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    Методическая разработка по английскому языку (11 класс) по теме:
    Тест 11 класс. 1 полугодие.

    Тест для проверки усвоения материала за 1 полугодие 11 класс общеобразовательный уровень. 


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Grammar test

    Form 11

    I. Open the brackets paying your attention of the verbs.
    1. Where is Tom? - He (to write) a composition. He (to write) it since morning.
    2. Listen, how well she (to sing).
    3. How long you (to stay) in Kiev last year? - I (to stay) there a month.
    4. When Sarah arrived at the Party, Paul (to go) already home.
    5. I (to walk) along the road when I saw Dave.
    6. If you (to call) him at 7 o'clock, he (to watch) TV.
    7. He said his mother (to arrive) in London next month.
    8. My parents decided that we (to celebrate) my birthday next Sunday.
    9. The day before yesterday we (to invite) to the disco by Tom.
    10. If he (not pass) his entrance exams he (to go) to work.
    11. We (to walk) along a forest road for two hours, when we saw a house.
    12. He (to take part ) in the competition this year.
    I.I. Open the brackets paying your attention to the Infinitive forms.
    1. I am sorry (to break) your pen.
    2. He seems (to know) French very well: he is said (to spend) his youth in Paris.
    3. They wanted (to cross) the river.
    4. Let me (to help) you with your homework.
    5. What makes you (to think) you are right?
    6. This is the book (to read) during the summer holidays.
    7. He seems (to write) the letter now.
    8. I saw (he, to cross) the street.
    9. I want (he, to come).
    10. I have never seen (she, to dance).
    III.. Translate the sentences onto English using the Infinitive .
    1. Мы не ожидали, что он согласится с нами.
    2. В детстве я часто слышал, как моя мать пела эту песню.
    3. Что заставило его переехать на новую квартиру?
    4. Мне необходимо знать её новый адрес.
    5. Их попросили прийти раньше.
    6. Я советую тебе пойти к доктору.
    7. Говорят, что он хороший спортсмен.
    8. Мне не трудно позвонить Вам через час.
    9. Корче говоря, я была очень огорчена.
    10. Начнём с того, что я занят.
    IV.. Open the brackets paying your attention to the Gerundial forms.
    1. She denied (to be) in the park that day.
    2. He tried to avoid (to answer) the questions.
    3. His watch wants (to repair).
    4. After (to correct) by the teacher, the students' papers were returned to them.
    5. It was very funny. I couldn't stop (to laugh)
    I. Translate the sentences into English using the Gerund.
    1. Он не любил, когда на него смотрели.
    2. Благодарю Вас за то, что Вы мне об этом напомнили.
    3. Вдруг все прекратили разговаривать.
    4. Мы не можем продолжать жить так.
    5. Прекратите разговаривать.