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    тест 4 четверть 6 класс к УМК Биболетовой
    тест по английскому языку (6 класс) на тему

    Клыкова Марина Владимировна

    Тест на проверку лексико-грамматических навыков в 6 классе по материалу 8 раздела. Тест может быть дополнен материалом для аудирования и письмом.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    The Final Test

    Term 4 6th form

    1. Match the definitions with the word combinations:
    1. A soap opera                    a. a programme or a film about real events.  
    2. Thanksgiving Day             b. a game show with questions and answers
    3. A documentary                c. a holiday when people gather together and thank for food
    4. Christmas                          d. a series about love and relationship
    5. A Quiz                                e. a holiday when you give flowers and sweets to the beloved
    6. St. Valentine’s Day           f. a religious holiday which takes place on December, 25th
    1. Complete the sentences with the best variant:
    1. My brother is … of collecting coins.
    1. keen b. fond c. interested d. likes
    1. Our class is very cheerful. We … … at party making.
    1. are good b. are keen c. are fond d. are interested
    1. Look. Jane … a cake. It looks wonderful!
    1. brings b. have brought c. is bringing d. is bring
    1. … you already … the Christmas presents for your relatives?
    1. Are… buying b. Have … bought c. Are … bought d. Did … buy  
    1. My little sister likes … the decorations for holidays.
    1. making b. doing c. make d. have
    1. The shelves are dirty. I have to … the dusting.
    1. make b. do c. clean d. doing
    1. My granny … the washing up at the moment.
    1. is making b. does c. has done d. is doing
    1. My grandparents love their flowers and plants. They often … the gardening.
    1. does b. make c. do d. are making
    1. I’m waiting to you at my Hallowing party. My address is … .
    1. 1206, Market Street b. Market Street, 1206 c. Market 1206 street
    1.  The synonym to   “chat show” is …
    1. speak show b. reality TV c. talk show d. game show
    1. I don’t really like listening … pop music.
    1. to b. – c. about d. of
    1. Teenagers are not so fond of … .
    1. computer games b. sports c. watching TV d. fishing
    1.  Oops. I… not … the letter yet.
    1. didn’t post b. haven’t posted c. have posted d. am posting
    1.  My mom … her special dish yesterday.
    1. Did b. maked c. does d. made
    1.  The British watch amazing fireworks on … .
    1. St. Patrick’s Day b. Guy Fawkes Day c. Mother’s Day d. Easter
    1.  The Queen’s Official Birthday is in … .
    1. June b. April c. July d. March    

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