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    Контрольные тесты по английскому языку 9-11 класс для школ с углублённым изучением английского языка
    рабочая программа по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему

    Губернаторова Татьяна Николаевна

    Контрольные тесты предназначены для учащихся 9- 11 классов к учебникам Афанасьевой О. В., Михеевой И.А. для лицеев, гимназий и школ с углублённым изучением английского языка для проверки лексико - грамматических навыков учащихся. Тесты разработаны в формате ЕГЭ на основе лексико - грамматического и тематического материала 9-11 классов. Контрольные тесты представляют собой непосредственно  тексты тестовых работ, а также ключи для проверки.


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    Предварительный просмотр:


    1. 1. Culminated

    2. Achievements

    3. To capture, to tame

    4. Efficient

    5. Rapidly

    6. Beneficial

    7. Recorded

    8. Contributed

    II.      1. Contemporary

              2. Opportunity

              3. Establishment

              4. Achievement

              5. Subsequent

              6. Beneficial

              7. Mankind

              8. To establish

              9. Genius

              10. Nearby

    III.      1. To be aware of the danger

               2. Contemporary art

               3. To tame wild animals

               4. To change gradually

               5. To be available for the students

               6. Subsequent generations

               7. To take the opportunity of studying languages

               8. To contribute articles to newspapers

               9. The history of the mankind

               10. To establish a university


    1. 1. Initials

    2. United

    3. Restricts

    4. Significance

    5. Aimless

    6. Emerged

    7. Corruption

    8. Revelation

    9. Inherited

    10. Identity

    II.       1. To comprise

               2. To emerge

               3. A proposal

               4. To signify

               5. To foresee

               6. To restrict

               7. An aim

               8. To unite

               9. Initial

    III.      1. An identification card

               2. A flourishing civilization

               3. To foresee the collapse

               4. To be discontented with the work

               5. To comprise many countries

               6. To aim at the animal

               7. The shortcomings of the system

               8. In case of emergency

               9. To restrict oneself to one sweet a day


    1. 1. Participance

    2. Disobey

    3. Volunteer(s)

    4. Reference(s)

    5. Accommodate

    6. To rebel

    7. Adults

    8. Spread

    9. Tramps

    10. Notorious

    II.      1. B

              2. B

              3. C

              4. B

     5. C

               6. A

               7. И

    III.      1. To cast a look (glance)

               2. To provide comfortable accommodation

               3. The participants of the concert

               4. To spread bread with jam

               5. To tramp through parks and streets

               6. To dedicate life to saving people

               7. To rebel against the ruler

               8. Voluntary contribution

               9. A notorious leader

               10. To live in obedience

               11. An adult audience

               12. Radical politicians

               13. To spread the news

    Предварительный просмотр:

    9 FORM (UNIT 1)


    1. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. This period in the world history is associated with art and sciences and ……                    CULMINATE

          in the Renaissance.

    2. Modern man can enter another era of great discoveries with so many wonderful………      ACHIEVE

        behind him.

    3. The first step to cattle breeding and cultivating land was …. and  …. wild animals.              CAPTURE,


    4. They call him “Jack of all trades”. Is he really so ….?                                                          EFFICIENCY

    5. We can see nowadays how …. the world around us is changing.                                             RAPID

    6. Are you sure that this medicine will be …. to you?                                                                   BENEFIT

    7. I have just … a new CD. Would you like to listen to it?                                                           RECORD

    8. Have you … any money to this charity establishment?                                                         CONTRIBUTE



    1. modern
    2. a chance
    3. organization, institution
    4. a good result in smth.
    5. the following
    6. useful
    7. humanity
    8. to start, to found
    9. highly talented
    10. next to


    1.Осознавать опасность

    2. Современное искусство

    3. Приручать диких животных

    4. Изменяться постепенно

    5. Быть доступным для студентов

    6. Последующие поколения

    7 Использовать возможность изучать языки

    8. Писать статьи в газеты

    9. История человечества

    10. Основать университет

    9 FORM (UNIT II)


    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. What do these ….. stand for?                                                                                INITIAL

    2. The ….. Nations Organization was established  by 50 nations in 1945 in

        San-Fransisco.                                                                                                       UNITE

    3. The law ….. the sale of alcohol to people over the age of 18.                              RESTRICTION

    4. The crime problems have great ….. for the whole society.                                  SIGNIFY

    5. Their conversation turned out to be quite …..  .                                                   AIM

    6. The sun ….. from the clouds.                                                                               EMERGENCY

    7. The investigation discovered widespread ….. within police force.                      CORRUPT

    8. Alice Walker’s novel was a real …..  .                                                                 REVEAL

    9. He ….. a great fortune from his father.                                                                 INHERITANCE

    10. The ….. of the killer is still unknown.                                                                IDENTIFY


    1. to consist of
    2. to appear
    3. an offer
    4. to mean
    5. to predict
    6. to limit
    7. a purpose, a goal
    8. to bring or join together
    9. first


    1. удостоверение личности
    2. процветающая цивилизация
    3. предвидеть разруху
    4. быть неудовлетворённым работой
    5. включать много стран
    6. прицелиться в животное
    7. недостатки системы
    8. в случае опасности
    9. ограничить себя одной конфеткой в день



    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. The result of the work depends on your ….. in it.                                                PARTICIPATE

    2. It is generally believed that teenagers tend to …..                                                OBEDIENCE

        common rules of the society.

    3. Are there any ….. for this work?                                                                           VOLUNTARY

    4. The report didn’t contain any ….. to that important document.                             REFER

    5. Who will ….. us on the arrival?                                                                             ACCOMODATION

    6. It’s natural for some teenagers ….. against their parents.                                      REBELLIOUS

    7. Teenagers are neither children already nor ….. yet.                                               ADULT

    8. Is it possible to stop the ….. of this dangerous disease?                                         SPREAD

    9. While traveling around the country they were surprised by

        a great number of  …… on the roads.                                                                     TRAMP

    10. Some of the youth cults of the late 1970s became ……                                        NOTORIETY

         through the attention of the media.

    II. Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    There are about more than 60 youth movements in Great Britain. Young people can become (1)……. of  political or non-political organizations, or youth groups controlled by religious bodies.

    The membership in the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides is (2)……  . One of the most important duties for any Scout is to (3)…… the Scout laws. Both movements are dedicated (4)…… developing practical skills and (5) …… worldwide.

    There were also youth cults in Britain notorious (6) …… their activities and style. The Teddy Boys dressed in the fashion of 1920s were the first (7) …… working-class youth cult. They were followed by the Mods, the Rockers and the Hippies of the 1960s and 1970s.

    1. a) memberships     b) members      c) participants

    2. a) compulsory        b) voluntary     c) free

    3. a) to refer               b) to tend         c) to obey

    4. a) with                    b) to                 c) for

    5. a) associated           b) referred        c) spread

    6. a) for                       b) in                 c) of

    7. a) voluntary            b) rebellious     c) adult  


    1.Бросить взгляд

    2. Предоставить удобное жильё

    3. Участники концерта

    4. Намазать хлеб вареньем

    5. Бродить по паркам и улицам

    6. Посвятить жизнь спасению людей

    7. Восстать против правителя

    8. Добровольное пожертвование (вклад)

    9. Печально известный руководитель

    10. Жить в послушании (подчинении)

    11. Взрослая аудитория (зрители)

    12. Радикальные политики

    13. Распространять новости

    Предварительный просмотр:


    1. 1. Artists

    2. Different

    3. Arranged

    4. Affectation

    5. Paintings, suggestive

    6. Breathed

    7. Colorful, theatrical

    8. Closely

    9. Dramatic

    II.      1. B

              2. A

              3. B

              4. C

              5. A

              6. C

              7. A

    III.      1. By sheer luck

               2. Butterflies die out

               3. The victims of the earthquake

               4. The gossip will soon die down

               5. The excitement died down

               6. To be dying for sleeping

               7. To be dying for a drink of water

               8. A lump of sugar

               9. A famous masterpiece

               10. Of one’s own accord

               11. To be greedy

               12. The affection to the family

               13. A desirable effect

               14. To live in poverty

               15. To gasp

    IV.      1. For, with

               2. in

               3. To, about

               4. For

               5. Of

               6. Of

               7. In

              8. Of

    V.      Breath – taking, dish – washing, slow – moving, highly – qualified, good – looking, white – washed, ill – chosen, terror – stricken, two – edged, high – flying, house – warming, new – born, well – educated, old – fashioned, six – headed.


    I.        1. Confirmation

              2. Innocence

              3. Trials

              4. Originated

              5. Resurrection

              6. Were executed

              7. Denial

              8. Dead

              9. Meditating

              10. Menacing

    II.      1. B

              2. A

              3. C

              4. C

              5. A

              6. B

              7. C

              8. A

              9. C

              10. A

    III.      1. To betray smb’ s secret

               2. To confirm smb’ s fears

               3. To deserve smb’ attention

               4. To be/go on trial

               5. To claim the throne

               6. To be/ stand in awe

               7. There is no denying that

               8. To sentence to 3 years of prison

               9. An awesome power

              10. To regard as betrayal

    IV.      1. Menace                                     9. To originate

               2. To carry on                               10. Trying

               3. To seek

               4. A trial

               5. To execute

               6. A feast

               7. To worship

               8. To rise from the dead


    I.        1. Hesitant

              2. Indecently

              3. Treatment

              4. Distress

              5. Is boarding

              6. Opression

              7. Disturbance

              8. Scraches

              9. Decency

    II.      1. B

              2. C

              3. C

              4. B

              5. C

              6. A

              7. B

    III.      1. To treat  people with respect

               2. To fade in the distance

               3. The board of directors

               4. A shrewd judge

               5. To spin wool

               6. Opressive atosphere

               7. To rub oneself down after the shower

    IV.      1. To ferret                                    

               2. A board                            

               3. Stink, stench

               4. To treat

               5. Hesitant

               6. An opressor

               7. To shiver


    Предварительный просмотр:

    10 FORM (UNIT I)


    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. When  … create their works they follow different tendencies, art movements and styles.        ART

    2. When you examine paintings belonging to … periods you can see how iseas about art

         have changed over the time.                                                                                                 DIFFER

    3. Tom and Sharon chose to marry each other themselves, theirs is not an … marriage.   ARRANGE

    4. I don’t trust her: everything she says about her feelings is just an …  .                               AFFECT

    5. Vrubel often gave his … vague … titles such as “Night Scene”.                        PAINT, SUGGEST

    6. She absorbded everything the book told her about the Renaissanse, and she … it all like

       Oxygen she hadn’t known she was missing.                                                                        BREATH

    7. This … picture shows three musicians in old … costumes.                           COLOUR, THEATRE

    8. If you look … , the picture contains clues about the scene which inspired it.                        CLOSE

    9. The boat floats among … splashes of colour, suggesting a wild watery setting.                  DRAMA

    II. Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    Wassily Kandinsky was boen in Russia in 1866. He learned to play the piano and cello before studing law. It wasn’t until his thirties that he went to Germany to study art. There he became one of the   (1) … pioneers of what is known as abstract art – meaning art which does not mirror real people or things. Kandinsky said he was  (2) … to experiment by seeing a  (3) … whach had fallen on its side. He thought the(4) … in it more interesting the wrong way (5) … .  Colour was very important to Kandinsky. He thought colour could(6) … feelings in the same way as music. He said the (7) … is the hand that plays music. He even claimed that looking at colours made him hear musical sounds.

    1. a) early             b) earliest       c) most early

    2. a) inspired        b) impressed   c) expressed

    3. a) picture          b) painting      c ) drawing

    4. a) forms            b) colours       c) shapes

    5. a)up                  b) out              c ) down

    6. a) create            b) show           c) express

    7. a) artist              b) man            c) poet

    III.GIVE ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS                                      

    1. удачно                                                          

    2. бабочки вымирают                                                

    3. жертвы землетрясения                                          

    4. слухи скоро прекратятся                                                              

    5. восхищение прекратилось                                                          

    6. безумно хотеть спать

    7. умирать хотеть пить                                                          

    8. кусок сахара                                              

    9. известный шедевр                                                                  

    10. по собственному желанию

    11. быть жадным

    12. привязанность к семье

    13. желаемый результат

    14. жить в нищете

    15. задыхаться


    1. Have you made any arrangements … a meeting… the manager?
    2. Arrange these books … alphabetical order.
    3. They have finally come … an arrangement … sharing the money.
    4. Can you arrange our meeting … the next  week?
    5.  His later stories show a surprising poverty … imagination.
    6. That’s very sad piece … news.
    7. We were … the shadow of a building.
    8. I don’t want to risk introducing a note … discord into the evening.    



    1. Breath               a. taking
    2. Dish                  b. fashioned
    3. Slow                 c. moving
    4. Highly              d. stricken
    5. Good                e. washed
    6. White                f. flying
    7. Ill                      g. washing
    8. Terror               h. headed
    9. Two                  i. qualified
    10. High                 j. edged
    11. House               k. warming
    12. New                  l. born
    13. Well                  m. looking
    14. Old                   n. educated
    15. six                    o. chosen

    10 FORM (UNIT II)


    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. There has still been no official ….. of the report.                                                   CONFIRM

    2. In our …we believed everything we were told.                                                      INNOCENT

    3. The new medicine was reported to be undergoing clinical ….   .                           TRYING

    4. Many Christmas traditions ….  in Germany.                                                           ORIGIN

    5. One of the main beliefs of the Christian religion is the … of Jesus Christ

        after his death on the cross.                                                                                      RESURRECT

    6. Thousands of people …. for political crimes in Russia in the 30s.                         EXECUTION

    7. The government issued an official … of the mentioned earlier fact.                       DENY

    8. Police are trying to contact the family of the … man.                                              DIE

    9. She sat quietly, … on the day’s events.                                                                    MEDITATION

    10. His tone grew more … .                                                                                          MENACE                                            

    II. Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    Far eastern religions are not so well known in the western world. Confucianism was usually regarded as an official (1) …. of China until the revolution of 1911. It (2) … in China 2400 years ago. (3) … of being forgotten it still has a lot of (4) … nowadays. It’s (5) … was Kung-Fu-tse, a Chinese man. His teachings (6) … on the idea that happiness comes from the  relationship between people. He also (7) … the worship of the ancestors from all the people to keep the old days unchanged. He believed that every man (8) … the goodness and could preserve it by living in harmony with the world. Confucius didn’t (9) … himself a god but many of his principles are considered (10) … Golden Rules by many people.

    1. a) feast             b) religion       c) holiday

    2. a) originated     b) spread        c) rose

    3. a) despite          b) even           c ) in spite

    4. a) disciples        b) believers    c) followers

    5. a)founder           b) seeker        c ) executor

    6. a) are revealed   b) are based    c) are confirmed

    7. a) required         b) claimed       c) demanded

    8. a) deserved        b) required       c) looked for

    9. a) deny               b) reveal          c) claim

    10. a) sacred           b) dead           c) original

    III.GIVE ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS                                       II.GIVE  SYNONYMS.

    1.Выдать чей-либо секрет                                                               1. threat

    2. Подтвердить чьи-либо страхи                                                    2. to continue

    3. Заслуживать чьего-либо внимания                                            3. to look for

    4. Предстать перед судом                                                                4. a test

    5. Заявить о правах на трон                                                            5. to create a work of art

    6. Благоговеть, трепетать                                                                6. a big meal

    7. Нельзя не отрицать, что                                                              7. to show respect and love for god

    8. Приговорить к 3 годам тюрьмы                                                 8. to resurrect

    9. Устрашающая сила                                                                      9. to start, to begin

    10. Рассматривать как предательство                                           10. hard, difficult

    10 FORM (UNIT III)


    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1.They were standing at the doorbell and seemed…. to come in.                               HESITATE

    2. The funeral formalities were performed too … hastily.                                          DECENT

    3. The best … for a cold is to rest and drink a lot of fluids.                                        TREAT

    4. Luke’s behavior caused his parents great … .                                                         DISTRESS

    5. Olympic Airways Flight 172 to Istanbul … now at Gate No.37.                            BOARD

    6. They suffered years of political …  .                                                                       OPRESS

    7. There was some … in the crowd as the fans left the stadium.                                 DISTURB

    8. There was nothing serious with her apart from a few cuts and … .                         SCRATCH

    9. The film was banned on the ground of public … .                                                   DECENT

    II. Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    1.She was … enough to guess who was responsible for the whole matter.

       a) decent            b) shrewd            c) hesitant

    2. I know I should have been more careful, but there is no need to keep …

       a) ratting on me  b) ferreting me    c) rubbing it in

    3. What she did was unforgivable, but the … thing was he didn’t seem to mind.

       a) strange            b) queer               c) odd

    4. Remembering that awful storm, she couldn’t help shivering … fear and cold.

        a) from               b) with                  c) of

    5.  Be careful! Don’t scratch yourself … that bush!

        a) at                    b) in                      c) on

    6. Stop  …  around and listen to me!

        a) monkeying     b) apeing              c) snaking

    7.He was still hesitating .. whether to leave or not.

        a) of                   b) about                 c) –

    III.GIVE ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS                                       II.GIVE  SYNONYMS

    1.Обращаться с людьми с уважением                                        1. to look for

    2. Исчезнуть вдалеке                                                                    2. A piece of wood

    3. Совет директоров                                                                     3. reek

    4. Проницательный судья                                                            4. to cure

    5. Прясть шерсть                                                                           5. doubtful

    6. Гнетущая атмосфера                                                                 6. tyrant

    7. Вытереться после душа                                                            7. to shake

    Предварительный просмотр:

    KEYS (UNIT 1)

    1. 1. earnestly

    2. ignorance

    3. incidental

    4. indignantly

    5. annoyance

    6. insult

    7. resistance  

    II.      1. A

    2. A

    3. C

    4. B

    5. B

    6. C

    7. B

    8. B

    III.     1. To fit

              2. Irresistible

              3. To swear

              4. Annoying

              5. Earnestness

              6. To sob

    IV.     1. Beyond understanding

              2. To make smb. roar with laughter

              3. To resist the temptation to tell the secret

              4. To have(throw) a fit

              5. A fierce argument

              6. To hit up for cash

              7. To weep at nights

              8. To swear at everyone

              9. To wish health and happiness

    KEYS (UNIT 2)

    1. 1. gossipy

    2. gloomy

    3. to sympathize

    4. rattle

    5. crispy

    6. floppy

    7. vaguely

    8. spare

    II.      1. To carry on

              2. nonsense

    3. to rattle

    4. chief

    5. to swagger

    6. a customer

    7. to flop

    8. crisp

    9. amicable

    III.     1. To gossip about/ over each other

               2. to spare smb. hard work

               3. to wander along the beach

               4. to be(get) carried away with the discussion

               5. to have a sympathetic ear

               6. to rattle on(away) about nothing

               7. to seem quite amiable

               8. a constant client

               9. the main purpose(aim)

    IV.      1 (3)                                    6. (2)

               2. (2)                                   7. (1)

               3. (3)                                   8. (2)

               4. (1)                                   9. (3)

               5. (2)                                   10. (1)




    Предварительный просмотр:

    11 FORM (UNIT 1)

    1. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. I couldn’t  believe my ears but he seemed to be telling

    that quite ….  .                                                                                              EARNEST

    1. Adopted children shouldn’t be kept in … about their origins.                     IGNORANT
    2. Keep a record of any …. expences on your trip.                                          INCIDENT
    3. “Of course, I didn’t tell her!” Sasha said ….  .                                             INDIGNATION
    4. To his …. he discovered they didn’t wait.                                                    ANNOY
    5. Carol will take it as an …. if you don’t come to the party.                           INSULT
    6. Any human, animal or plant has natural …. to stop diseases

    or difficult conditions from harming them.                                                   RESIST

    1. Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    George (1)…. his banjo after supper and wanted to play it but Harris resisted (2) … it as he had a headache. George couldn’t swear (3) …. it but thought that the music would sooth the nerves. Actually, George was quite ignorant (4) …. the art of playing the banjo as he had never learned to do it. He tried to get a little practice in it (5) …. but it was never a success. Even Montmorency, our dog, howled (6) …. right through all those rare performances. It was such an insult (7) …. Poor George that he would take a boot and hit (8) …. a little doggy.

    1. a) brought             b) took                       c) fetched
    2. a)  -                       b) to                            c) of
    3. a) at                       b) of                           c) to
    4. a) in                       b) of                           c) at
    5. a) by fits or starts   b) by fits and starts   c) in fits and starts
    6. a) fiercely               b)irresistibly              c) indignantly
    7. a) for                      b) to                           c) of
    8. a) on                       b) out at                     c) -

     III.GIVE  SYNONYMS.                                              


    1. to suit, to match
    2. attractive, fascinating
    3. to give your word, guarantee
    4. irritating, making feel angry
    5. seriousness
    6. to cry noisily


    1.вне понимания

    2. заставить к –л покатываться со смеху

    3. устоять перед искушением рассказать секрет

    4. устроить сцену

    5. жестокий спор

    6. обратиться к к – л за наличными деньгами (попросить)

    7. плакать тихо по ночам

    8. ругаться на всех

    9. желать счастья и здоровья

    1. FORM (UNIT 2)

    I.Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits each line.

    1. The new place seemed to us quite nice and friendly but for the … next

    door neighbor.                                                                                                GOSSIP

    1. Suddenly, the future didn’t look so … after all.                                     GLOOM
    2. It is all his own fault. I find it very hard … with him.                            SYMPATHY
    3. They listened anxiously to every … and creek in the house.                  RATTLING
    4. She used to have a piece of …  fried bread and marmalade

    for breakfast.                                                                                                   CRISP

    1. It was difficult to say about her real age and complexion because

    of her strange hairstyle and … clothes.                                                          FLOP

    1. I  … remember a woman in a red dress standing near the door.             VAGUE
    2. If you forget the key, Mr. Jones over the road has a …   .                      SPARE  

    II.Fill in the gaps with the right item.

    Once, Rudolph, (1)…. along the street, (2) …, who was handing out cards with the words “ The Green Door”and with the dentist’s name and address. It looked like a real adventure and Rudolph completely (3) … with the idea (4) …. the investigation what it was. He  … (5)  up the stairs  of the house in front of him and found a young girl behind  some green door. She (6)…. towards him and but for Rudolph she would have flopped (7) … the door. He couldn’t but feel sympathy (8) … her, so miserable she looked. Real ordeal (9) …. she suffered  in a big city, lingered  (10) …. his memory for a long time.

    1.  strolling                      2) wandering                   3) walking
    2. lingered                       2) stood                           3) stayed
    3. was carried over          2) was carried out            3) was carried away

    4)         to carry though           2) to carry on                    3)  to carry out

    5)         marched                      2) strode                           3)  crept

    6)         shuffled                      2)  staggered                     3) trudged

    7)         on                                2)  on to                             3) at

    8)         with                             2) for                                 3) to

    9)         from                            2) of                                   3) –

    10)       in                                 2) with                               3)  in to

     III.GIVE  SYNONYMS.                                               IV. GIVE ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS



    1. To go on                                                                   1. Сплетничать друг о друге
    2. Foolishness                                                               2. Избавить к-л от тяжёлой работы                                                        
    3. To shake with noise                                                  3. Бродить по пляжу
    4. Highest in the rank                                                    4. Увлечься обсуждением
    5. To walk with importance                                          5. Быть готовым выслушать проблемы
    6. A shopper                                                                  6. Говорить без умолку ни о чём
    7. To tail                                                                        7. Показаться вполне  дружелюбным
    8. Cold and dry                                                              8. Постоянный клиент
    9. Friendly in behavior                                                   9. Главная цель

    По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

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