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    ЕГЭ. Английский язык.Аудирование.

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    Первое задание (В1)Аудио



    Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каж­дого говорящего 1-6 и утверждениями, данными в списке A-G. Используйте каждую букву, обозначающую утверждение, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утвер­ждение. Вы услышите запись дважды. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

    Speaker 1

    Why on earth do they want to check our uniforms in a final exam? There are enough stresses in taking an exam without having to worry about whether you are wearing a regulation shoe! But this really happened to my friend and five other kids, who were excluded from taking an exam because they were not in approved school uniform. Can you imagine? After five years learning and hours of revision and practice; you finally fail your exam and endanger your future simply because you are wearing the wrong kind of shoe!

    Speaker 2

    Here I am at the school dance, wanting to ask Susan Turner for a dance — and I look like a penguin! I had put a lot of thought into this. I really did want to look my best. I managed to borrow my brother's Paul Smith jacket and jeans. But the most exciting thing was that I got Kurt Geiger shoes and a "super cool" Armani shirt — in a charity shop for twenty five quid! I looked and felt great until the dance invitations arrived stating "black tie dress code only". I wonder if Susan fancies dancing with a flightless bird...

    Speaker 3

    People can wear a set of clothes that are not identical but still be "in uniform". Bankers and stockbrokers, together with football fans and style conscious teenagers all wear a type of uniform. They can be strict about this. There are no jeans Jn the board room and you don't wear a Chelsea shirt to a Manchester derby! Research has shown that uniformity is one issue but more important is being noticed and approved.

    Speaker 4

    Technical security workers at this huge corporation belong to a private firm whose delivery vans, uniforms, bags and boxes are all the same horrible mix of orange and blue. The ingenious robbers discovered that this provided both a perfect disguise and a clever means of escape. They just walked into the security camera repair room and pretended to work for almost an hour —nobody even spoke to them. Not even the genuine workers noticed that they had three additional "colleagues" and it was only the next day that the robbery was detected.

    Speaker 5

    I am worried that they'll notice and laugh. I'm trying to keep as far away from them as possible. I divide my time between the "chill out" area and the buffet. I'll not chance the dance floor because everyone will notice. A cream taffeta wrap blouse, Italian Jersey dress and ♦fabulously edgy» strap thong shoes from Camilla Skovaard and — unbelievably — all of us scented with Jo Malone "Orange Blossom"! How on earth can three girls at one small party wear exactly the same thing?

    Speaker 6

    Jimmy was a pirate and Becky was a queen. Cleopatra did an incredible tango with a policeman and I noticed a slow dance between Napoleon and a ballerina. I myself wore nice jeans, a new shirt and looked, I thought, pretty cool. But neither Cleopatra, the hospital nurse or the pilot would dance with me. I went home quickly and with a wide sombrero and poncho (holiday souvenirs) quickly transformed myself in to a Mexican bandit. I returned to the party within an hour. I can now tell you that Cleopatra taught me some crazy dance moves.


    List of words: uniforms,hide,rules, strict, dress-code,prevenent, best,unbelievable, coincidence,dull,fun

    Задание 2

                      Прослушав аудиозапись, выбрать 4 текста  в соответствии с тем, кто говорит.



    Второе задание (А1-А7) Аудио

    ВТОРОЕ ЗАДАНИЕ (А1-А7)  (True/ False/ No information)

                                                                         ТРЕНИРОВОЧНОЕ ЗАДАНИЕ № 2

    Вы услышите разговор между братом и сестрой о летних каникулах. Определите, какие из приведённых утверждений (А1-А7) соответствуют содержанию текста(1), какие не соответствуют(2) и о чём в тексте не сказано, то есть на основании текста нельзя дать ни положительного, ни отрицательного ответа(З). Обведите номер выбранного ва­ми варианта ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

    Katie: You are going to work all summer as a volunteer?

    Paul: Yes. It's really exciting. I can?t wait.

    Katie: Let me see now, that'll be no money, no time off and no summer. I can only see positives!

    Paul: Ha-Ha, how witty you are, very funny. Is it worth even trying to explain to a summer department store worker such as yourself?

    Katie: Steady on brother! OK — tell me about it. I am all ears.

    Paul: Did you know there are thousands of people with no computer skills? Think about that for a moment. What jobs today don't need computers? And think about our media surroundings. It's all websites, virtual opportunities, social networking and so on. Then just imagine you don't understand any of it. Imagine no prospect ever of getting a job or even....

    Katie: Paul — there is no excuse nowadays for anyone not having basic computer skills.

    Paul: Really? What about people over 50? They never had computer classes at school because for ordinary people then, there were no computers. And what about those disadvantaged by dyslexia, or those from tough home environments, or the elderly, or....

    Katie: I get the picture. Go on.

    Paul: I'll be in a training centre, giving one-to-one tuition to people whose lives might really change for the better. I did one evening a week last term and loved it. Now I have a whole summer.

    Katie: Well I will work 7 days a week for most of the summer. And then I am going to the south of France with James and we'll have the summer holiday of our lives.

    Paul: That's great Katie. Don't think I don't approve or even that I am not a tiny bit jealous. I am not a saint and actually in a sense, we are both taking the same option.

    Katie: What do you mean?

    Paul: You, dear sister, and I are both choosing exactly what we want to do this summer and really, we are making that choice only for ourselves.

    Katie: Well — I still think you should get a halo.


    List of words:  initial, view, plans,entirely ,positive, enjoy, department ,store work, agree,excuse, computer literate,  work, individually,  trainee,volunteer, anything, believe, motive,holidays.


    Третье задание(А8-А14) Аудио


    ТРЕТЬЕ ЗАДАНИЕ (А8-А14) (Multiple choice)

                                                                        ТРЕНИРОВОЧНОЕ ЗАДАНИЕ № 1

    Вы услышите рассказ об инциденте в ресторане. В заданиях А8-А14 обведите цифру 1,2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

    A difficult client

    When I was nineteen I worked in the kitchen of a Creole restaurant in Panama City, Florida. The word "Creole" refers to people who are descended from settlers in the colonial French Louisiana (before it became part of the USA in 1803). And Creole food is great. It is a blend of French, Spanish and Caribbean styles. I used to knock up fantastic fresh salads, filet and fry grouper ^resh from the harbour. I made vast vats of red beans and rice and tureens of gumbo. I boiled great pans of fresh shrimp and cracked open and then fried Oysters in white wine.

    The odd thing is that I am not a trained chef. Every single recipe was based on a mixture of measures in the recipe book. So many cups of this, shakes of that, tablespoons of Tabasco or citrus, jugs of cut celery, etc. But every meal turned out perfect so long as I followed "the book" to the letter.                                                                                                   ~

    I worked in the kitchen with a rather strange guy from Los Angeles called Scott. He had a strange haircut and was disconcertingly crossed eyed. But the waitresses were cute — especially Suzie with her long curly brown hair.

    One day we had a bit of an episode. A woman in the restaurant started screaming and demanding to see the chef. I could hear the commotion from deep within the kitchens and began to look for somewhere to hide. Scott was out that day and there was nobody else in the kitchen. Suzie ; caught me as I tried to hide behind the rice sacks in the larder. "You've got to come out John. She's gone absolutely mental. The other customers are gonna call the cops if we can't sort this".

    Feeling terribly afraid and inadequate I was led out to the woman making the noise. She; stopped screaming but continued to shake as she eyed me up and down. Because she'd asked for the "chef" I guessed I must have made a terrible mistake in the kitchen. I was alone down there that lunchtime so whatever was wrong it must have been my fault. What would she say if she: discovered I wasn't a chef at all but doing a holiday job making recipes from a book?

    The truth eventually came out. I had served her a basket of whole boiled shrimp. According: to the lady, the little devils had little "faces" and "eyes", "stared at her" and had completely/; freaked her out. I spoke to her very softly and sat down next to her. I told her I'd take them away and if she still wanted shrimp I'd peel them myself and bring them to her. She thanked me very much. Seemed very happy and after a short while consumed the shelled shrimp and left.

    Afterward I was again called to the front by Suzie. But this time I got a round of applai from the other customers and $120 were the tips.


    List of words: difficult client, narrator,  talent, cook,to follow, recipes,a qualified chef,work, kitchen,a man, Panama City, Florida, French Louisiana, Los Angeles,ask, dining room, worry,problem, fault, woman,make, a complaint, police, expect, better, service, the taste, food,shrimp,customer,dish,order,refuse, to eat, restaurant, narrator, to return,insist,back, generously, rewarded for,a cook,ability, to compromise,calm, kind .

    Задание 2.

    Посмотрите на картинку и скажите, какие слова встречаются в тексте чаще, а какие реже. Это зависит от размера слова на картинке.