материал по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме

Котляр Лариса Николаевна

Чтобы облегчить работу по запоминанию лексики используются разные приемы и методы. Приносит плоды работа со стихами, пословицами, поговорками.


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Aspire to reach your potential

Believe in yourself

Create a good life

Dream about what you may become

Exercise frecuently

Glorify the creative spirit

Humour youself and others

Imagin great things

Joyfully live each day

Kindly help others

Love one another

Meditate daily

Nurture the environment

Organise yourself in the key to harmony

Praise performance well done

Regulate your behavior

Smile often

Think rationally

Understand yourself

Value life

Work for the common good

X-ray and examine problems

Yearn to improve

Zetifully persue happiness