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    Презентация "Canada"
    план-конспект урока по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

    Кузьмина Елена Вячеславовна

    Лингвострановедческий материал 


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    Слайд 1

    Elena Kuzmina A teacher of English General Secondary School № 349

    Слайд 2

    The word Canada comes from one of the Red Indian languages – “Kannata”, meaning “a number of huts”. Canada is often called the “Land of the Maple Leaf”. The maple leaf is the national emblem of Canada.

    Слайд 3

    Canada is a vast country, bigger than the United States, bigger than the continent of Australia. It is in fact one of the world’s largest countries. Its area is about 10 mln sq km. As Canada extends for thousands of miles from the Arctic Ocean to the United States and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, all kinds of weather conditions and scenery are to be found there.

    Слайд 4

    The population of Canada is 35 mln people. About 80% of the population live within 320 km of the southern border. Much of the rest of Canada is uninhabited or thinly populated because of severe natural conditions.

    Слайд 5

    The story of Canada goes back over 400 years. The French were the first settlers to this country. In 1759 Canada became a part of the British Empire. In 1931 became independent from Britain. Today Canada is an independent federative state . It is a member of the Commonwealth, headed by the Queen of Great Britain.

    Слайд 6

    Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

    Слайд 7

    The two official languages are English and French. English is spoken by 60 % of population; French is spoken by 23 % of people. But many other languages are spoken: Italian, Chinese, German, Polish and Greek. Native people — American Indians and Eskimos — make up about 2% of the country's population. 77% of Canada's people live in cities or towns.

    Слайд 8

    Ottawa is the capital of the country Toronto , Montreal and Vancouver are the largest urban areas.