Упражнения на времена группы Past
методическая разработка по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

Трабелси Юлия Александровна

Упражнения, направленные на тренировку времен группы Past


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I.  Practice

Open the brackets

1. A: It ___(look) like their car has broken down again

    B: Yes. They ___ (look) for a new one at the moment.

2. A: Sue ___ (look) for a new flat at the moment.

    B: ___(she/find) anything yet?

3. A: The phone is ringing

    B: I ___ (get) it.

4. While I ___(clean) my room, my mother ___ (cook) dinner

5. She ___(be) in Novgorod in 1998

6. The film ___ (start) at 11 a.m.

7. It’s hot. I ___ (open) the window.

8. My mother is tired. She ___ (clean) our house for 4 hours.

9. We ___ (know) each other for 13 years already

10. Tom ___ (read) his favourite book from 7 to 10 yesterday

11. I promise I ___(help) you

12. What ___ you __(do) tonight?

13. ___you ___ (ever/meet) a pop star?

14. A: Your car is really old.

      B: I know. I ___ (buy) a new car next month.

II. Theory

Match the tenses to their uses.

1. It’s cold in here. I’ll turn the heat up

2. Saint-Petersburg was founded in 1703

3. The bus leaves at 7:00 a.m.

4. While he was reading a book, I was walking my dog

5. Tie your shoelaces! You’re going to trip over them.

6. When he was watching a film, the telephone rang

7. They are going to move house this summer.

8. He picked up the jacket, locked the door and left.

a) two or more simultaneous past actions

b) timetable

c) complete action or event which happened at a stated time in the past

d) on-the-spot decision

e) past actions which happened one after another

f) planned action or intention

g) future prediction based on what we can see or know

h) past action in progress interrupted by another past action



1.looks, are looking

2. is looking, has found

3. will get

4. was cleaning, was cooking

5. was

6. starts

7. will open

8. has been cleaning

9. have known

10. was reading

11. will help

12. are doing

13. have met

14. am buying


1. d

2. c

3. b

4. a

5. g

6. h

7. f

8. e

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