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    тестовые задания по английскому языку


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    Предварительный просмотр:

            Test (Vocabulary and Grammar)

    Task 1. Match the types of schools (1-6) to the descriptions (A-F):

    1. boarding school
    2. single-sex school
    3. co-educational school
    4. state school
    5. private school
    6. specialist school
    1. a school for boys and girls;
    2. a school you usually have to pay to go to;
    3. a school students go to for a particular reason (e.g. to become actors);
    4. a school for only boys or only girls;
    5. a school owned by the government;
    6. a school which students live in during school term.

    Task 2. Give names to the descriptions of these jobs:

    1. a person who arranges appointments, types letters and organizes meetings;
    2. a person trained and equipped to extinguish fires and rescue people;
    3. a person who works with wood (The man who made Pinocchio was a …);
    4. a person who designs buildings and prepares plans to give to a builder;
    5. a person whose job is to help people with the law or talk for them in court;
    6. a person whose job is to protect the public, make sure people obey the law and make people feel safe, usually wears a uniform;
    7. a person whose occupation is on board a ship at sea, especially a member of a ship's crew;
    8. a person who cuts and styles people’s hair;
    9. a person trained to look after sick animals;
    10. a person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre, or radio.

    Task 3. Choose the correct tense.

    1. When we go to Paris, we will climb/will have climbed the Eiffel Tower.

    2. James will have completed/will complete his studies by the end of the year.

    3. Kim will be performing/will have performed in the school concert next week .

    4. The team will be leaving/will have left the office by 9 o’clock tomorrow.

    5. 'We've run out of milk.' 'Really? I will buy/will be buying some more this afternoon'.

    6. This time tomorrow, I will leave/will be leaving for the airport.

    7. I will collect/will have collected you from Peter's house on my way home.

    8. ‘How is your project coming along? Is it done?’ ‘Not yet, but I will finish/ will have finished it by the time the holidays are over.’

    9. ‘What are your plans for the weekend?’ ‘I am spending/will have spent some time with my friends.’

    10. Richard is such a poor guy, he has got the flu, but his elder sister will have taken/is going to take care of him, she’s a nurse.

    Task 4. Choose the correct preposition.

    1. I am going to pick on/up my sister from school.
    2. Don’t pick on/at him! He’s my best friend!
    3. Harry is responsible to/for arranging the party.
    4. My dad is in/at charge of twenty people.
    5. No wonder she is thin. She only picks up/at her food.
    6. Read the poem and pick …… all the adjectives.

    Task 5.Open the brackets, form the appropriate degree of the adjectives.

    1. We should eat (healthy) food.

    2. Today the streets aren’t as (clean) as they used to be.

    3. It’s (bad) mistake he has ever made.

    4. This man is (tall) than that one.

    5. Asia is (large) than Australia.

    6. The Volga is (short) than the Mississippi.

    7. Which building is the (high) in Moscow?

    8. Mary is a (good) student than Lucy.

    9. The Alps are (high) than the Urals.

    10. This garden is the (beautiful) in our town.

    11. She speaks Italian (good) than English.

    12. Is the word “newspaper” (long) than the word “book”?

    13. The Thames is (short) than the Volga. 

    14. The Arctic Ocean is (cold) than the Indian Ocean.

    15. Chinese is (difficult) than English.

    16. Spanish is (easy) than German.

    17. She is not so (busy) as I am.

    18. It is as (cold) today as it was yesterday.

    19. She is not so (fond) of sports as my brother is.

    20. Today the weather is (cold) than it was yesterday.

    21. This book is (interesting) of all I have read this year.

    22. January is the (cold) month of the year.

    23. My sister speaks English (bad) than I do.

    24. Which is the (hot) month of the year?

    25. Which is the (beautiful) place in this part of the country? :

    26. This good-looking girl is the (good) student in our group.

    Choose the right variant.

    1. I don’t remember ... that I’m sure you’re mistaken.

    a) to say;  b) say;  c) saying;  d) to have said.

    2. There were two answers, and ... was right.

    a) neither; b) no one; c) no; d) not any.

    3. This dress is ... as the one I had before.

    a) plenty the same; b) very similar; c) very same; d) much the same.

    4. He ... here from 1955 to 1960.

    a) worked; b) works; c) has been working; d) has worked.

    5. He’s... his sister.

    a) much taller that; b) much more taller than; c) much taller than; d) more taller than.

    6. Be careful you don’t... your keys!

    a) lost; b) loosen; c) lose; d) loose.

    7. What they say may be true; you never can...

    a) say; b) tell; c) remember; d) recognise.

    8. He didn’t move, but just... where he fell.

    a) lain; b) lay; c) laid; d) lied.

    9. I haven’t had a reply to the invitation I sent you last week. ... to my patty?

    a) Shall you come; b) Are you coming; c) Do you come; d) Should you come,

    10. That man reminds me ... my history teacher.

    a) from; b) of; c) about; d) on.


    Variant I

    1. Find the adjective:

    A) Happiness B) health c) harmful D) help E) hesitate

    2. Find a signal word for Past Simple:

    A) Tomorrow B) ever C) now D) three days ago E) next week

    3. Find a signal word for Present Perfect:

    A) Usually B) Listen! C) yet D) always E) seldom

    4. Choose the word with the fourth type of reading:

    A) Burn B) Dress C) Tulip D) Fire E) Bar

    5. Find a sentence in Present Progressive:

    A) Last year we in France. B) Have you cleaned the floor? C) Are you from New Zealand?

    D) I’m making a cheese cake right now. E) They are going to kook for a present.

    6. Choose the right verb form:

    A) we is playing B) we has playing C) we are playing D) we are plaing E) we was playing

    7. Choose the right verb form:

    A) He sung B) He singed C) He sungs D) He sang E) He sangs

    8. Choose the correct variant:

    A: What … in your spare time? B: I often go swimming

    A) do you do B) are you doing C) have you done D) are you do E) does you do

    9. Find the verb form in Present Perfect Progressive:

    A) Has V3 B) Had V3 C) am, is, are +Ving D) Have/has been Ving E) Have/Has been V3

    10. Choose the correct variant: There are 584 students at the department:

    А) Five and hundred eighty-four. В) Five hundred and eighty-four. С) Five eighty-four hundred.

    D) Five hundred eighty fourth. E) Five hundred and eighty four.

    11. Choose the word to the definition: It is a person who doesn’t wear fur and leather clothes, and doesn’t eat diary products, meat and fish.

    A) A meat-eater B) my Granny C) a child D) a vegetarian E) a sick person

    12. Choose the correct variant: … you at school yesterday? – Yes, I …

    А) Were/was В) Am/is С) Were/were D) Was/was Е)Was/were

    13 Choose the correct variant: Listen! That boy … the saxophone.

    A) plays B) played C) is playing D) will play E) is going to play

    14Choose the correct variant: Mark … swimming yesterday.

    A) go B) has gone C) is going D) went E) will play

    15. Choose the correct answer:

    A: Have you ever been to England? B: …

    A) No, I haven’t B) No, I did C) No, I have D) No, I don’t E) No, I hasn’t

    16. Find the sentence in Present Perfect:

    A) She’s not from Canada. B) Mark’s moved to California. C) Mom’s wearing an old shirt. D) She doesn’t play the violin. E) Michele’s going to sleep.

    17. Choose the correct pre"Times New Roman, serif"> I haven’t seen Lena … many years.

    A) since B) at C) before D) after E) for

    18. Choose the correct variant: There are 14 pupils in my group.

    A) four B) forty C) fourteen D) fourth E) fourteenth

    19. Choose the correct variant: There … very many children in the park yesterday.

    A) were B) is C) did D) was E) are

    20. Choose the correct pronoun: … husband is a travel agent.

    A) She’s B) His C) Her D) Mine E) Hers

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