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    Работа с текстом по теме " Животные" 4 класс на уроках английского языка по УМК Spotlight
    методическая разработка по иностранному языку (4 класс) на тему

    Кожина Ирина Викторовна

       Работа над чтением и устной речью на уроках английского языка в 4 классе.


    Файл read_the_text_and_find_the_mistakes.docx15.17 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Read the text and find the mistakes.

    1. There are two different types of camels. Arabian camels have only one hump. They live in the Middle East, North Africa, West Asia and in the Australian Outback. Another camels are camels with two humps and  live in Central Asia and East Asia. Camels are sometimes called “planes of the desert.”  This is because they fly, hold a lot of items to transport through the desert. Camels coats (hair) reflect the desert snow and keeps them cool in very hot temperatures.  It will also keep them warm in cooler temperatures. They usually travel 25 miles a day at 3 miles per hour. Camels are reptiles.

    Camels are carnivores and eat mostly greens and vegetation. Camels are intelligent, have good eyesight and hearing. They are wild and never live on the farm to help people.

    2. A bear is a small , heavy, strong animal with thick fur and a very long tail. There are several kinds of bears, yellow  bears, polar bears, and grizzly bears. The brown bear lives in the rivers  and mountains of Northern America, Africa  and Asia. Bears live alone; they never live in groups. Mother bear usually has from one to four baby bears. They are born in the winter and drink their mother’s tea. They live with their mother for one or two months. Bears often spend much of their summer sleeping. Before winter they eat a lot of food. Bears can be friendly to people.


    1. Bears can be black.                                  A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    2. Bears don’t live in Europe.                       A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    3. They live in groups.                                 А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    4. Baby bears are born in the winter.            А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    5. Baby bears hunt with their mother.          А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    6. It is the tallest animal.            A) Kangaroo B) Elephant C) Gorilla D) Giraffe

    7. It has white and black stripes on its body.

                                                       A) Giraffe B) Zebra C) Leopard D) Deer

    8. It is the fastest animal.

                                                       A) Tiger B) Cheetah C) Horse D) Jaguar

    9.Camels live in  Europe.                               A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    10. The can carry a lot of heavy things.          A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    11. Camels are reptiles.                                  A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

    12. Camels are domestic animals.                    A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say 

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