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    Конспект урока английского языка по теме "Животные Лапландского заповедника"
    план-конспект урока по иностранному языку (4 класс) на тему

    Лешукова Виктория Владимировна

    Урок для 4 класса по теме: «Животные».

    Тип урока - применение практических знаний и умений. Вид урока - урок- экскурсия. На уроке активизированы полученные ранее знания по грамматике (степени сравнения прилагательных), изученная ранее лексика (по темам: «Цвета», «Животные», «Погода»).


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Приложение №1

    Can you swim like a fish?

    Can you swim like a fish?                      Can you sing like a bird?

    Can you run like a rabbit?                      Can you walk like a cat?

    Can you jump like a kangaroo?              Can you climb like a monkey in the zoo?

    He can, she can,                                      He can, she can,

    You can, they can,                                  You can, they can,

    And I can too!                                         And I can too!

    Конспект урока.

    I. Оргмомент.

    Teacher: Good afternoon, dear children!

    Children: Good afternoon!

    T: I’m VV. I’ll be your teacher of English today. Many guests are visiting our lesson.

    We’ll have unusual lesson I invite you for excursion around Lapland reserve.

    ( карта на доске, показать заповедник)

    How are you?  

     (2 students)

    There are cards on your desks, show your mood, please!

    Let’s smile each other.

    Imagine that we are at the station. Take seats in our bus. Let’s start our trip.

    Look through the window and answer some questions.

    II. Речевая разминка.

    (слайд 2 фото Мурманск)

    - What season is it now?

    Ch: It’s winter.

    - What colour is snow?

    Ch: It’s white.

    - What colour is the sky?

    Ch: It’s blue.

    So, we can say that the colours of winter days are different: white, blue, grey. But what other colours do you know?

    Ch: red, pink, brown, black, green, yellow.

    All these colours we can see in Lapland reserve.         (Выключить экран)

    It  is far from Murmansk. To make our trip funnier I’ve got some tasks for you.

    (показать листы с заданиями)  They  are on your desks.

    For each right answer take a counter. (показать)

    Today we’ll speak about animals. We’ll learn new words about animals, and we’ll describe some of them.

    III. Фонетическая разминка.  (на доске)  (     3 слайд-лиса   )

               We’ll start with phonetic exercise

    Repeat after me 3 times.

    [e]  leg, head, neck

    [ou] nose,

    [ei] teil,

    [o:] paw

    [ai] eye

    [ie] ear

    Do you know the meaning of these words? Show where foxes body (head, tail, neck, paw, eye, ear, leg, nose) is? Look at the screen, be careful.

    What do these words mean?

    Ch: Animals’ parts of  the body.

    Well done!

    Don’t forget to take counters.   (Выключить экран)

    IV. Работа по теме.

    1) повторение лексико-грамматического материала

    What animals do you know? Name them.

    Ch: Dog, cat, pig, hamster…

    What kind of animals do you know? (Where do animals live?   What animals do live in the forest, on the farm?)

    Ch: Wild, farm, pets.

    Take your papers and do task 1. Work in pairs. Divide animals in two columns.

    (слайд с заданием   4) Who wants to work with computer?

    Pull the word into the correct column.

    You’ve got a minute.

    Your time is up.

    Read, please, wild animals,… farm animals.

    Do you agree with him (her)?  (Look at the right answers and read them.)

    Let’s check. (слайд)

    What kind of animals do live in Lapland reserve? Farm or  wild?

    Ch: Wild animals.

    I hope we’ll meet them during our trip.           (Выключить экран)

    Well. The animals are different. Their legs and tails can be long or short, their noses, eyes and ears can be big or small.

    Now revise adjectives.

    Repeat after me, please:

    Big-bigger-the biggest

    Sharp-sharper-the sharpest

    Small-smaller-the smallest

    Clever-cleverer-the cleverest

    Strong-stronger-the strongest

    Let’s complete the sentences with the right form of the adjective, task 2

    You’ve got 2 minutes.

    Let’s check. Read your sentences. (    слайд 5 со шторкой     )  How many mistakes have you got?

    Well done.               (Выключить экран)

    Don’t forget to take counters.

    2) Физминутка

    You’ve  worked  hard. Let’s have a rest. Listen to the song and do the exercises. Stand up, please.

    (   аудио   СД              )

    Good! Thank you! Take your seats.

    3) работа по теме

    Look! (    слайд с заповедником 6    )     We are in Lapland reserve!

     (слайд с лисой  7)

     The fox meets us.

    Fox: Good day! I’m glad to see you in our beautiful place. What do you know about me?.

    Look at the screen. (слайд с лисой  7)

    So, answer my questions, please.

    - Where do I live?  You live in the forest.

    - What can I do?

    - What do I like to eat?   You like to eat meat.

    Yes, I like hares and mice very much. I’m a great hunter!  Look at me (   слайд лиса мышкует, видео 7 )  

    Am I  a good jumper? Am I a good runner?            

    Am I the best?

    4) аудирование.

    There are lots of tales about me. We’ll listen one of them.

    Before listening repeat after me 3 times:


    Wake up-   просыпаться

    Catch-     ловить, хватать

    Hunter’s net- сетка охотника

    These words are on your papers, task 3

    Look through the sentences on your papers task 3 and be ready to put them into correct order after listening to make a story

    (слайд с заданием 8)  Do it in pairs, please

    (      аудио         , I’ll give you a minute to do it,             аудио                )

    Let’s read the story. Do you have another variant? Read it please.  Who is right?  Look at the screen. Check your stories please.      Who has no mistakes?

    Well done! Don’t forget to take counters.

    Do you know what animals live in Lapland reserve? Some riddles help you to answer.

    (слайд с животными  9)

    - It is small,

    It lives in the forest

    And can run fast.

    It is afraid of everything.     (a hare)

    - It looks like a dog,

    It is grey and

    It has got big sharp teeth.         (a wolf)

    - Its long, thin legs

    Are good and fast.

    It likes to run.

    It lives in the forest.             (a reindeer)

    it is  the biggest animal.

    It sleeps in winter.

    It is brown.

    It likes to eat honey.             (a brown bear)

    Well done! I have a lot of friends in the forest. I’m so busy. You are very good pupils. I’m very tide. I must go. Well, I wish you good marks. Bye-bye.

    (Выключить экран)

    So and we try to make nature note about animals in Lapland reserve.

    Let’s do the task 3 

    Repeat after me new words 3 times.  New words: cowardly





    (показать лист с заданиями)

    So, complete sentences using given words.

    I’ll give you 3 minutes.

    Now work in pairs - tell your stories to each other. You’ve got 2 minutes.

    Your time is up. So, present your works, (try to) tell us  about your animal. Listen to your friend and fill in the gaps.

    Don’t forget to take counters.

    I think you know a lot of another  animals in Lapland reserve. For example, Arctic fox, wolverene.   (  слайд с песцом и росомахой    10     )

    Now you can tell a lot about animals in Lapland reserve to your parents and friends.

     I hope it was an interesting trip.

    V. Итог урока.

    Teacher: So, we are going back to Murmansk. (слайд с фото Мурманска 11)

    At home you can draw pictures of the animals and describe them, and write texts about  Arctic fox and wolverine.                               (дз на доску)

    VI. Рефлексия.

    Did you enjoy our trip? Show the card.

    I see that all of you like our trip to Lapland reserve.


    VII. Оценивание.

    Count your counters and get a mark.  (ОЦЕНКИ)   3-5 counters ---------- 4

                                                                                         5-10 -------------------5

    Thank you for your work!

    Good bye!

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