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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Instructions : Complete the paragraph using the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

    I went on a holiday last year but it was terrible! My hotel room was e.g. smaller than (small) the one in the brochure. I think it was (1) ………………………… (small) room in the hotel. The weather was awful. It was (2) ………………………… (cold) the weather in my hometown. The beach near the hotel was not clean enough – actually it was (3) ………………………… (dirty) beach on the island! The food was (4) ………………………… (bad) than I expected and I couldn’t eat  well during my holiday. One day, I went shopping in a big department store and I broke a vase. It was (5) ………………………… (expensive) one in the whole shop and I had to pay for it. (6) ………………………… (sad) thing was that I lost my passport. Fortunately, the police helped met o find and I was finally at home. It was (7) ………………………… (horrible) holiday of my life.

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Name                : _______________________                                

    Date                : _______________________                                        ENGLISH WORKSHEET

    Class                : _______________________                        

    Draw the hands of the clock!

    1. Half past seven                        2.  9.30                          3. Five thirty                              4. Half past six                          5.  12.00


    6. Nine o’clock                               7. Eight o’clock                   8. Half past ten                     9. Four thirty                          10.  2.30        


    11. Seven o’clock                              12. Half past one                     13.  8.30                          14. Half past 11                              15.  12.30


    Read the clock and write down the time!

    1.                                                                          3.


            It is __________________                                                It is __________________         

    1.                                                                          4.  


    It is __________________                                              It is __________________        

    Предварительный просмотр:

                                  REVISION TEST – the UK (general knowledge test)

    I. Test

    1. What kind of state is the United Kingdom?

    a) republic        b) parliamentary monarchy       c) monarchy

    2. What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British Queen, have?

    a) Prince of Wales    b) Prince of Scotland     c) Prince of England

    3. What does the word “Albion”, the poetic name of GB mean?

    a) white   b) green   c) red

    4. What is the national emblem of England?

    a) violet   b) rose   c) tulip

    5. What is the name of the oldest and best known public school for boys in GB?

    a) Norwich   b) Bath   c) Eton

    6. Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

    a) Admiral Nelson   b) Winston Churchill  c) Sir Lloyd George

    7. What is real English football called?

    a) soccer  b) rugby   c) cricket

    8. What is the name for the Houses of Parliament?

    a) Westminster Abbey   b) St James’s Palace     c) Palace of Westminster

    9. What is the oldest university of GB?

    a) Oxford   b) Cambridge   c) Exeter

    10. What park of London is the Speaker’s Corner situated in?

    a) Regent’s Park   b) Hyde Park    c) Green Park

    11. What is the nickname of the UK’s flag?

    a) stars and stripes   b) Union Jack   c) Flag of St Patrick’s Cross

    12. What is the name of the London’s residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

    a) Windsor Palace   b) Kensington Palace   c) Buckingham Palace

    13. What is the official residence of the Prime Minister?

    a) Downing Street, 10 (11)    b) Baker’s Street    c) Whitehall

    14. What is the name of the town where William Shakespeare was born?

    a) Sheffield   b) Coventry   c) Stratford-on-Avon

    15. What part of Britain is called “land of songs”?

    a) England    b) Wales    c) Scotland

    16. In what town is the residence of the heart of the English Church?

    a) Canterbury    b) Manchester    c) Stonehenge

    17. Who is the architect of the famous St Paul’s Cathedral?

    a) Da Vinci    b) Wren    c) Rastrelly

    18. What is the nickname of London’s underground?

    a) Metro    b) Subway     c) Tube

    19. What theatre was organized by William Shakespeare?

    a) Globe Theatre   b) Old Vic Theatre    c) Royal Theatre

    20. All over the world Britain is notorious for its

    a) fogs    b) rainfalls    c) snowfalls

    21. The Peers’ benches covered with ..... leather are arranged in 5 rows in either sides of the Houses of Lords.

    a) green    b) red     c) brown

    22.  Queen Elizabeth II has got

    a) 4 children    b) 3 children     c) 2 children

    23. Where is Loch Ness Monster supposed to live?

    a) England    b) Scotland    c) Wales

    24.  “Ulster” is another name for

    a) Scotland     b) Northern Ireland     c) Republic of Ireland

    25. You must go to school in GB from the age of 5 until

    a)  you are 16     b) you are 17     c) you are 18

    26. What are these : The Guardian, The News of the World, The Independent?

    a) newspapers     b) TV programmes      c)  film names

    27. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is

    a) 15 degrees Celsius    b) 20 degrees Celsius     c) 25 degrees Celsius

    28. Is a mile about

    a) 1,000 metres     b) 1,600 metres      c) 2,000 metres

    29. What is the population of GB?

    a) 36 mln people     b) 46 mln people     c) 56 mln people

    30.  The natives on the British Isles were

    a) the Romans     b) the Celts     c) the Angles     d) the Vikings



       Match the name of each building with the sentences:

    A. This is where the Prime Minister live                             1. Tower Bridge

    B. Here you can see wax models of famous people            2. Downing Street, 10

    C. This is the Queen’s residence in London                        3. Trafalgar Square

    D. HP’s debates here, and there is a clock tower in it        4. Madame Tussaud’s

    E. This building was rebuilt after the Great Fire in 1666  5. The Tower of London

    F. English kings and queens are married and buried here 6. The Houses of Parliament

    G. This place has a memorial to Admiral Nelson               7. Wembley Stadium

    H. This place with a statue of Eros is called the centre     8. Marble Arch

        of London                                                                           9. St Paul’s Cathedral

    I.  It’s near the City, it opens to let ships through              10. Piccadilly Circus

    J. It was a fortress, a palace, a prison, a museum               11. Buckingham Palace

    K. This is a stadium where the Britain’s Cup Final is        12. Westminster Abbey

         played each year

    L. The arch is situated in the north-east of Hyde Park, at the entrance

         to Buckingham Palace

    III. Give a short definition to each notion

    Big Ben -                                                

    Eisteddfod -

    high tea -

    kilt -

    bagpipes -

    woolsack -

    Fleet Street -

    Treasury -

    Speaker -

    pound -

    Lord Chancellor -

    M.P. -

    double-decker -

    Horse Guards -

    the Tower -

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Чтобы пользоваться предварительным просмотром создайте себе аккаунт (учетную запись) Google и войдите в него: https://accounts.google.com

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Напишите глаголы в прошедшем времени:

    1. I take a bus to work.
    2. You know the secret.
    3. We send letters to our clients.
    4. She writes e-mails every day.
    5. They speak three languages.
    6. He sells air-conditioners.
    7. I pay by credit card.
    8. They wake up early in the morning.
    9. We lose if we are weak.
    10. She rides a horse in the countryside.

    1. I take a bus to work.
    2. You know the secret.
    3. We send letters to our clients.
    4. She writes e-mails every day.
    5. They speak three languages.
    6. He sells air-conditioners.
    7. I pay by credit card.
    8. They wake up early in the morning.
    9. We lose if we are weak.
    10. She rides a horse in the countryside.

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Олимпиада по английскому языку для 5 класса

    I. Прочитайте текст и выберите наиболее подходящий  для него  заголовок

    A. THE CAT FAMILY             B. A DAY OF A LION         C. KING OF ANIMALS

    People often say that the lion is the symbol of strength. We say “strong as a lion”, or “lion-hearted”. Lions are members of the cat family. As a rule, a lion is about nine feet long and its weight is about 400 or 500 pounds. The lion’s voice is a roar or a growl. Unlike other cats, it can swim in deep water. Lions like to live in the open area and they don’t like to live in forests. They drink once a day, that’s why they always live near some water. Lions may live alone or in pairs, or in groups which are known as “prides”. Lions hunt at night and have a rest during the day. 

     II  Выберите  нужное.  

    1. There are a lot of…………here.

    a) mice   b) mouse   c) money

    2. ………….are two good libraries in this town.

    a) They are   b) Their   c) There are

    3. She didn’t see………………………… .

    a) nothing  b) anything  c) something

    4. Pamela is …..pupil in our class.

    a) the best  b)better  c) good

    5.  Tom is older     ………………….Mike.

    a) than  b) then  c) –

    6. They never go to the swimming pool,……………………..?

    a) don’t they  b) do they  c) are they

    7.  What …..behind the chair ?

    a) there is   b) is there  c) it is

    8. . Pamela ……………oranges very much!

    a) like  b) is liking  c) likes

    9.  The children……………….the board two days ago.

    a)  cleaning  b) will clean c) cleaned

    10. They …………………….an interesting book now.

    a) reading  b) have read  c) are reading

    11.  I…………this task next Monday.

    a) do  b) will do c) did

    12. Nick can………….. very well.

    a) to skate  b) skating  c) skate

     III  Найдите антонимы, соединив цифры с буквами.

    1  cry

    A  ugly

    2  begin

    B  black

    3  good

    C  long

    4  white

    D  sad

    5 clean

    E finish

    6  beautiful

    F thick

    7  short

    G old

    8  happy

    H bad

    9  young

    I  dirty

    IV Обведите лишнее слово в каждой группе.                                                       

    1. table                            chair                        window                bed                        stool

    2. bear                        funny                        fox                        elephant                tiger

    3. hot                        cold                        blue                        sad                        tired

    4. chicken                eat                        duck                        parrot                        penguin

    5. TV                        computer                video player                mobile phone  

    VI Выберите определение слова:                                                            

                            6. get on a bus here                     a) cinema

                    7. play sports here                     b) bank

    you can           8. buy things here                     c) leisure centre

                    9. watch films here                     d) bus station

                    10. get money here                     e) shops

    VII Подчеркните правильное слово:                                                                          

    11. It’s very hot today. Where’s my T-shirt/jacket?

    12. Linda’s cold. She’s looking for her scarf/dress.

    13. Let’s play volleyball. I’ve got my shoes/trainers here.

    14. My mum’s eyes are fair/grey.

    15. My brother’s hair is reddish-brown/tall.

    16. How tall are you? I’m of medium length/medium height.

    17. It’s a cold day. Where are you trousers/shorts?

    18. I’m going to the beach. I need my baseball cap/socks.

    19. Sarah’s hair is very tall/long.

    20. Anne’s hair is quite shorts/fair.

     Итого: 42 балла

    Предварительный просмотр:

    1. What’s your favourite day of the week?
    2. What’s your favourite month of the year?
    3. What’s your favourite season and why?
    4. What do you do in your free time?
    5. What hobbies do you have?
    6. How do people in your country usually spend their free time?
    7. What do you like doing on holiday?
    8. What countries do you want to visit?
    9. At what times do you usually eat your meals? What do you usually have?
    • Breakfast?
    • Lunch?
    • Dinner?
    1. What’s your favourite food?
    2. What’s your favourite drink?
    3. What do you hate to eat and drink?
    4. Name four meals you can prepare for your family:
    5. Do you have a pet?
    6. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
    7. Are you afraid of spiders and snakes? Why?
    8. What are some animals that live in your country?
    9. What’s your dream job?
    10. How do you like your school / job?
    11. What is the best job? What is the worst?
    12. What is the most interesting job? The most boring?
    13. How many languages do you speak?
    14. What languages do you like?
    15. What are the strangest languages for you?
    16. How many hours do you sleep at night?
    17. What time do you usually go to bed?
    18. What do you usually do before you go to bed?
    19. What time do you usually wake up?
    20. When do you watch television?
    21. What sports and activities do you enjoy?

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Чтобы пользоваться предварительным просмотром создайте себе аккаунт (учетную запись) Google и войдите в него: https://accounts.google.com