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    Методическая разработка по английскому языку (7 класс) по теме:
    Сценарий сказки "Золушка"

    Карпова Светлана Леонидовна

    Разработка может быть использована для недели иностранного языка в школе, а также для театрального английского. Для 5-7 классов


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    Предварительный просмотр:


    Participants: Cinderella, Stepmother, the 1st sister, the 2nd sister, Fairy lady, Prince, King (or Queen), two heralds, ladies and gentlemen at the ball.

    Scene 1

    Cinderella is sewing. Her stepsisters are sitting in the armchairs. Her stepmother came in. She is excited.

    1 herald: Welcome dear guests to our fairy tale.

    Stepmother:           Girls! Girls! Come here! I've got nice news for you! There will

                                     be a ball in the King's palace! The young prince will be there!

    1st sister:             Great! A ball! A ball in the palace!

    2nd sister:            Very nice! I will dance with Prince.

    1st sister:         No, I will dance with Prince. Cinderella, give me my mirror!

    Cinderella (giving the mirror):          Here you are.

    2nd sister:          Cinderella, give me my new hat and a red rose.

    Cinderella (giving the hat and the rose):        Here you are.

    Stepmother:        And my new green fan! Where is it?

    Cinderella (giving the fan): Here you are.

    1st sister:      Cinderella! Would you like to go to the ball? Would you like to see

                              the palace?

    2nd sister:        Cinderella! Would you like to dance at the ball?

    Cinderella:        Oh, dear sisters! Don't laugh at me. I can't go there.

    1st sister:        Of course not. Have you got a nice dress?

    2nd sister:          Have you got new shoes?

    Cinderella:        No, I haven't. My dress is old and dirty. My shoes are old, too. I

                               can't go to the palace.

    Stepmother:       Cinderella! You must stay at home and clean the house, do the

                                  washing up, water the flowers and cook the dinner. Don't forget

                                  to feed ducks, chickens and hens.    Girls, are you ready?

    Sisters:                   Yes, Mum.

    Stepmother:         Let's go, then.

    Scene 2

    Cinderella is sweeping the floor and reciting the poem. She is sad.

    Cinderella:           One busy housewife to sweep up the floor.

                                  Two busy housewives to polish the door.

                                  Three busy housewives to wash all the socks.

                               Four busy housewives to wind up the clock.

                              Five busy housewives to cook the dinner too.

                               Six busy housewives with nothing left to do.

    Suddenly Fairy lady is coming in.

    Fairy lady:          Good evening, Cinderella! Why are you sad, my dear?

    Cinderella (crying):       Dear Fairy lady! I can't go to the palace. My dress is old

                                    and dirty. My shoes are...very old.

    Fairy lady:            Don't cry, my dear. I'll help you and you will go to the ball.

                                        You will be the most beautiful lady there.

    Cinderella:              But I haven't got a nice dress and new shoes.

    Fairy lady:            Here you are. Here is a white dress and here are glass shoes

                                       for you.

    Cinderella:             They are wonderful! Thank you very much!

    Fairy lady:              Remember, dear Cinderella! You must go away at 12 o'clock.

                                       At midnight!

    Cinderella (running away): Thank you very much! I am so happy! Good bye!

    Fairy lady:                  Don't forget, at 12 o'clock. At midnight!

    Scene 3

    At the ball. There are many ladies and gentlemen and funny clowns, brave supermen. Prince is dancing with two sisters. The king is talking to a herald. Cinderella is coming in. She is beautiful. She is smiling.

    King:                      Who is that nice girl? How beautiful she is!

    Prince:                             Can you dance? May I dance with you?

    Cinderella (smiling):                  Yes, I can. With great pleasure!

    Prince and Cinderella are dancing and all guests are singing a song "What is your name?"

    All guests:

    What is your name, what is your name? Can you tell me, what is your name? My name is Alex, my name is Alex. You won't forget it, my dear friend.

    How old are you, how old are you? Can you tell me? How old are you? I am just seven, I am just seven. And are you older, my dear friend? Where do you live, where do you live? Can you tell me, where do you live?

    I live in London, sometimes in Oxford, sometimes in Cambridge, my dear friend.

    1st herald: Now, dear guests! Let's recite poems, sing songs and dance new dances!

    2nd herald: Kind funny clown's poem "In winter and in summer"!

    1st funny clown         In winter it's cold and snowy,

                                          In summer it's sunny and fine,

                                        In autumn it's cloudy and rainy,

                                        In spring I can jump up to the sky.

    1st herald: Kind monster's poem "The Whale"!

    1st funny clown: One, two, three, four, five

                                 Last month I caught a whale alive.

                                 Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

                                Then I let it go again!

    2st funny clown:       Why did you let it go?

                                    Because it bit my finger so!

                                     What finger did it bite?

                                  The little finger on the right!

    2nd herald: Brave supermen's poem "The country and the city".

    1st funny clown :

                                 Some people live in the city

                                             where the houses are very tall.

                                 Some people live in the country where  

                                             the houses are very small.

                                 But in the country where the houses are small

                                             the gardens are very big.

                                  And in the cities where the houses are tall

                                             there are no gardens at all.

    Ladies and gentlemen are singing and dancing. Suddenly the clock strikes 12.

    Cinderella:                Oh, sorry dear Prince! I must run away!

                                        I'm sorry      but I have to go. Goodbye!

    She is running away and leaving her shoe.

    Scene 4

    Cindrella is laying the table in the living room. Two sisters and the stepmother are sitting at the table and talking.

    1st sister:       Cindrella, there was a young beautiful lady at the ball.

    2nd sister:          She had a wonderful white dress.

                              Prince fell in love with her.

    Stepmother: But at 12 o'clock she ran away and lost her glass shoe.  

                                  Prince was very sad.

    Two heralds are coming in. They are serious.

    1st herald:                 Prince wants to see a nice girl who was at the

                                 ball yesterday. We must find this beautiful girl.

    2nd herald:                   All girls in the country must try on this shoe.

                            He will marry the lady who can put on this glass shoe.

    1st sister (trying it on):           Oh, it's too small for me.

    2nd sister:             Let me try it on!... Oh, it's too tiny!

    2nd herald (to Cinderella):            Will you try the shoe on? ?

    Stepmother:                       Cinderella wasn't at the ball yesterday.

                                                         She stayed at home.

    2nd herald:                           But let her try it on.

    She puts it on easily and takes another shoe from her pocket and puts it on too.

    Stepmother:          Oh, what's this? Cinderella! I can't believe it.

    1st herald:                        Dear Princess! Let's go to the palace.

                                                       Prince is waiting for you.

    1st and 2nd heralds:             Goodbye, ladies! Good luck!

    The heralds and Cinderella are leaving the room.

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