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    Дистанционное обучение 06.05.2020

    Сидельникова Татьяна Владимировна

    Задания для студентов АПК


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Тема : Радиация и природа

    Ознакомьтесь со словами по нашей новой теме.

    an environment (окружающая среда)

      to pollute (загрязнять)

      a pollution (загрязнение)

      a congestion (перегруженность, перенаселенность)

      a contamination (загрязнение)

      to cause (быть причиной)

      a shortage (нехватка, недостаток)

      to disturb (беспокоить)

      to destroy (разрушать)

      a dump (свалка)

      waste  (гл.-уничтожать, сущ.-отходы)

      to poison (отравлять)

      to spoil (портить)

      to cut down (вырубать)

      to throw away (выбрасывать)

      to hurt (вредить)

      to damage (повреждать)

      a wildlife (дикая природа)

      litter (мусор)  

      deforestation (вырубка леса)

    разрушать дикую природу    (destroy wildlife)

    повреждать природу  (damage nature)

    загрязнять воздух  (pollute air)

    загрязнять воду  (pollute water)

    вредить животным  (hurt animals)

    беспокоить диких животных  (disturb wild animals)

    бросать мусор  (throw away litter)

    оставлять костер  (leave fire)

    портить окружающую среду  (spoil the environment)

    вырубать леса  (cut down forests)

    Вот что представители разных стран рассказывают об экологической ситуации в их регионах. Ознакомьтесь и ответьте на вопросы письменно после текстов.

    Great Britain: Hello, dear friends! I’m Kate Smith, “London Wildlife Fund”. I greet you at our Forum which purpose is to becoming a friend of Nature. Mankind long believed that, whatever we did, the Earth would remain much the same. We know now that is untrue. Nature is under threat. One country’s pollution can be every country’s problem. So we all need to work together to safeguard our environment.

    Question: I heard that many people in your country get to work by public transport.

    Answer:  Yes, it’s so. A lot of people use public transport. They don’t go by car, because firstly, cars pollute the atmosphere and secondly, because it’s very difficult and expensive to park a car in a big city.

    Question:  And people in England never drop litter in the street, do they?

    Answer:  Yes, if nobody sees you dropping litter, you have to pay a fine. They sort their rubbish: there are special containers for paper, tins, food, white glass, brown 

    glass and green glass. After that special factories recycle these materials and people reuse them.

    The USA: My name is Jane Morgan. I’ m a member of “Greenpeace”.   In our country a lot of forests disappeared. It is necessary to plant new forests. It is necessary to keep balance all over the world. Our towns become bigger and at the same time our nature goes to ruin.

    Question: Why are the rainforests important?

     Answer: Franklin Roosevelt, our American president, said “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”.

    Forests are important for various reasons. Firstly, they renew the Earth’s air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Secondly, they provide a home to thousands of animals and plant species.

    Question: What do teenagers do to save tropical rainforests?

    Answer:   There are lots of things that we can do to help to protect the rainforests. Join an organization which tries to save the rainforests, like Greenpeace. Their programme is a programme of defending the trees.

     Write letters to politicians in countries where there are rainforests, asking them to stop allowing companies to cut down the trees. Don’t buy furniture which is produced from rainforest wood.

    Russia: Glad to meet you. I’m Svetlana Ivanova. I’m from “Russian Ecology Group”. Many people say that the climate nowadays is going “crazy”. The huge forests, including rainforests, help control the world’s weather, and produce much of the oxygen in the air. Man can influence the climate. The famous scientist W.S. Gilbert said “Man is Nature’s sole mistake!” The ecological situation in our country is different and dangerous. The Baikal, the Black Sea and many other parts of our country are in ecological danger.

    Question: Why is Russia cooperating on the field of environmental protection with other countries?

    Answer: Environmental protection is a universal concern of all people and countries. That is why Russia is cooperating in the field of environmental protection with the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland and other countries. People must discuss different ecological problems and make correct conclusions. Only common efforts of all people of the world will help to stop further pollution of the Earth.  

    Question: How do you think, why environmental problems became exceptionally acute in Russia?

    Answer: As you know unusually hot weather caused forest fires in the Moscow area, Vladimir region, Volga Federal District, Altai Territory, Ryazan region, Voronezh region, and Nizhny Novgorod region. Wildfires destroyed thousands homes, swept through several villages. There were 554 fires burning in an area of more than 200,000 hectares.  As ecologists said, high carbon dioxide emissions from forest fires could speed up the global warming process. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ecologists said the forest fires and the carbon monoxide emissions are part of the vicious circle of global warming.


    India: Good afternoon! I’m a member of the group “Friends of the Earth.”  I’d like to add something. Many animal and plant species are endangered because Man kills animals and destroys their habitat. People hunt animals for meat and fur; they cut down trees for different needs such as: furniture, paper and cardboard, which are made of from wood. Cutting trees means that less oxygen will be produced in the air and it may also influence the weather and life of people, plants and animals and may lead to global warming.

    Nicaragua: Dear friends, I greet you too. I want to say that we have missed one of the main problems- noise pollution.  You know, noise pollution negatively affects our health and wellbeing. The problems related to noise include: hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, and a general lowering of the quality of life.

            China:   I raise my voice against the powerful monopolies, against their destructive force. Look at these pictures, please. What have they done to the earth? They have turned our land into a desert of concrete and stone. Rivers that used to be so beautiful and full of fish are poisoned! Air that used to be so clean and fresh is polluted. And I want to recite the poem connected with our theme.

    What have they done to the World?

            What have they done to the seas, my friend?

            What have they done to the seas?

            What have they done to the rivers, my friend?

            What have they done to the trees?

            What have they done to our land, my friends?

            The land which is ours from our birth.

            What have they done to our forests, my friends?

            What have they done to the Earth?

            What have they done to the skies, my friends?        

            Skies that so blue and so clear.

            What have they done to the skies, my friends?

            What have they done to the air?

    Тема: Спасём природу вместе

    Я предлагаю вам отгадать кроссворд. Переведите слова на английский язык и получите ключевое слово нашей темы. Слово пришлите письменно.

    1. Окружающая среда

    2. Вырубать

    3. Океан

    4. Земля (не планета)

    5. Организация

    6. Название организации по охране природы

    Слова этого стихотворения звучат, как призыв к людям всего мира защитить Планету - Земля.

             The Earth is my home.

            I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful.

            I will love the land, the air, the water and all living creatures.

            I will save the Earth.

            United with friends, I promise to keep it,  

             United with friends, I will love the land,

            United with friends, I’ll be a defender,

            I will save the Earth.

            I will save the Earth.

    Просмотрите внимательно видео



    Согласны ли вы со мной, что «Земля - ​​это наш дом, и это зависит от нас. Еще не поздно решить проблемы. Если вы беспокоитесь о нашей планете, присоединяйтесь к эхо-клубам, поддерживайте организации зеленого мира, которые пытаются предотвратить многие бедствия.

    These organizations are:

    Greenpeace Гринпис

    Friends of the Earth Друзья Земли

    People and Planet Люди и планета

    World Wide Fund for Nature Всемирный фонд охраны дикой природы

    Bellona Беллона

    UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme Программа ООН по окружающей среде или ЮНЕП

    Greenheart International Международная организация Зеленое сердце

    Все это поможет нашей планете быть чистой и безопасной для нас и будущих поколений.

    The Earth is my home

    I promise to keep it

    Healthy and beautiful.

    I will love the land

    The air, the water

    And all living creatures

    I will be a defender of my planet.

    United with friends

    I will save the Earth.

    United with friends

    I promise to keep it.

    United with friends

    I will love the land.

    United with friends

    I’ll be a defender.

    I will save the Earth.

    The Earth is my home

    I promise to keep it

    Healthy and beautiful.

    I will love the land

    The air, the water

    And all living creatures

    I will be a defender of my planet.

    Домашнее задание.

    Ex. 16 Rewrite the sentences in idirect speech.
    1. The reporter noted: "There is a serious lack of resources available to us now. "
    2. They admitted: "The earth is now over populated. "
    3. Anna said: "To ride a bike is good for the environment and great for your health. "
    4. Scientist warn: "Oil spills damage the prime source of water for various cities marine life and even affect birds. "
    5. Our teacher explained to us: "Many chemicals destroy the ozone layer because they interact with ozone. "
    6. A famous ecologist said: "The use of nuclear energy has led to the threat. "
    7. The author of the article stated: "The high amounts of air pollution are caused by the development of several industries and water pollution. "
    9. I asked myself: "What ere the ingredients of these cleaning products? "

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Тема: Социально- бытовая сфера деятельности

    Выучите слова наизусть

    to depend on – зависеть

     to save money – экономить, копить деньги

     savings - сбережения

    to be able – быть в состоянии

     to make money – зарабатывать деньги

    security – безопасность, защита

    to pass an act – принять закон

    insurance - страхование

    employee - служащий

    employer - работодатель

    earnings – заработок, трудовой доход

     monthly - ежемесячно

    health insurance – медицинское страхование

    hospital care – медицинское обслуживание

    benefit – пособие

    needy – нуждающийся, бедствующий

    survivors payment – социальные выплаты

    Ознакомьтесь с текстом.

    Social Security in the USA.

            Most Americans today have some insurance against long-term illness or injury, or the death of the family wage-earner. Nearly all who work, including the self-employed, are covered by retirement programs. Four out of five employees now have access to unemployment benefits.

            The Social Security law, which covers more than 90 percent of the work force, provides a national system of payments in old age and survivors’ and disability benefits. Over the years the law has been broadened to give greater protection in all categories.

            The Social Security system is financed through a tax paid by workers and their employers during the years of employment. Self-employed persons, who also pay into the system, are covered as well. When workers retire at age 65, they receive monthly payments on a scale related to their previous earnings; reduced benefits are paid to those retiring at ages 62 through 64. Benefits are also paid to non-working widows and widowers, to children under 18 and to dependent parents. More than 35 million people currently receive these monthly payments. A 65-year-old worker retiring in 1984 could receive as much as $703 per month, a limit that rises to $1,232 if the worker has a dependant spouse and children.  

            Unemployment insurance is financed through a payroll tax paid by the employer. The federal government provides money to the states to cover the costs of operating this program; the states determine the conditions under which benefits are paid. In 1982 the average weekly unemployment payment was $119 for over an average of 15.9 weeks. In some industries wage contracts with labor unions provide for higher payments.

            Civilians who work for the federal government share the costs of their pension system and group health insurance programs. Most state and city government workers have similar protections. The federal government also has programs to protect railroad workers and members of the armed forces. In addition, all the states have “workers’ compensation” laws that provide payments to workers or their families for job-connected injury or death.

            The federal government makes grants to the states to help them finance public assistance and social services programs for the needy and those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. The federal government also helps the states meet the medical costs of the needy aged, the blind and disabled, and dependant children.  

            Millions of workers in industry get extra protection through private plans offered by their employers on a fully paid or share-the-costs basis. These usually provide sickness and accident benefits, hospitalization and medical care costs, disability and retirement payments. More than 800,000 business organizations offer some such plan.

    Answer the questions(письменно!):

    1. What insurance plans do most Americans have today?
    2. What does the Social Security law provide?
    3. What do the workers receive when they retire at age 65?
    4. Why does the federal government make grants to the states?
    5. To whom is the state pension paid in Great Britain?
    6. Who can receive unemployment benefits in Great Britain and in the USA?
    7. What do women who leave work to have a baby receive?
    8. Who receives a widowed mother’s pension?
    9. Why aren’t some people entitled to neither pension or unemployment benefit?
    10. To whom is child benefit usually paid?
    11. What benefits can be paid to a person who is unable to work after a sickness period in GB and the USA?

    Домашнее задание

    Напишите мини-сочинение на тему «Моя будущая профессия». Не менее 10 предложений.