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Conditional Tense


A- Put the verbs in brackets into the most suitable conditional tense.

  1. Baby Charles __________(not burn) himself if you hadn’t left the iron on.
  2. We __________(ski) in Serra da Estrela today if we had brought our equipment.
  3. If my daddy hadn’t die last year, he __________(live) here for 100 years.
  4. If they invite you, __________you__________ (accept)?
  5. If I ___(know) the audience didn’t understand, I __________(speak) in English.
  6. He wouldn’t have suffered from breathing problems now if he _____(smoke)so much.
  7. If I had more free time, __________(see) the children’s performance.
  8. If I had arrived 5 minutes earlier I __________(get) a better sit.
  9. If the wind hadn’t stopped, our garden umbrella __________(strike) the roses.

1. You didn’t water the plants. They died.

2. You do silly things. I won’t do it. (on your place)

3. I haven’t 1 million dollars. I can’t afford a yacht but I want it very much.

4. I didn’t bring kiwis. I didn’t know that you like them.

Answer key


  1. So is she.
  2. So have they.
  3. So does my father.
  4. So does she.
  5. So can I.
  6. So were they.
  7. So did we.
  8. So did the children.
  9. So were you.
  10. So will they.
  11. So had Dan.
  12. So will they.
  13. So are they. They are too.
  14. So do all my friends. All my friends do too.
  15. So does his siter. His sister does too.
  16. So has his cousin. His cousin has too.


  1. Neither do I.
  2. Neither are they.
  3. Neither has he.
  4. Neither can she.
  5. Neither do they.
  6. Neither was he.
  7. Neither will we.
  8. Neither did we.
  9. Neither did she.
  10. Neither does jne.
  11. Neither does she.
  12. Neither has he.