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Type 3


If + past perfect would / could/ might+ have + past participle


  • past conditions that cannot be fulfilled

If more countries had invested on space exploration, we would have found much more about it.


  1. Complete the sentences to form past conditions.
  1. If the Soviets ____________(not / enter) the Space Race, the exploration of space ____________(be) slower.
  2. If Sputnik 1’s mission ____________(not / be) successful, the space program ____________ (slow down).
  3. If the Moon ____________ (not/be) the first celestial body to be explored, Neil Armstrong ____________ (walk) there.
  4. If China ____________ (not / launched) its own space station, only the USA and Russia ____________(remain) in that race.
  5. Some people say that if the US government ____________(not / spend) so much money on space, they ____________(solve) other problems on Earth.
  6. Other point out that if they ____________(not / explore) space, they ____________ (not/ achieve) success in other areas.

  1. Write sentences according to the example.
  1. The car broke down. You didn’t check it.

If you had checked the car, it wouldn’t have broken down.

  1. They didn’t use the map. They got lost.

If _________________________


  1. They didn’t but any water. they were very thirsty.

If _________________________


  1. There weren’t any taxis going by. They waited for hours.

If _________________________


Answer key


  1. hadn’t enter / would have been
  2. hadn’t been / would have slowed down
  3. hadn’t been / wouldn’t have walked
  4. hadn’t launched / would have remained
  5. hadn’t spend / would have solved
  6. Hadn’t explored / wouldn’t have achieved


  1. If they had used the map, they wouldn’t have got lost.
  2. If they had bought some water, they wouldn’t have been thirsty.
  3. if there had been taxis going by, they wouldn’t have waited for hours.