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    Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку.
    олимпиадные задания

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    Олимпиада по английскому языку для студентов СПО


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    Read the text and then answer questions 1-5.

    Different Colours can affect us in many different ways; that’s according to Verity Allen.  In her new series «Colour me Healthy”, Verity looks at the ways that colours can influence how hard we work and the choices we make.  They can even change our emotions and even influence how healthy we are.                                                                                         «Have you ever noticed how people always use the same colours for the same things?» says Verity.  “Our toothpaste is always white or blue or maybe red.  It’s never green.  Why not?  For some reason we think that blue and white is clean, while we think of green products as being a bit disgusting.  It’s the same for businesses.  We respect a company, which writes its name in blue or black, but we don’t respect one that uses pink or orange.  People who design new products can use these ideas to influence what we buy.”                                                        During this four-part series, Verity studies eight different colours, two colours in each programme.  She meets people who work in all aspects of the colour industry, from people who design food packets, to people who name the colours of lipsticks.  Some of the people she meets clearly have very little scientific knowledge to support their ideas, such as the American “Colour Doctor” who believes that serious diseases can be cured by the use of coloured lights.  However, she also interviews real scientists who are studying the effects of green and red lights on mice, with some surprising results.                                                                                 Overall, it’s an interesting show, and anyone who watches it will probably find out something new.  But because Verity is goes out of her way to be polite to everyone she meets on the series, it’s up to the viewers to make their own decisions about how much they should believe.

    1. What is the writer doing in this text?

    1. giving information about how colours influence us 
    2. reporting what happens in a new television series
    3. giving information about a television presenter 
    4. giving his opinion of a recent television show 

    2. Which of the following shows the probable content of the four shows?

    1. Part 1 – Health; Part 2 – Products and Industry; Part 3 – Emotions; Part 4 – Decisions 
    2. Part 1 – Blue and Black; Part 2 – Red and Orange; Part 3 – White and Grey; Part 4 – Green and Yellow
    3. Part 1 – Meeting Designers; Part 2 – Meeting People who Name Colours; Part 3 – Meeting Doctors; Part 4 – Meeting Scientists
    4. Part 1 – Cleaning Products; Part 2 – Make-up; Part 3 – Clothes; Part 4 – Food  

    3. According to Verity, why is a knowledge of colour important?

    1. It can help you to choose the best products. 
    2. It can give you new ideas.
    3. It can help you to change people’s minds.
    4. It can help you to sell products.

    4. Who does the writer respect least?

    1. Verity Allen 
    2. The people who name lipsticks 
    3. The «Colour Doctor»
    4. The scientists who work with mice 

    5. Which of the following would make a good title for the text?

    1. Enjoy it, but don’t believe everything. 
    2. Another great show from Verity Allen! Five Stars! 
    3. Don’t miss this if you work in Business! 
    4. Watch this programme! It will make you healthy!

    Match the following headings with the sections of the text below, one heading is extra.

    This museum tells you about the history of

    A. Industry
    B. Science
    C. Toys
    D. Costumes
    E. A city
    F. Transport
    G. Canals

    1. Step inside this magical 1850s «Cinema» for an exciting tour of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. As the lights go down a brilliant moving image of the capital appears before you, while the guide tells the story of Edinburgh's historic past.

    2. The National Waterways Museum of Gloucester brings to life the time when Britain's waterways were dug between towns. Transport by these ways was cheaper than transport by land. Many exhibits give visitors the chance to relive the Age which helped to revolutionize Britain's water system.

    3. Black Country Museum is an open-air museum. Your visit there is always exciting and enjoyable. Guides in national costumes and working demonstrators tell visitors a story of the time when different machines were invented in Britain and factories began to develop very quickly.

    4. Travel through time and discover the colourful story of travel. See shiny buses, tube trains and trams of different centuries. As you step into the past you'll meet people who've kept London moving for 200 years. Hold tight as you put yourself in the driving seat and enjoy your journey.

    5. This museum is full of wonderful models of trains, buses, ships and cars. See the 1920s model Story Land Park and play the old slot-machines. It also has a nursery of the beginning of the 20th century. The wonderful collection of dolls contains different marionettes from Ancient Roman Gladiator doll to figures of today.

    6. This museum illustrates the development of human knowledge through different instruments. The museum has a clockwork model of the solar system from1750 as well as microscopes, telescopes, navigation instruments, electrical machines and tools.

    Read the text and complete it with the correct forms of the words.

    Francisco Goya

    1  Francisco Goya _________ in Zaragoza, where he was born, and later moved to Madrid. STUDY

    2 His early works convey the freedom and charm of popular life, but after his _________ as painter to the court, where he was a great favourite, APPOINT

    3  he became ________________ somber. INCREASE

    4  His etchings of the disasters of war, witches, and monsters were the reactions of a sensitive man __________ by the events of his time. APPALL

    He went deaf at 60, after which his work becomes steadily more melancholic. His extraordinary candor in some royal portraits, where he employs exquisite technique to depict a family, has few___________ in commissioned art. PARALLEL

    6 He _________permission to depart for France in 1824 and died in Bordeaux at the age of 82. GIVE

    1.  Few artists __________such a variety of work. COMPOSE


    1. Pushkin is … Russian poet. 

    a) the

    b) a  

    c) -    

    2. A glass vase is made ...  glass.     

    a) from  

    b) out of  

     c)  with  

    3. Have you read any books … Margaret Mitchell?

     a) since

    b) on

    c) by  

    4. Of two evils choose the...   

     a)  less  

    b)  little  

    c)  least  

    5.  Actions speak ...  than words. 

    a)  more  louder

     b) the loudest  

    c) louder  

    6. Happiness is … than money.

    a) important          

    b) more important        

    c) the most important  

    7.You...  take care  of your parents 

    a) should    

    b) ought  to  

    c) are  to

    8. You will … speak Spanish in another few months . 

    a) can

    b) have  

    c) be able to  

    9. My dentist says I … eat so many sweets . 

    a) needn’t

    b) mustn’t

    c) shouldn’t  

    10. Dinosaurs ... millions of years ago. 

    a) died out  

    b) had  died out  

    c) were died out .

    11. Now she... difficulty in putting facts in order. 

    a) is having  

    b) has been  having  

    c)  had

    12. What...you...at 4.30.tomorrow afternoon? 

    a) would...do

    b) were...do

    c) will...be doing    

    13. American schools for many years... ... federal aid for special purposes.

    a) have received  

    b) received

     c)  receive

    14. We … here for 7 years already.

    a) had lived

    b) was living

    c) have lived  

    15. I don’t know when I … a job. 

    a) will find

    b) find  

    c) would find

    16.  I don’t know about it, ask... else. 

    a) nobody

    b) anybody  

    c) somebody  

    17. There is... new under the sun. 

    a)no thing  

    b) nothing  

    c) anything

    18. Could you lend me … money? 

    a) any    

    b)  some  

    c) no

    c) nobody

    19. I don`t like … jokes.

    a) somebody`s

    b) anybody`s  

    c) nobody `s

    20. Mike hoped that his friend (help) him with his car.

    a) would help    

     b) will  help  

    c) helped

    21. We didn’t know  the score , but  we were  sure  their  team  ( lose )  the  game. 

    a) has  lost  

    b)  had  lost    

    c)  lost

    22. Yesterday  Tom  heard  that  his  aunt ( be ill ) for  five  days . 

    a) was  ill  

    b)  has  been  ill  

    c)  had  been  ill  

    23. We were told that Andrew (go) to enter that college. 

    a) is going

     b)  went  

    c)  was  going    

    24. My  parents  decided that  we  ( celebrate ) my  birthday on  Saturday . 

    a) would  celebrate    

    b) shall  celebrate  

    c) celebrated.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    25. While ... the  book I  came  across a  lot  of  interesting  facts .

    a)  studying    

    b)  study  

    c)  having  studied  

    26 ...  her address  I   could  not  write  her  a  letter . 

    a) not  knowing  

    b)  without  knowing  

    c)  not  to know  

    27.The  holiday ...  Thanksgiving  Day  is  now  observed  on  the  fourth  Thursday  of  November .

    a)  calling  

    b)  called  

     c)  to  be  called

    28.  Найдите правильный вариант  перевода  слова  reading  

     a) читающий    

    b)  прочитанный  

     c) читая  

    d) читаемый

    29. The  actress  playing  the  leading  role  is  my  mother . 

    a) инфинитив  

    b)  причастие  

    c) герундий

    30.  They  must  be  playing  football now.

    a) инфинитив  

    b) причастие  

    c) герундий  

    31. Отметьте  предложения, в  которых  вместо  инфинитива  можно  употребить  причастие: 

    a) Everybody  considered  him to  be a talented  writer .

    b) I  believe  her  to  know it .

    c)  We  watched  the  sun  rise .  

    d) She felt  somebody  walk  behind  her.  

    32. Выберите правильную форму причастия (Present or Perfect)

      … his homework, he was thinking hard.

    a) doing    

    b) having done

    33. Выберите правильный вариант перевода причастия на русский язык

    His broken arm was examined by the doctor.  

    а) сломанная  

    b) сломав        

    c) ломая

    34. Выберите правильный вариант перевода причастия на русский язык

    The room facing the garden is much more comfortable than that one.

    а) выходящая    

    b) выходившая        

    c) выходя

    35. We expect them ...us this  summer .

     a) to  visit    

    b) to  have  visited.                                                                    

    36. We  are  glad ... the  summer  in   the  Crimea . 

    a) to  spend  

    b) to  have  spent  

    37. It seems ... outside .

     a)  to  rain

     b) to  be  raining    

    38. He hasn’t come yet. He must still … 

    a) work

    b) be working    

    c) has worked

    39. You should … music lessons when you were a child.

    a) take

    b) be taking

    c) have taken  

    40. English is easy. It can … within a few years.

    a) learn

    b) be learnt    

    c) be learning

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