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    контрольная работа на Present Simple/Present Continuous
    тест по иностранному языку (3 класс) на тему

    несколько упражнений на повторение и разграничение Present Simple и Present Continuous.


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    Present simple& Present Continuous

    Exercise 1  Fill in the correct word usually, every day, listen, at the moment, now.

    1. I _____watch TV in the morning.
    2. My mum is cooking dinner ___________.
    3. ____________! A  bird is singing.
    4. She does her homework ___________.
    5. My brother is listening to music___________.

    Exercise 2 Choose the correct answer

    1. My family usually ___________shopping at the weekend.

    A. go               B. is going              C. are going           D. goes

    2. Look! He ____________ with his brother.

         A. playing               B. plays              C. is playing           D. does play

    3. My friend _________in London.

    A. is living               B. live              C. lives           D. does live

    4. Anna usually ___________home late.

    A comes              B. is coming              C. do come           D is come

    5.She _____________a book now.

    A. reading               B. is going              C. reads           D. read

    Exercise 3 Fill in the correct form of the verb

    1. Sam often__________(do) his homework in the evenings.
    2. Be quiet! Sandra__________(sleep).
    3. At the moment my father ___________(watch) the football match.
    4. Jack __________(listen) to music every Saturday.
    5. Mark __________(play)the guitar in the kitchen now.
    6. My parents ___________(go)shopping at the weekends.

    Exercise 4 Find the mistakes

    1. Oscar like apples and bananas.
    2. At the moment Sam is fish.
    3. The cat is sleep in the grass now.
    4. My mum cook dinner in the kitchen now.
    5. He usually is crying.
    6. Mary sometimes help her mum.


    Fill in in, on, at

    My name is Dan. I live in a big city. My mum gets up __7 o’clock _____ the morning and  makes breakfast. Today is Monday. ___Monday I usually go to school____half past eight. ____noon I have lunch  and after the lessons ___the afternoon I come back home. The weather is sunny and warm ____spring, so I go for a walk ___the evening.But today I go home very quickly because today is my birthday. I was born ___2005 ____26-th of April and my friends will come to my birthday party __the evening ___six o’clock and we’ll have a lot of fun.

    Say True/False/Not stated.

    1. Dan lives in a big city.
    2. He is a pupil.
    3. Dan gets up at seven o’clock.
    4. Today the weather is sunny and warm.
    5. Dan has a party.
    6. His birthday is on the 26 of April.
    7. His favourite season is spring.

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