2 narrator : Thank you very much! Here are your sweet presents! Let’s continue.

1 narrator: Now we are going to show you a sketch. We hope you’ll enjoy it.
This story takes place at the shop. Let’s listen to the customer and the shopkeeper’s talk.

- How much do these toadstools cost?
- One shilling, sir.
- Give me a pound, please
- Here you are .
- How much do these worms cost?
- One shilling, sir.
- Can I exchange the
toadstools for the worms? The price is the same.

- All right. Here are your worms.
- Thank you.

 - Sorry! The money!

- Money for what?

- The money for the worms.

- But I gave you the toadstools for the worms.

- Well, then, the money for the toadstools. 

- But you still have your toadstools.

2 narrator: It was amusing! Now, let’s return to the history of the holiday.

1 narrator: What is the most known symbol of Hallowe’en? You are absolutely right! It is a pumpkin! It is called  Jack- o- lantern. (слайд 9)

2 narrator: Jack-o'-lanterns are hallowed-out pumpkins with face carved into one side. Most jack-o'-lanterns contain a candle inside. An Irish legend says that jack-o'-lanterns are named after the man called Jack.

1 narrator: He could not enter heaven because he was a miser, and he could not enter hell because he had played jokes on devil. As a result, Jack has to walk on the earth with his lantern until Judgment Day.

2 narrator: Now it’s time for our next competition. We want the rest participants to come up on the stage. You have to carry “the eye” in a spoon to the finish line, and then come back and pass the baton to the next participant. Please, do it carefully. Try not to drop it.

1 narrator: Fine!  It was really exciting! Now, we think you know a lot of exciting things about Hallowe’en! Let’s check your knowledge.

Ведущие проводят викторину: (слайд 10)

1. When does Hallowe’en take place?
2. When did the tradition of All Saints Day begin?
3. What  are the other names of Hallowe’en?
4. Why do people wear masks and dress in costumes for Hallowe’en?
5. What Hallowe’en traditions do you know?
6. What is Apple Bobbing?

(Дети правильно отвечают на все вопросы)

2 narrator: We are glad to see that you’ve learnt a lot. We know that you’ve prepared a song. Let’s sing it all together while our judges are counting your scores.


 Dead leaves, seaweed, rotten eggs too;

 Stir them in my witches’ brew.

 I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

 Spider web, mouldy bread, mucky mud , too;

 Stir them in my witches’ brew.

 I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

 Ooh, my witches’ brew.

 Ooh, what’s it gonna do to you? Boo!


 Floorwax, thumbtacks, purple paint, too;

 Stir them in my witches’ brew.

 I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

 Fingernails, lunch pails, apple cores, too;

 Stir them in my witches’ brew.

 I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

 Ooh, my witches’ brew.

 Ooh, what’s it gonna do to you? Boo!

 Wrinkled prunes, mushrooms, motor oil, too;

 Stir them in my witches’ brew.

 I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

 Yeah, yeah, I got magic, ala-ka-zama—ka-zoo.

1 narrator:  Very good for you! Thank you for your singing.

2 narrator:  All of you performed very well. But some were a little luckier than the others. The total score of “ ” is. The total score of “ ” is. The winner is the team … But these sweet presents are for all of you! Thank you very much! Good luck and Happy Halloween!!!

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