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    Годовая контрольная работа по английскому языку в 4 классе
    тест по иностранному языку (4 класс)

    Картузова Валентина Ивановна
    Годовая контрольная работа по английскому языку в 4 классе в соответствии с содержанием рабочей программы по предмету


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    Годовая контрольная работа по английскому языку за 4 класс


    Дата выполнения_______________________________________________

    Part 1. Listening

    Прослушай диалоги и определи их место действия. В задании есть одно лишнее место действия. Не забудь занести свои ответы в таблицу.

    1. At a dentist
    2. In the clothes shop
    3. In the park
    4. In the post office
    5. At home


    Место действия






    Part 2. Reading

    Внимательно прочитай рассказ и выполни нижеприведенные задания.

    My town

    My name is Nick. My country is Russia. I live in a small town. Our town is not very big, but it is not far from our capital. Not all the streets of our town are long and wide. But they are green and nice in summer. On Saturdays and Sundays there are a lot of people and cars in the streets. The people of our town and from the countries around try to do shopping.

    We can see a lot of people in the parks in our town. In spring and summer there are a lot of grannies and little children in our “Children Park.” Grannies usually sit or walk. And their grandchildren like to play balls, ride small cars, run and jump. This park is the best place for our children.

    In summer when it’s hot people like to go to the river. It is not very long and wide, but it’s warm and clean. There is a bridge across the river. Next to the river there is a large field. In summer it is yellow and beautiful.

    Some houses in our town are big and tall. But there are small houses too. They have got small gardens with trees and flowers.

    There are six schools in our town. My friend and I go to school number six. We are good friends and good pupils. In winter we like to skate and ski.

    We like our school and our town.

    Задание 1. Отметь верные утверждения буквой T (true),  а неверные F (false).

    1. Nick’s town isn’t big. ____
    2. There are a lot of long and wide streets in the town. ___
    3. On Sundays and Mondays people go to picnics in the “Children’s Park.” ____
    4. The “Children’s Park” is the best place for our children. ____
    5. Nick and his friend doesn’t go to school.____

    Задание 2. Выбери и обведи правильный вариант.

    1. There are a lot of ___ in the streets.
    1. animals        b) people         c) horses
    1. There is ___ next to the river.
    1. field             b) a garden       c) a bridge
    1. There are ___ schools in the town.
    1. 7                  b) 4                   c) 6
    1. Grannies usually sit or walk.
    1. Бабушки вечно сидят и разговаривают.
    2. Бабушки всегда сидят или прогуливаются.
    3. Бабушки обычно сидят или прогуливаются.
    1. Next to the river…
    1. рядом с рекой…  b) следующий у реки…   c) над рекой…

    10/ ___


    1. What’s special about these children? Underline the correct variant.
    1. Ann is (younger/ the youngest) in the family.
    2. Dann is (taller / the tallest) than Sam.
    3. Helen is (a more beautiful / the most beautiful) girl in the class.
    4. Harry is (a better / the best) football player in the school.
    5. Jack is (a smarter / the smartest) boy in the class.
    6. John is (braver / the bravest) than Mike.

    1. Match the numerals with the words.

    1. 3rd
    2. 9th
    3. 12th
    4. 4th
    5. 1st
    6. 16th
    7. 11th
    8. 22nd
    1. – d),

    1. the forth
    2. the twenty-second
    3. the first
    4. the third
    5. the twelfth
    6. the eleventh
    7. the ninth
    8. the sixteenth

    1. What word is odd one out? Underline it.
    1. pen, pencil, pencil case, paint, prize.
    2. hobby, angry, hungry, lazy, buzy
    3. to drive, to phone, to raise, tomorrow, to advise
    4. calendar, date, competition, month, day
    5. writer, doctor, reporter, alligator, actor
    6. smartest, biggest, smallest, fastest, forest

    1. Jane spent her holidays in London and wrote about it in her diary. Read the story and for sentences 1-12 choose the correct variant.

    “Friday, 3rd August

    I’m in London! It’s my (0) first visit to London. London is great! It is the (1) ________ city in the world. And it is the (2) __________ city. Today we (3) ________ to visit the (4) ________ museum I n Great Britain, the British Museum.

    In the (5) _______ we want to go boating in Hyde Park.

    Saturday, 4th August

    Today we have (6) ________ to Kensington Palace. (7) _______ princesses in the world Diana, Princess of Wales lived there. There is a wonderful children’s (8) _________ near the palace. My friends (9) _______ fun there now. And I (10) _________ some words in my diary. Tomorrow we (11) ________ to visit London Zoo.

    I can’t (12) ________ to go there.


    a) one

    b) first


    a) best

    b) better


    a) more beautiful

    b) most beautiful


    a) are going

    b) is going


    a) bigger

    b) biggest


    a) afternoon

    b) weekend


    a) were

    b) been


    a) more famous

    b) the most famous


    a) classroom

    b) playground


    a) are having

    b) have had


    a) is writing

    b) am writing


    a) go

    b) are going


    a) wait

    b) hope

    Part 4. Writing

    Заполни анкету для занятий в кружке любителей английского языка.

    1. Name _____________________________________________________________
    2. Age ______________________________________________________________
    3. Favourite subjects ___________________________________________________
    4. Your hobby(hobbies) ________________________________________________
    5. What do you like to do in your English lessons?___________________________




    Part 1. Listening


    Место действия









    Part 2. Reading

    Задание 1.

    1. T
    2. T
    3. F
    4. T
    5. F

    Задание 2.

    1. b
    2. a
    3. c
    4. c
    5. a

    Тексты для аудирования.

    Dialogue A.

    Assistant: Hello! Can I help you?

    Mary: Yes, please. I’d like to buy a white T-shirt and those blue jeans.

    Assistant: What size?

    Mary: Size 42, please.

    Assistant: Here you are.

    Mary: Thanks a lot! They are nice!

    Dialogue B:

    Assistant: Hello! Can I help you?

    Nick: I’d like to write a letter to my Russian friend. Have you got an envelope and a stamp to Russia?

    Assistant: Here you are. Would you like a postcard?

    Nick: No, thank you. Bye!

    Assistant: Bye-bye!

    Dialogue C.

    Alice: Mum, let’s go to the park.

    Mum: Oh, dear! It’s too late. You must do your homework.

    Alice: Ok, mum. I’ll do my homework. Then I’d better read my favourite book.

    Mum: You are a clever girl. We will go to the park tomorrow.

    Dialogue D.

    Doctor: Hello, Mark. Show me your teeth.

    Mark: Doctor, my teeth are healthy and white though I’m a sweet tooth.

    Doctor: I see, Mark. Very good! Do you clean your teeth twice a day?

    Mark: Sure, I do. I never forget to clean them.

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