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Евсиков Артемий 8Р JEROME KLAPKA JEROME (1859-1927)

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The son of an ironmonger, a ruined businessman, Jerome was born at Walsall in Staffordshire. The family moved to London. There in east London the boy was brought up. But in London too the father was unsuccessful and could not pay his debts. Jerome's childhood was poor and sad. He could not finish school because his father died in 1871 and the boy had to begin working to support his family. With the help of his father’s old friend he got the place of a clerk in the London Railway Office and received two pounds a week.

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Office work did not interest Jerome and he took up teaching, journalism and acting. For three years he was an actor, first in amateur performances, later at small theatres. In his free moments Jerome tried to write. He wrote plays, stories and articles. But nothing was published. His first literary success was a one-act comedy that was performed in the Globe Theatre in 1886 and ran there for some time. In 1889 a collection of his articles and short stories about theatre life was published. At the same time Jerome began to publish some of his articles that later made up a book under the title The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. This book became very popular in England.

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Jerome founded The Idler, a humorous periodical, in 1892, and wrote many plays with some contemporary success. Best known of these was The Passing of the Third Floor Back (l907). In 1899 Jerome went traveling all over Europe and visited Petersburg where he was met with enthusiasm. He knew well Russian literature and it influenced some of his books. Jerome also tried to write serious books but the readers did not like them. Several times Jerome expressed his anticolonial views on the policy of Britain in China and other countries of the East. His own favourite work was Paul Kelver (1902), an autobiographical novel. Jerome's last book was his autobiography My Life and Times (1926). He died in 1927.

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