Упражнения по теме "Разделительные вопросы"
учебно-методическое пособие по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

Данный материал содержит упражнения на закрепление грамматической темы "Разделительные вопросы". Можно использовать для работы в классе, группы, индивидуально.


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Tag questions

№1 Make Tag questions:

1. You are busy now. 2. Kate was born in Kiev. 3. Let’s speak English. 4. There aren’t many people in the library now.  5. He couldn’t go there. 6. Don’t take all the money! 7. You haven’t heard from him for a long time. 8. She knows you.  9. I am very old. 10. Sam will be back early today. 11. That is my dog. 12. Pupils have read a lot of books. 13. My son didn’t see his friend. 14. Shut up! 15. Granny spent a lot of time on it. 16. Nothing can stop us.  17. They won’t help anyone.  18. There is no chair in the room. 19. Boys should be late. 20. Please, help me! 21. He never smokes. 22. Somebody took my coat yesterday. 23. We will do it.

№2 Make Tag questions:

1. This girl is very nice. 2. Let’s make a snowman. 3. There weren’t any spots there. 4. There won’t be any trouble. 5. He often uses our phone. 6. She walked to work. 7. Cats were lying on the sofa. 8. There are a few books. 9. He wasn’t at home. 10. Kate will do it. 11. It is happed before. 12. We see them in the club very often. 13. I seldom speak with him. 14. My father is always busy. 15. This is a very interesting book. 16. My friend ha so lot of magazines. 17. There are a lot of children in the garden.18. We have never been in the USA. 19. They had spoken to Sam. 20. My friend will eat all fruits. 21. Jane came from Wales. 22. We don’t swim in the river. 23. My granny is watching TV now.  

№3 Make Tag questions:

1. A student is being asked here. 2. She looks like you. 3. It isn’t cold today. 4. We saw him at the club. 5. They won’t come today. 6. You haven’t bought a car. 7. Children play chess. 8. Granny will travel by train. 9. He can’t speak French. 10. They are not in town. 11. We will see you tomorrow. 12. Tom doesn’t know her. 13. His father was a doctor. 14. He has been working hard. 15. He has got a bicycle. 16. Dogs can swim well. 17. My mum is working in the shop. 18. Children like reading fairy tales. 19. They were glad to see him. 20. Dad had spoken on the phone. 21. We won’t wait for you. 22. All sweets are very tasty. 23. He has bought a new car.

№4 Make Tag questions:

1. Alan was looking for a new job. 2. You must study harder for your exams. 3. I called Sam yesterday. 4. They take the dog for a walk. 5. Miss Simpson is typing a letter. 6. The children weren’t watching a play. 7. They go to the restaurant every Sunday. 8. Tom has read this book four times already. 9. Sally hasn’t had lunch. 10. Boss will write some letters. 11. The train hadn’t left. 12 I am a pupil. 13. Tony won’t work in the garden. 14. Peter was taller than his brother. 15. Jack wanted to leave the party. 16. That isn’t your bag. 17. He will open the shop in winter. 18. Emma sent Kate an invitation yesterday.

№5 Make Tag questions:

1. Tom couldn’t open the door. 2. A young man was driving a car. 3. Mark is taking them to the park. 4. Ray broke his arm yesterday. 5. James wouldn’t pass the test. 6. The shop wasn’t closed. 7. I am going to the gym tomorrow. 8. Pam has written three letters. 9. He hadn’t arrived home. 10. I am very tired. 11. Let’s sing a song. 12. The parents talked to the postman. 13. Sheila hasn’t listened to the radio. 14. There are a lot of flowers in the garden. 15. She likes swimming. 16. Terry can’t ride a bike. 17. That is a broken chair. 18. Philip doesn’t read newspapers.

№6 Make Tag questions:

1. Bill always cleans his room. 2. Tom was drinking coffee with his friends. 3. The train stopped. 4. I am always happy. 5. Don’t worry! 6. Be happy! 7. He will not buy a car. 8. They are going camping every summer. 9. I will not wait for you. 10. Brigitte can’t speak Spanish. 11. Paul is watching a new film. 12. Someone offed him a job. 13. There is a girl living next door. 14. Tony lives in a flat. 15. Kevin works hard. 16. It is snowing.17. Rachel isn’t celebrating her birthday. 18. My favourite holiday country is Jamaica.

№1 Choose the right Tag questions:

1. It isn’t cold,                                                               a) aren’t we?

2. The police caught hi                                                  b) are they?

3. They will not read a book,                                         c) isn’t it?

4. It is Thursday today,                                                  d) doesn’t he?

5. My friends have got two sisters,                                e) didn’t they?

6. Sam has spoken to her,                                               f) hasn’t he?

7. These boys aren’t French,                                           g) is it?

8. Pupils are working hard,                                             h) will they?

9. Tom loves you,                                                             i) haven’t  they?

10 We are late,                                                                 j) aren’t they?

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