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    методическая разработка по иностранному языку (2 класс) на тему

    Мирошниченко Ирина Алексеевна
    Find the Turkeys
    Ages school-age

    Keep the kids entertained with this pre-dinner game.

    Download Find the Turkeys Template

    Kids can make the Marigold pencil topper to brighten their day while in school.

    Download Marigold Pencil Topper Template


    Monster Iron-on

    Iron this mean, green monster onto a t-shirt and you'll have the perfect outfit for Halloween hijinks.

    Download Monster Iron-on Template


    Goofy Easter Egg
    Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age
    by Cindy Littlefield

    Adorned with a bright green fedora and long floppy ears, this Easter decoration is not only dawggone cute, it also gives new meaning to Goofy's reputation for being a bit of an egghead.

    Download Goofy Easter Egg Template
    Disney Halloween Countdown Calendar
    Ages school-age

    Join Mickey & Friends as you count down the 13 thrilling days to October 31st. There's plenty of frightful fun to keep you busy until Halloween!

    Download Disney Halloween Countdown Calendar Template

    How to make it

    1. Print out the pages on regular paper or cardstock.  

    2. Use a craft knife to cut the dashed lines of each "window."  

    3. Spread glue along the gray border on page two. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape. Place page one on top and press down. If using glue, make sure the pages are lined up before the glue dries.    

    4. After the glue has dried, cut the white border off the calendar.

    Halloween Pirate Mask

    Y'arr! Plunder your neighbor's candy supply with this pirate mask. Raise the anchor and go onto the next house - there be treats just ahead!

    Download Halloween Pirate Mask Template

    The undead don't get invited to many parties, but this zombie will be a hit at your Halloween gala. Assemble him with glue, double-sided tape, or use tabbed pushpins for a jointed decoration.

    Download Zombie Decoration Template
    Jack-o'-Lantern Iron-on

    Print out and iron this classic jack-o'-lantern face onto a t-shirt. He's bound to scare up some smiles on Halloween.

    Download Jack-o'-Lantern Iron-on Template

    Scare up some candy as a hideous witch this Halloween. Don't forget your broomstick!

    Download Witch Mask Template

    Scare up some style by adding this creepy ghost to a t-shirt using our iron-on printable.

    Download Scary Ghost Iron-on Template

    Set out this friendly jack-o'-lantern to greet your ghoulish Halloween guests.

    Download Pumpkin-Carving Template - Classic Pumpkin Face Template

    Create a jack-o'-lantern who's scared out of his gourd with this pumpkin carving template.

    Download Pumpkin-Carving Template - Spooked Pumpkin Face Template

    Disney April Fools' Trick Calendar

    Looking to play a prank on someone? Slip 'em this calendar, and they'll be celebrating overflowing moons and Broccoli for Dessert Day before you know it!

    Download Disney April Fools' Trick
    Calendar Template

    Back to School Game
    Ages 5 to 8

    Avoid all the obstacles – cooties, boo boos, bullies – in this fun back to school game. Kids will love playing this at the end of each summer.

    Download Back to School Game Template
    Laughing Pumpkin Face

    Those are some sharp teeth, but he's friendly enough! Create a grinning jack-o'-lantern with this toothy template.

    Download Pumpkin-Carving Template - Laughing Pumpkin Face Template
    Minnie's Masquerade Paper Lanterns
    Ages school-age

    Decorate your room with pretty paper lanterns!

    Download Minnie's Masquerade Paper Lanterns Template

    How to make it

    1. Instructions (Short Round Lantern): Print the template on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces.

    2. Fold all tabs C and B along the dashed lines.

    3. Starting from left to right, glue all tabs A to the back of their corresponding sides.  Close off the shape of the lantern by gluing the final three A tabs.

    4. Glue all tabs B to the back of their corresponding sides.  Glue all tabs C to the back of their corresponding sides.

    5. Use a small hole punch to make two holes at the top where indicated by a dark circle and tie string to each hole.  You can hang a single lantern, or tie many of them to a long string for a dangling string of lanterns.

    6. Instructions (Tall Thin Lantern): Print the template on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces.

    7. Make all folds along the dashed white lines away from you.

    8. Glue all tabs A to the back of their corresponding sides.  Glue the last two tabs A to the back of their corresponding sides to close off the shape.

    9. To attach the lantern top, fold along all dashed lines away from you.  Glue the end tab to the back of the corresponding side to complete the loop.  Now glue the top 6 tabs to the inside of the top of the lantern.

    10. Use a small hole punch to make two holes at the top where indicated by a dark circle and tie string to each hole.  You can hang a single lantern, or tie many of them to a long string for a dangling string of lanterns.

    Dracula Mask

    He's the terror of Transylvania - a real fiend with fangs. Use our Dracula mask to scare up some fun on Halloween!

    Download Dracula Mask Template

    No bones about it - this is a great mask for your Halloween celebration. Compliment it with our Skeleton Arms and Skeleton Chest and Ribs Iron-ons.

    Download Skeleton Mask Template

    These vile Disney Villain cupcake toppers keep your Halloween party from being too sweet.

    Download Disney Villain Halloween Cupcake Toppers Templa

    Minnie's St. Patrick's Day Candy Box
    Ages school-age

    Give your lucky charm something sweet this St. Patrick's Day with this Minnie Mouse Candy Box!

    Download Minnie's St. Patrick's Day Candy Box Template

    How to make it

    1. Print the template on regular paper or cardstock and cut out the pieces. Make all folds along dashed lines.

    2. Using either glue or double-sided tape, close Minnie's body by securing the tabs around her torso to their corresponding pieces.

    3. Close the bottom of the candy box by securing the B tabs, followed by the C tab.

    4. Fold each of Minnie's arms in half along the dashed line so the design is two-sided. Without sticking the tabs together, secure the two sides.

    5. Butterfly the tabs on Minnie's arms and secure them to the sides of her body.

    6. Fold the top dashed lines across Minnie's skirt toward you and fold the lower dashed lines away from you -- this will help her sit in place.

    Black Cat Mask

    No one will dare cross your path when you don this mischievous black cat mask.

    Download Black Cat Mask Template
    Disney Mother's Day Queen for a Day Kit
    Ages school-age

    Who rules? Why, Mom does, of course! Make this Queen for a Day Kit -- complete with a tiara, necklace, and decorative doilies -- to make Mom feel like the royalty she is!

    Download Disney Mother's Day Queen-for-a-Day Kit Template Download Disney Mother's Day Queen-for-a-Day Kit Template 2 Download Disney Mother's Day Queen-for-a-Day Kit Tem

    Add this boney buddy to your door or wall to create a creepy mood. Assemble him with glue, double-sided tape, or use tabbed pushpins for a jointed decoration.

    Download Skeleton Decoration Template

    Mickey & Friends Christmas Snowflakes

    It's cold outside and snow is falling. Add a little Disney magic to the scene by putting these Mickey & Friends snowflakes on your window or hanging them from your Christmas tree.

    Download Mickey & Friends Christmas Snowflakes Template

    How to make it

    1. Print the snowflakes on regular paper or cardstock and cut them out.

    2. If you want your snowflakes to be double-sided, cut out the front and back of each snowflake and secure the two halves with glue or double-sided tape.

    3. For a more detailed snowflake, use a craft knife to cut out the white shapes along the perimeter of the snowflake. Trace the edge of the snowflake with glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue before it dries.

    4. When the glue is dry, thread a long string or ribbon through the top hole and hang the ornament somewhere special.

    Even ghosts can get creeped out on Halloween. Use a flashlight to project this squeemish spirit onto your wall.

    Download Scared Face Flashlight Mask Template

    <i>Jake and the Never Land Pirates</i> Treasure Chesthttp://spoonful.com/sites/default/files/styles/squ..." title="Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Chest" width="420">
    Ages school-age

    Avast ye maties! Every pirate needs a treasure chest, and you're no exception. This easy-to-make chest is the perfect place to store your riches - just don't forget where you hide it!

    Download Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Chest Template

    For a party game, hide the treasure chest and make a treasure map to help kids find it. Award the winner with whatever goodies you've stashed inside.

    How to make it

    1. Though paper will do, for a sturdier project print the treasure chest and gold doubloons on cardstock.

    2. Cut out all the parts, including the center of the chest lid, the four slits along the four tabs (where indicated) and along the light yellow lines on either side of the lock. Do not cut off the lock completely; be sure to stop at the end of the light yellow lines.

    3. Starting with the chest, glue all four tabs to the inside of the adjacent sides.

    4. To create the lid, make all folds along the solid lines away from you to crease all the lines. Now go back and fold the third line down from the top of each lid side toward you (where indicated).

    5. Glue all tabs labeled A to the back of the adjacent side of the lid.

    6. Glue all tabs labeled B to the back of the adjacent side of the lid. Glue all tabs labeled C to the back of the adjacent side of the lid.

    7. Repeat step 5 with all tabs labeled D and E. Fold the end tab F under the opposite side of the chest and glue it in place.

    8. To fit the lid on top of the chest, fold tab G under and glue the backside of it to the inside of the chest. Fold the lock so it hangs down in front of the chest.

    9. Cut out the gold doubloons. Fold them along the center line and glue the backs together.

    Need to keep little bunnies occupied before the egg hunt? Let them play with Mickey and friends.

    Download Mickey & Friends Activity Page Template
    Pirate Decoration

    Bring a bit of the salty sea to your home by displaying a pirate decoration at Halloween. Assemble him with glue, double-sided tape, or use tabbed pushpins for a jointed decoration.

    Download Pirate Decoration Template

    Hunt for Easter Eggs!
    Download Activity Sheet: Hunt for Easter Eggs! Template

    Easter Pop-up Card
    Download Easter Pop-up Card  Template

    Christmas Characters
    Download Christmas Characters  Template

    Easter Bunny Game & Coloring Page
    Download Easter Bunny Coloring Page & Connect the Dots Templa

    Make a Skeleton Decoration

    Print out this scary skeleton pirate creature on colored paper and watch the kids have fun cutting out the pieces, and re-assemble them onto a different piece of

    construction paper.

    Download Make a Skeleton Decoration for Halloween  Template

    Christmas Cookbook Rudolph Cookies
    Download Christmas Cookbook Rudolph Cookies Template

    Download Christmas Stockings Coloring Page Template

    Christmas Wish List
    Download Christmas Wish List  Template

    Christmas Connect the Dots
    Download Christmas Connect the Dots Template

    3D Elf Character

    This little elf sits perfectly on a shelf. Make this paper craft to use as a Christmas decoration or give as a gift!

    Download 3D Elf Character Template

    Cutie Wayne Papercraft
    Ages school-age

    Cutie Wayne makes an easy papercraft and an awesome Christmas decoration. Set him up somewhere with a good vantage point so he can prepare for Santa's arrival!

    Download Cutie Wayne Papercraft Template

    How to make it

    1. Print Wayne on regular paper or cardstock and cut out all of the pieces. Do not cut along the dashed lines -- this is where you will fold the paper.

    2. With the design facing you, make all of the vertical folds in Wayne's pants away from you. Close the pants by gluing the A tab to the inside of the design.

    3. Fold the bottom of Wayne's pants outward, his feet down, and his tail up.

    4. Fold the top of the pants like a box and tuck the tab inside.

    5. Fold and glue the front and back of Wayne's head so the design is two-sided. Make sure the pieces are lined up evenly before the glue dries. Insert the neck into the top of the pants where you folded the top closed.

    6. Fold each arm in half and secure so the design is two-sided. Do not get glue on the tabs at the ends of the arms. Fold those outward so you can use them as a base to attach the arms to Wayne's pants. Glue the arms to Wayne and your elf is finished!

    Disney Character Easter Basket
    Ages school-age

    How to make it

    1. Cut out the main piece of the basket.

    2. Follow the fold indicators and graphics shown here and begin making your folds.

    3. Your basket should be starting to take shape. Glue "A" to "A" and so on until all four corners are secured.

    4. Fold over the white lip on the two sides of the basket. Cut out the handle and the characters. Glue the handle to the indicated sides of the basket. Cut out the character eggs from page one and glue them wherever you want to decorate your basket. Fill the basket with Easter goodies and enjoy!

    Chip & Dale Cutie Papercrafts
    Ages school-age

    Welcome guests to your Thanksgiving dinner table with these Chip and Dale cuties.

    Download Chip & Dale Cutie Papercrafts Template

    This Thanksgiving make these fun teepee centerpiece to display on your holiday table. A cute craft that takes almost no time to complete!

    What you'll need

    • Tan craft foam
    • 2 twigs
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue gun
    • Markers: brown, black, yellow and red

    Craft foam is available in large sheets at your local craft supply store. Make sure your twigs are bug free before adding to your project. Always use caution when using a glue gun. Hot glue can hurt!

    How to make it

    1. Roll a piece of craft foam into the shape of a cone. Use hot glue gun to tack in place.  

    2. Trim the top of the teepee on a slant.  

    3. Break or cut twigs into 3” long pieces. Insert three twig pieces into the top of the teepee, glue in place.  

    4. Decorate the outside of your teepees with fun Native American-inspired designs such as bear claws, eagles, stripes and geometric shapes.

    Star Studded Door Hanger
    by Amanda Formaro

    Show your patriotic spirit by making this sparkling welcome hanger for your door. Easy to put together and so pretty to look at!

    What you'll need

    • 2 miniature paper plates
    • Star-shaped foam stamp
    • Red acrylic paint
    • Red and blue glitter glue
    • Gold alphabet stickers
    • Patriotic star garland
    • White craft glue
    • White yarn
    • Scissors

    Check your local craft supply, discount department and party supply stores for patriotic garland.

    Set project somewhere safe and out of place to dry. Avoid areas where pet cats may jump up to investigate.

    Styrofoam plates or even bowls may be used in place of paper plates.

    How to make it

    1. Cut a piece of yarn to 14” in length.

    2. Cut patriotic garland into six 16” pieces.

    3. Glue two paper plates together so that they are both facing toward each other.

    4. While glue on plates is still wet, place yarn into the top between the two plates, insert about an inch of each end between the plates. Do the same with the garland lengths, securing them between the bottom of the paper plates. Let dry completely.

    5. Paint star-shaped foam stamp with a thin layer of red paint. Press carefully but firmly into the center of the plate (don’t smash the plate) and lift straight up to remove.

    6. Use a paintbrush to fill in any spots on the star that may not have transferred from the stamp.

    7. Squeeze some red glitter glue onto the center of the red star and spread out using a small paintbrush, covering entire star.

    8. Use white glitter glue to draw a border around the star.

    9. Use blue glitter glue to draw a border around the plate edge. Let dry completely.

    10. Apply alphabet stickers to the top of the plate, spelling out “WELCOME”.

    11. Wrap the garland around your fingers in a corkscrew fashion to create curls. Stretch them out and manipulate with your hands to get them how you want them.

    12. Hang on your door!

    Wizard Hat Goodie Bag

    What magical treats are hidden under the wizard hat? This hat is actually a party favor filled with goodies for guests to take home. The wizards at your party will definitely know how to make these goodies disappear.

    What you'll need

    • (for each wizard hat)
    • One orange paper plate
    • One piece of blue construction paper, about 8 ½ x 11 inches
    • Paper or plastic cup
    • Black masking or electrical tape
    • Clear tape
    • Star stickers
    • Candy

    How to make it

    1. Step 1

      Roll the piece of blue construction paper to create a cone. Tape the ends together so the cone stays secure.

    2. Step 2

      Place a paper or plastic cup inside the cone.

    3. Step 3

      Fold the excess paper on the cone into the cup. Then fill the cup with candy.

    4. Step 4

      Attach the cone to the paper plate with some masking or electrical tape. It’s easier to apply the tape one section at a time.

    5. Step 5

      Fold the pointy tip of the wizard hat down. Wizard hats are always scrunched down, probably so they don’t bump into doorways. Decorate the hat with star stickers.

    Paper Conversation Heart Wreath
    by Amanda Formaro

    This paper conversation heart wreath is a great project for younger kids. It's easy to put together and fun to display!

    Download Paper Conversation Heart Wreath Template

    What you'll need

    • 9" dinner plate or paper plate
    • Recycled cereal box or other thin cardboard
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Heart pattern
    • Construction paper: pink, purple, red, and blue
    • Markers, crayons or paint pens
    • Glue sticks
    • Yarn for hanger (optional)
    • Pattern

    Paint pens are available from your local craft supply store. Instead of construction paper, you can use colorful cardstock for this project. Construction paper provides hours of fun and stimulates your child's imagination!

    How to make it

    1. Trace around the 9" plate onto the cardboard. (See photo.)  

    2. Use your pen or pencil to draw another circle inside that one, about an inch away from the outside circle. (See photo.)  

    3. Cut out the circle and the center of the circle to create a cardboard wreath base. (See photo.)  

    4. Fold a piece of scrap paper in half. Using the heart pattern line up the fold line of the scrap paper with the dotted line of the pattern. Cut out the shape so that when you open it, you have a heart shape. (See photo.)  

    5. Fold the short end of a piece of construction paper up about 3 inches. Place the folded heart around the folded paper and trace the half heart shape into the paper. You should be able to fit three hearts on the paper. Repeat this step for each colored piece of paper; you will have a total of 12 hearts. (See photo.)  

    6. Cut out all the hearts and flatten out the creases so that the hearts lay flat. Using markers, crayons, or paint pens, write conversation candy phrases on the hearts such as "LOVE", "HUBBA HUBBA", "SWEET", "LOVE", "BE MINE", "KISS" and "PAL". (See photo.)  

    7. Arrange your hearts on top of the cardboard wreath shape without gluing them down. Once you have them where you want them, use the glue stick to attach each one. (See photo.)  

    8. You can hang the wreath as is or attach a piece of looped yarn to the back as a hanger.

    by Amanda Formaro

    Your child will adore this turkey headdress, maybe as much as we do! Make this cutie in less than an hour.

    What you'll need

    • Construction paper: brown, black, yellow, orange, red, green
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors
    • 2 medium wiggle eyes
    • White craft glue (for eyes)
    • Patterns

    You can use a stapler for the headband, but we prefer using the glue stick since it eliminates the risk of pricking fingers or pulling your child's hair. Craft foam can be used as a sturdier replacement for the construction paper. Construction paper is inexpensive and often available at dollar stores.

    How to make it

    1. Print out the patterns. The first two patterns contain all the parts that you will need EXCEPT for the main body piece. The last pattern is the full picture of the turkey. Use this as a guide when putting your headdress together.  

    2. Cut out the pieces as directed on the pattern. Refer to the template for all the assembly steps below.  

    3. Assemble body: Glue the black circle to the large brown circle. Glue the small brown circle to the black circle.  

    4. Glue the brown tail feather to the back of the body, in the center. Glue the other feathers in place, beginning with the yellow at the bottom and working your way up (see image). Next later on the green, then orange, then red pieces. Use the glue stick to secure all the feathers to one another.  

    5. Glue the gobbler to the small brown circle, and then glue the yellow beak over the gobbler. Use white craft glue to attach the wiggle eyes.  

    6. Make the headband by folding a piece of construction paper lengthwise, about 2" in width. Cut two strips, and then glue them together to make one long strip. Wrap strip around child's head to get a comfortable fit and mark the measurement. Trim if needed.  

    7. Find the center of the strip and secure the turkey to the strip and let dry.  

    8. Glue ends of headband together.



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