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    Самостоятельная работа для учащихся 10 класса
    тест по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему

    Самостоятельная работа для учащихся 10 класса( УМК Spotlight). Модуль 5.


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    10 класс. Модуль 5

    1. A) Choose the correct item.

    1. First I … (had taken off/took off/was taking off) my coat, then I went to the bathroom.

           2. I … (was playing/played/had played) volleyball when the ball hit my head.

    3. James ……… (painted, had painted, had been painted) the house for hours before he ………. (took, had taken) a break.

    4. Kim … (was dancing/danced/had danced) when her husband opened the door.

    5.He … (cut/was cutting/had been cutting) the grass for an hour when suddenly the lawn-mower broke down.

    6.She forgot everything she … (had studied/was studying/studied) at a driving school.

    7. When I was five my parents … (were buying/bought/had been buying) a piano for me.

    8.His clothes were smudgy because he … (finished/had finished/was finished) painting the walls.

    9.She looked tired. She … (planted/was planting/had been planting) flowers all morning.

    10.Tom (played, was playing, had played) hockey last week.

    B) Put the verbs into past simple, past continuous, past perfect or past perfect continuous.

    1)  (you/see) the stars last night? 2) They (wait) for 4 hours before Bob arrived. 3) Jack (sit) in the armchair near the fireplace when I (enter) the room. 4) By the time Mr. Smith came home, Mrs. Smith (cook) dinner.

    II. A) Fill in on, in, around, off, by,

    1)I don’t know how you can get ………. on such a low salary. 2) I am still surprised that my wife and my sister get …  so well. 3) Is it easy for tourists to get … the city by car? 4) What time do their buses get …? 5) We got … in Church Street and met Fred.

    B) Fill in on, in,by.

    1) They’ll go to the UK …holiday next month. 2) My brother arrived … Moscow at 9 p. m. yesterday. 3) We usually go to school …foot. 4) My dream is to travel… board the plane. 5) Most people in the world go to work ... cars.

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