Урок английского языка с использованием технологии развития критического мышления
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Шляков Антон Сергеевич

Урок-круглый стол с использованием технологии развития критического мышления при обучении говорению на старшем этапе обучения



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Урок-круглый стол с использованием технологии развития критического мышления при обучении говорению на старшем этапе обучения

Тема: Global Village

Класс: 9

УМК: Enjoy English

Цели урока:

  1. Практическая – проверка умений и навыков говорения по теме ‘Global Village’, используя коммуникативные упражнения и создание разговорных ситуаций.
  2. Образовательная – формирование у учащихся представления о культуре англоговорящих стран.
  3. Развивающая – развитие умений синтеза и анализа информации, ее обобщения и дальнейшей интерпретации.
  4. Воспитательная – воспитание взаимопонимания и толерантности, используя групповую форму работы, умения слушать и защищать свою точку зрения.

Ход урока


Первая стадия – вызов (введение в тему)

Good morning everyone! Welcome to our talk show! Take a look at the board (по средине доски написано слово ‘Globalization’ – используем прием «кластер» и «мозговая атака»). Is this word familiar to you? What is this word associated with? (ученики высказывают свои ассоциации, которые записываются вокруг главного слова).  

2. Целеполагание и мотивация

Today we are going to discuss such term as ‘globalization’. You will be divided into two groups – one of the groups will support the idea of globalization and another one will be against it. There is no secret that nowadays the world is becoming open, borders are fading, cultures are mixing. So is it good to be a part of one nation or people without roots and their own culture are just faceless? Today we’re going to find the answers.  

3. Актуализация знаний и умений

But first please answer my questions.

  • What does the word ‘Globalization’ mean to you?
  • Which events make this process be possible?
  • Is your country involved in Globalization?  

Вторая стадия – осмысление

Before we start discussing, let me introduce two short movies which represent quite opposite views upon the matter. Watch them carefully and then fill in the table. (прием «инсерт»)

We know

We don’t know about it

We want to know about it




После просмотра видеозаписей учащимся предлагается ответить на вопросы:

  • Which point of view do you prefer the most?
  • Does united world guarantee peace and tolerance?
  • What would happen if the world changes according to the first film?
  • Do English people prefer to preserve their identity?
  • Can we take the USA as a positive example of culture mix?

4. Систематизация знаний и умений

And the last preparation for our discussion is cards. Take a look at them; each pair of you is given a card with some sentence concerning our theme. Your task is to express your attitude towards this phrase. Work in pairs, please, try to support your point of view with facts and personal experience. (На карточках написаны выражения, цитаты, тезисы по теме, задача учеников, выразить свое отношение к написанному).  

Третья стадия (Рефлексия).

You are doing well, showing good level of grammar and vocabulary and now I ask you to divide into two groups.  Each group should choose a speaker who will present the group’s point of view. While he is speaking, the opponents should prepare questions which can be answered by any member of the speaker’s team. Then we will listen to the opinion of the group which is against globalization in the same way. I give you 10 minutes to prepare your speech. While thinking it over please use the following plan:

 1. Give the definition of globalization or try to explain how you understand it.

2. Name the reasons why such a problem has appeared and why it still exists nowadays.

3. Give your opinion of this problem. How do you feel about it.

4.        Say if this problem is typical of your country, in what area.

5.        Say what is doing to stop this problem and think what can be done.
Do not forget to use your active vocabulary.  

Подведение итогов:

I see your points, you have done well proving and supporting your ideas. I hope it has been a good experience for you. Today you have known some new facts concerning our theme. Maybe a few of you want to rethink the matter? How about our scheme we did early? Should it be changed? What is to add? (возвращаемся к кластеру на доске, обсуждаем заново ассоциации, дополняем, записываем новые, кое-что вычеркиваем.)

Now you have a full picture in your head and can easily discuss the problem of globalization. You are also capable to show tolerance and respect while listening to other opinions and this ability is worth studying for. You will need it in the future. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over, see you next week which will be opened by a new theme.

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