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    Итоговая контрольная работа по грамматике (EXIT GRAMMAR TEST) Spotlight - 7. Modules 1-10.
    тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему

    Чепурная Наталья Николаевна

    Spotlight - 7. Modules 1-10. Итоговая контрольная работа по грамматике (EXIT GRAMMAR TEST). - Чепурная Наталья Николаевна. Московская область г. Лобня, МБОО СОШ №10. 


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    Предварительный просмотр:


    VARIANT – 1

    1. Complete the sentences with the correct Tense:
    1. She__________ (visit) musical school every day.
    2. Look! Boys of your form__________ (play) football.
    3. I’m happy I__________ (fly) home tomorrow.
    4. The bus__________ (leave) at 6:30 p.m.
    5. Why __________ (you/be) angry? – My sister__________(always/take) my clothes without permission.
    6. They__________(meet) at the station two hours ago.
    7. She__________ (not/like) flying by plane.
    8. I’m cold. I__________ (put on) my jacket.
    9. I__________ (play) the violin when my friend__________ (come) in.
    10. __________ you (go) to the cinema yesterday?
    11. I think Tom__________ (be) a doctor when he grow up.
    12. She__________ (not/take) her driving test yet.
    13. What__________ (you/do) at 8 o’clock yesterday morning.
    14. She__________ (type) letters for three hours.
    15. My son__________ (be) five in August.
    16. My brother__________ (fix) the washing machine while I__________ (water) the plants.
    17. I’m sure Kelly__________ (let) you borrow her CDs.
    18. He__________ (leave) Tokyo next Monday.
    19. It__________ (be) Sunday yesterday. I__________ (not/go) to school.
    20. John and Andy__________ (live) in Spain since 1987.
    21. __________ (you write) a letter to your friend yet?.
    22. You__________ (write) that e-mail for over an hour. How long is it going to take you?

    1. Conditional-O/ I. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets:
    1. If we__________(go) shopping tomorrow, I__________(buy) a new top.
    2. If we__________ (receive) a telegram from him, we__________ (not/worry).
    3. If you (not/work) systematically, you__________ (fail) at the examination.
    4. What color do you__________ (get), when you__________ (mix) yellow and blue?
    5. If he__________ (not/cook) dinner, we__________ (order) a pizza.
    6. If the temperature__________ (fall) below 0°C, water__________ (turn) into ice.
    7. If they__________ (not/leave) soon, they__________ (miss) the train.
    8. The ice__________ (melt) if you__________ (not/put) it in the fridge.


    VARIANT – 2

    1. Complete the sentences with the correct Tense:
    1. He__________ (watch) TV every night.
    2. John__________ (tidy) his room last night.
    3. Be quiet. The baby__________ (sleep).
    4. She always__________ (read) books in the evenings.
    5. I__________ (fly) to Athens tomorrow.
    6. The sun__________ (rise) in the east.
    7.  Where__________ (you/spend) last Sunday?
    8. The train__________ (leave) at 6:00 a.m.
    9. It__________ (snow) every winter in Canada.
    10. John__________ (read) a text message on his mobile at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon.
    11. My brother__________ (always borrow) my CDs without asking.
    12. It’s hot in here. – I__________(open) the window.
    13. What are his plans for the weekend? – He__________ (stay) at home and relax.
    14. We__________ (do) grammar exercises for over an hour.
    15. Ann__________ (not/work) on the computer when the telephone rang.
    16. We__________ (not/check) the answers yet.
    17. I’m sure that Tom__________ (become) a professional basketball player.
    18. I__________ (know) him for 5 years.
    19. Vanessa__________ (sleep) for two hours.
    20. Look at the cars! They__________ (crash)!
    21. They__________ (not/give) the baby a name yet.
    22. Why__________ (you/smell) the milk? Do you think it has gone off?

    1. Conditional-O/ I. Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets:
    1. If he__________ (wake) up late, he (miss) the bus.
    2. If the temperature__________ (fall) below 0° C, water__________ (turn) into ice.
    3. If you__________ (not/study) harder, you__________(fail) the test.
    4. When the sun__________ (shine), snow__________ (melt).
    5. If she__________ (call) me, I__________ (tell) her the news.
    6. If the temperature of water__________ (reach) 100° C, it__________ (boil).
    7. If Mark__________ (repair) the boat, we__________ (go) fishing.
    8. If my friend__________ (come) to see me, I__________ (be) very glad.

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