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    Контрольная работа для учащихся 10 класса (Модуль 2 Spotlight 10)
    тест по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме

    Ветошкина Татьяна Александровна

    Контрольная работа составлена для учащихся 10 класса по модулю 2 учебного пособия Spotlight 10. Данная контрольная может быть использована для проверки фундаментальных знаний учащихся. Работа полностью соответствует грамматическому и лексическому материалу модуля. 


    Предварительный просмотр:

    Test Module 2 Form 10

    1.Match the words:

    1. bus                                                 a) spree
    2. household                                      b) money
    3. student                                           c) loan
    4. shopping                                        d) fares
    5. pocket                                            e) bills
    6. Many consumers go on a…….at Christmas time.
    7. If I don’t help around the house, I don’t get any……
    8. My brother took out a …….to go to University.
    9. I’m always broke after paying the ……..at the end of the month.
    10. ………seem to be going up all the time. I think I’ll cycle to work in the future.

    2. Circle the correct response. 
    11 A: Would you rather go fishing or white-water rafting? 
         a That would be great! 
         b Well actually, I'm not too keen on either. 
    12 A: Fancy coming to the swimming pool with me? 
         a I'm sorry. I don't like it. 
         b Thanks, but I'm really tired. 
    13 A: Do you like aerobics more than martial arts? 
         a Yes, I prefer aerobics. 
         b I'm not keen on it. 
    14 A: How about going fishing this weekend? 
         a Well, I think you're right. 
         b That would be really great. 
    15 A: Would you like to go to the football match tomorrow? 
         a I'd love to. 
         b I think you're right.

    3.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 
    16 A: Would you like  (go) bowling tonight? 
         B: No, thanks. I hate bowling. 
    17 A: I can't (wait) to get home. 
         B: Neither can I. I'm really looking forward to (open) our presents. 
    18 A: Remind me (walk) the dog before I leave in the morning, will you? 
         B: Sure, but you know I wouldn't mind (do) it for you. 
    19 A: I'm not very keen on (play) board games. 
         B: Me neither. I can't stand (wait) for someone to make their move. 
    20 A: I can't help (laugh) when I see him. 
         B: Yeah, and I love (teas) him.

     4.Choose the correct sentence. 
    21 a He was mean and made the child to cry. 
         b He was mean and made the child cry. 
    22 a Let me to have your dictionary for a while, 
         b Let me have your dictionary for a while. 
    23 a I would love to watch a good comedy now. 
         b I would love watching a good comedy now. 
    24 a Jake really enjoys going to the gym. 
         b Jake really enjoys to go to the gym. 
    25 a Could you remind me posting the letter? 
         b Could you remind me to post the letter? 
    26 a I honestly don't mind doing the shopping for you. 
         b I honestly don't mind to do the shopping for you. 
    27 a They must to work long hours if they want to make money, 
         b They must work long hours if they want to make money. 
    28 a Can you imagine to be as famous as her? 
         b Can you imagine being as famous as her? 
    29 a I look forward to seeing you at the party, 
         b I look forward to see you at the party. 
    30 a Would you mind to help me with the dishes? 
         b Would you mind helping me with the dishes?

    5. Fill in: win, borrow, waste, earn. 
    31 Factory workers don't ………… a lot of money. 
    32 I don't like …………. money. It's not always easy paying it back. 
    33 Jeff hopes that some day he will …………… money in the lottery. 
    34 You shouldn't ………… so much money on useless things.

    6. Fill in: at, about, of, in
    35 My father is crazy………..photography. 
    36 Mrs Jenkins is fond ………. painting. 
    37 Are you interested ………..mythology? 
    38 I’m very proud ……… you! 
    39 Luke is brilliant ………..basketball.

    7. Fill In: competitors, presenters, spectators, sports, consumers, players. 
    40 Do you like indoor ………… or do you prefer outdoor activities?

    41 He was lucky to be among the hundreds of ….. that managed to get tickets for the match. 
    42 Food companies must be extremely careful with the quality of products they offer to …… 
    43 The best ………… in world take part in the World Chess Championship. 
    44 Iron Will, one of the youngest …………….. in the race, won by at least three minutes. 
    45 Mark and Jeff are radio …………….they have a show every evening from Monday to Friday at 10. 

    8. Circle the correct response. 
    46 A: I’m on my way to aerobics class. Fancy coming along? 
         a Sure! Why not? 
         b I’ll call you about it later. 
    47 A: Would you rather go to the cinema or the theatre? 
         a Oh! I much prefer the theatre. 
         b No, but I’m going on Saturday. 
    48 A: Don’t you think she spends too much money on clothes? 
         a You are wrong there. 
        b Oh, really where? 
    49 A: Would you like to come to the Chinese restaurant tonight? 
         a By the way, how did the gym go? 
         b I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t. 
    50 A: How about going fishing this weekend? 
         a Oh! I’ve got an arts class tonight! 
         b I’m not keen on fishing.

     9. Listen to the conversation between two friends and answer questions 51-57, deciding whether the statements are A (True), B (False) or C (Not stated). 
    51 Sarah had an interesting weekend. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    52 Sarah saw the activity advertised at school. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    53 There were six people on Sarah's raft. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    54 Sarah had all the right equipment with her. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    55 Sarah was the only beginner. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    56 Sarah got a good tan at the weekend. 
    A True B False C Not stated 
    57 Sarah wasn’t frightened at all during the trip. 
    A True B False C Not stated 

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