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    Тренировочные упражнения для 5 класса по теме Present Simple. Утвердительная форма.
    методическая разработка по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему

    Харченко Ирина Алексеевна

    Упражнения направлены на формирование навыков употребления утвердительной формы Present Simple


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Present     Simple. 5th form.

    I.Измени предложения.

    1. I teach.- He ……..

    2. I fly. - The bird……

    3. I watch. - My brother……

    4. I tidy. - My mother ……

    5. We Wash.-My sister ….

    6. I try. - She……..

    7. The girls clean. - The girl……

    8. I go. - The child …….

    9. I do.- He…..

    10. Tom and Kate play. - Tom…..

    11.We study.- Kate…..

    12. I have. - Ann ……

    II. Закончи предложения. Используй like or likes.

    1. Tom and I_____ pizza.

    2. Jessica______apples.

    3. My cat______milk.

    4. Steve______computer games.

    5. Paul and Sally_____football.

    6. My dad_____coffee.

    III.Открой скобки.

    1. You (play) tennis at school.

    2. They (work) at my school.

    3. He (read) in the   morning.

    4. We (visit) our friends on Sundays.

    5. I (like) computer games.

    6. You and Ben (come) here on Mondays.

    7. It (rain) every Saturday.

    8. My name’s Sue. I (live) in Victoria Road. My friend’s name is Kamala. She (live) in King George Avenue.

    We (go) to Hartfield School. We (get) the bus at 8.15 every morning. In the evening Kamala (come) to my house or I (go) to her flat. We (talk) about our friends and we (listen) to music. On Saturdays Kamala (help) in her parents

    shop. But on Sunday she (go) to the leisure center and we (play) badminton. Kamala is very good. She (play) for the school team. My brother Vince sometimes (go) with us. After badminton we (go) to the café. We (have) a drink and we (meet) our friends.

    9. Paul (live) in London. He (go) to Thames School with his sister, Susan. They (start) school at nine o’clock every day. Paul (study) French and Susan (study) German. Paul and Susan (like) sport. They (play) tennis at school. In the evenings Paul (watch) TV with Susan.

    III. Поставь слова в правильном порядке.

    1 eats dog too your much.

    2. live I that house in.

    3. bank Ann in works.

    4.badly guitar plays the very Susan.

    5. Scotland those from children come.

    6. young very look you.

    IV. Подчеркни правильное слово.

    e.g. - We/ My friend always wear old clothes.

            You/ John always wears nice clothes.

    1. We /The boss thinks you’re nice.

    2. I/Kate want a new house.

    3. Bread/Books costs a lot.

    4. Andy/ Andy and Sam sings very well.

    5. Mary/ Mary and Tom like pizza.

    6. You/She drive well.

    7. Our cat /Our cats drinks milk.

    8. That child/Children makes a lot of noise.

    9. That bus/ All those buses go to the station.


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