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    Внеклассное мероприятие в рамках Недели английского языка
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (5,6,7,8 класс) по теме

    Герасимова Ирина Александровна

    Интеллектуально-развлекательная программа для среднего возраста


    Предварительный просмотр:

    Внеклассное мероприятие в рамках Недели английского языка


    («Счастливый случай» - интеллектуально-развлекательная игра

    для учашихся среднего возраста)


    Образовательная: расширение лингвистического кругозора

    Развивающие: развитие познавательной активности и умения применять полученные знания в новой коммуникативной ситуации; развитие интеллектуальных способностей; формирование мотивации к изучению языка

    Воспитательные: развитие интереса к культуре и традициям других народов; умение работать в команде; развитие чувства ответственности.

    (Звучит музыка, появляется ведущий)

    Show-host: Good afternoon! I am glad to see you at our game “Lucky Strike”. Two teams are going to compete now. So, let’s start! Meet the first team! Meet the second team!

    Please, introduce your teams. (Captains introduce: Our team’s name is… This is Yulya, etc.)

    And now I would like to introduce our Jury: … .

    Now let’s begin our game. The first game is called “Warming-up” Each team must answer my questions in turn. Let’s decide which team will start by tossing a coin: a head or a tail.

    Ready? Go!

    1. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
    2. How many seasons are there in a year?
    3. Who is my father’s father?
    4. Who is my mother’s son?
    5. When do the English celebrate Christmas?
    6. When do the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
    7. Is “vegetable” food or animal?
    8. Is “carrot” a vegetable or fruit?
    9. Where do we do our homework?
    10. Where do we cook and wash up?

    Show-host: All right, we can stop now.

    The second game is called “Dark Horse”. Our teams should guess a riddle. I’ll say some words about a famous character of English or American books or cartoons. You should guess who I”ll say about.

    1. This character is a funny bear. He is fat but very nice. He likes to eat, and honey most of all. He likes to think of poems and songs.  He likes to visit his friends Rabbit and Piglet.
    2. This funny mouse is a character of the American cartoon. He was created by Walt Disney. The mouse is very clever, but he always has a lot of problems with a cat.
    3. This is a boy. He has no parents. His parents were magicians and they were killed by an angry man. The boy is very clever and talented. He goes to magic school. He has got a lot of friends. One of his friends’ name is Hermione.
    4. She is a very kind and nice girl. She has got a father but she hasn’t got a mother. Her stepmother and her stepsisters are angry and greedy. Her godmother, a fairy, gives her a beautiful dress and crystal shoes. And she goes to the ball and meets a prince there.

    The third game is named “Main Dish”. You must make up a story using the pictures.

     And now let’s have some rest. I’ll play with the fans. I’m going to tell you what people usually have for breakfast. If you agree you say “So do I”. If you don’t agree you will say “Oh, never”.

            I have porridge for breakfast. I have sandwiches for breakfast. I have boots for breakfast. I have juice for breakfast. I have chairs for breakfast. I have fruit for breakfast. I have toys for breakfast. I have hot-dog for breakfast. I have doll for breakfast.

    Now find a rhyming twin for words. For example, I say “cat”, you say “rat”. Let’s start.

            Hare, cow, bag, fine, toy, ball, run, skate, day, fan, class, milk, screen.

    Now we listen to our story-tellers.

    It’s time to start the fourth game – “Captains’ Competition”

    They will draw a picture listening to my instructions.

    Please at the bottom of the paper draw a very big circle (apple)  

    Then on the circle draw a smaller circle.

    Then on the second circle draw the third circle, smaller than the second.

    In the smallest circle at the top draw two small circles, two eyes.

    Then draw a nose, a mouth.

    On the smallest circle  draw a cap.

    Then draw  arms and hands.

    The picture is ready!

    The fifths game is “A Pig in the Poke”.

    There are some questions in this bag. I don’t know what questions each team will answer. The players should pull out the rolled paper from the bag, read question and answer it.

    1. What was Mary Poppins – a nurse or a doctor?
    2.  When do English children go to school – on the first of September or on the first Tuesday of September?
    3. Is Big Ben in London or in New York?
    4. Is the capital of the USA Washington or New York?
    5. Is traditional food at Christmas roast turkey or roast potatoes?
    6. Do the English drink tea with milk or with lemon?
    7. Is the parrot a bird or a flower?
    8. Is Halloween in October or in November?
    9. How many stripes are there on the American flag – 13 or 15?
    10. Is Scotland in Britain or in America?

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

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