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    Маковецкая Наталья Яковлевна

    Тесты «Знаете ли вы Великобританию?»


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    Использование информационно-коммуникативных технологий, современных средств обучения, технологии дистанционного обучения

    Тесты «Знаете ли вы Великобританию?» 

    Тест №1

    The land

    I. True or false? Underline the right answer

    1. Britain has several active volcanoes (True or False)

    2. London gets much more rain in a year than other European cities (True or False)

    3. Britain and Ireland have more grassland than any other European country ( True or False)

    4. The word “smog” is made of “smoke” and “fog”

    5. Much of the land in Britain is used for human habitation

    II. Find the right answer

    1. The climate of Britain is
    1. mild and damp
    2. cold and wet
    3. dry and hot
    1. The UK is separated from Ireland by
    2. a) the Irish Sea
    3. b) the English Channel
    4. c) the North Sea
    1. Pas de Calais is the French name for
    2. a) the English Channel
    3. b) the Strait of Dover
    4. c) the Irish sea

    4. Mountainous areas are found only… of Britain.

    1. a) in the south
    2. b) in the north and west
    3. c) in the south and southeast
    1. On the British Isles there are….. states
    2. a) two
    3. b) three
    4. c) four

    7. In the northwest the British Isles are washed by…

    1. a) the Atlantic Ocean
    2. b) the English Channel
    3. c) the North Sea

    8. The British landscape is…

    1. a) mostly low-lying
    2. b) immensely varied
    3. c) mostly rocky and mountainous

    9. Britain’s second largest city is…

    a) Cardiff

    b) Birmingham

    c) Manchester

    10. Scafell Pike (3.210 feet) is the highest point in…

    a) England

    b) Scotland

    c) Wales

    Test №2

    Do you know Great Britain?

    True or false? Underline the correct answer

    1. In Britain, many people go to church regularly (True or False)
    2. No place in Britain is more than three hours from the sea by car (True or False)
    3. There is no ‘Christian’ political party in England (True or False)
    4. Women are allowed by the Anglican Church to be ordained as  priests (True or False)
    5. The British regard the monarchy as a symbol of national integrity (True or False)
    6. Queen Elizabeth II has got 3 children (True or False)
    7. The Queen or King of England is the official head of British Government (True or False)
    8. None of the wax figures made by Madam Tussaud herself survived to the present times (True or False)
    9. In Britain there is no written constitution (True or False)
    10. The largest religious minority in the UK are the Muslims (True or False).

    Find the right answer

    1. The UK is bordered to the south by…
    1. the Irish Sea
    2. the English Channel
    3. the North Sea
    1. The highest peak in Great Britain is…
    1. Snowdon in Wales
    2. Scafell Pike in England
    3. Ben Nevis in Scotland
    1. The plant symbolizing Ireland is…
    1. leek
    2. shamrock
    3. daffodil
    1. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated to commemorate…
    1. the day St Patrick was born
    2. the day St Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland
    3. the day St Patrick died
    1. The official religion of Britain is…
    1. Islam
    2. Christianity
    3. Hinduism
    1. The Church of England was separated from the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century by…
    1. Henry VIII
    2. Henry VII
    3. Oliver Cromwell
    1. Mary Tudor earned her nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ for the…
    1. persecution of Protestants
    2. persecution of Catholics
    3. invention of the famous cocktail with tomato juice
    1. …. was the longest reigning British monarch.
    1. Edward III
    2. Queen Elizabeth I
    3. Queen Victoria
    1. The British Parliament consists of….. houses or chambers
    1. two
    2. three
    3. four4
    1. General elections to the House of Commons are held once in… years.
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 8
    1. The leader of the Government
    1. the Secretary of State
    2. the Prime Minister
    3. the Chancellor
    1. In his first speech to the House of Commons British Prime Minister… said:” I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.
    1. Neville Chamberlain
    2. Clement Atlee
    3. Winston Churchill
    1. At the height of its power the British Empire covered about a… of Earth’s total land area.
    1. quarter
    2. third
    3. half
    1. The region roughly equivalent to modern day Scotland was once called… by the Romans.
    1. Caledonia
    2. Scotia
    3. Britannia
    1. The ancestors of many of the people in present-day Highland Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall are…

    a) the Anglo-Saxons

    b) the Celts

    c) the Normans

    16….. is regarded as the national instrument of Wales.

    a) The bagpipe

    b) The harp

    c) The horn

    17. The capital of Scotland is…

    a) Cardiff

    b) Edinburgh

    c) Belfast

    18. Scots is…

    a) genuine whisky

    b) political party in Scotland

    c)a written language in lowland Scotland appeared  in the 17th century

    19. Darts is a very popular… game

    a) pub

    b) office

    c) school

    20. The Tate Gallery, which housed an extensive collection of British painting from Tudor times and modern art and sculpture from Britain and abroad, began…

    a) with a gift of 65 paintings from the sugar magnate

    b) with the purchase by the government of 38 paintings belonging a rich merchant

    c) with the material from  the expeditions of Captain Cook and Charles Darwin

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