Проектная работа студентов колледжа "Здоровый образ жизни «Влияние наркотиков на организм подростков»"
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Дроздова Людмила Ивановна

"Neurological Effects of Teen Drug Abuse" Проект подготовили: Щепотьева Анна Герасимова Светлана Миткевич Дмитрий Руководитель проекта: Дроздова Л.И.


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Конференция по иностранному языку - Здоровый образ жизни    «Влияние наркотиков на организм подростков»


Neurological Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

Drugs improve your senses. True of false?

 “That’s actually false. Drugs actually do this inside the body: inside your body we have what’s called the central nervous system. Inside your head you have your brain (hopefully). At the bottom of that brain, branching out to the all different parts of the body, is the central nervous system. This system, all it really does is sends messages up and down through your body. If you burn your finger on the stove – bang – the message goes up to your brain, and it sends it up through the central nervous system.

What happens when a person takes a drug?

 “When a person takes a drug (most drugs) what happens is it cuts off the communication in the central nervous system. That’s one of the reasons why drugs will kill pain and will relax you because this nice smooth flow all the way through the body is actually stopped or cut off at some point.

“So the benefit of the drug looks like: well, I’m relaxed for a little while or I have no more pain. And sometimes that is necessary. But that’s at the expense of your central nervous system: it gets cut off more, and more, and more the more the person uses the drug.

“This central nervous system leads to all your senses. It leads to your eyes, it leads to your smell, every sense that you have: touch, feel, everything. Until after a while these senses are cut off throughout the entire body. And that basically is what drugs really do to the person’s senses.”

Света :

Teen drug abuse can cause many negative effects on the brain. These consequences include seizures, stroke, widespread brain damage, memory problems, poor attention span, paranoia, depression, aggression and hallucinations.

Despite these terrible consequences many teens still use drugs. At this point it is said to be at epidemic levels. Among persons ages 12 and older 56.6% use marijuana, 22.5% abuse pain relievers, 9.7% abuse inhalants and 11.2% abuse other drugs.

That comes out to 4 million teens abusing marijuana, 1.7 million abusing pain relievers, 3.1 million abusing other drugs.

Signs of Drug Abuse

There are many signs of having a drug abuse problem: academic changes (dramatic dropping grades, lowing willingness to do work, skipping school), behavioural changes (forgetful, distracted, jittery, secretive, sleeping and eating changes, stealing money), social changes (new friends that he or she’s unwilling to share with parents, loss of interest in favourite activities, decreased attention to cleanliness and physical appearance).

Parents Play a Role

These signs play a role in preventing drug abuse but parents play the greatest role. Studies show that parents have the mindset that all teens will try some addictive substance at least once, so it is no big deal. This is not ok. Parents need to start talking to their kids and teaching them about the harmfulness of drugs at an early age. Studies show that teens whose parents have talked to them about drugs are 42% less likely to do drugs.


The Truth About Drugs

Drugs are everywhere: they are in magazines, movies, TV shows, billboards and all other place. In the movies they make it look cool but in real life it’s not cool, it’s a serious problem. A lot of times they try to glamourize drugs, like … or getting high look cool. But that’s only in the movies, in real life it’s all different story.

What Is a Drug?

All drugs, whether we are talking about alcohol, marijuana, LSD, these are all essentially poisonous. It would depend on the amount that you take. I mean, lesser amount might just speed you up, make you feel really active, stronger amount or a stronger dosage would act as a sedative, make us slow, sluggish, tired, and even more amount, it would kill you, you would have an overdose.

Every drug works in its stages, it’s only really the amount needed to make the effect that’s different from drug to drug. A person used taking drugs whether for physical pain or just for trying block off any sensation they don’t want to feel, their sensations are actually being pushed away and getting worse and worse. You going to be totally numb and just even feel not anything.

When you take drugs the drug goes through you blood stream and later on in your life that drug can, you know, come back up into a flashback when you use the drug. You could have taken LSD one day … and it … come back into effect and you start hallucinating then. And it’s not just LSD, it’s every drug, so you can get hit with the effects of a drug even a long time after you stopped taking it.

Drugs and the Mind

Drugs definitely affect the mind. Everything you see around you is different from what’s really going on. You can’t hear correctly and see correctly, all of your senses are totally thrown of. You perception is definitely distorted. It makes it dangerous for you and others because you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t handle things in a way they are supposed to be handled.

Drugs affect your memory so much, it doesn’t matter if you take it for a long time or just a short period of time.

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