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    Контрольная работа для учащихся 7 класса (Модуль 2 Spotlight 7)
    тест по английскому языку (7 класс) по теме

    Ветошкина Татьяна Александровна

    Контрольная работа составлена для учащихся 7 класса по модулю 2, учебное пособие Spotlight. Контрольная работа соответствует грамматическому и лексическому материалу модуля и может быть использована для проверки знаний учащихся. 


    Предварительный просмотр:

    Test –paper Module 2 Form 7

    1.Complete the sentences with the words from below. 
    • fictional • loyal • investigation 
    • obsession • appearance • eyewitness 
    • magnifying glass 

    1 A …… makes objects appear bigger than they actually are. 
    2 Luckily there was an …….. who saw everything. 
    3 The police started an ………. into the crime. 
    4 Dr. Watson was Sherlock Holmes’ ………. friend. 
    5 Scrooge Mc Duck is famous for his ………. with money. 
    6 Sherlock Holmes is famous for his neat ………….

    7 Miss Marple is a ………. detective. 

    2.Read the text and answer the questions below. 


     Inspector Morse is the star of a series of thirteen detective novels by British writer Colin Dexter. Morse is a senior officer with the Thames Valley Police in Oxford. 
    The novels were so popular because Inspector Morse has such an unusual personality. He loves classic cars, classical music and is very intelligent. He is also a very likeable person but he usually seems in a bad mood. Inspector Morse dislikes spelling errors and bad grammar and always points out the mistakes he finds in reports. 
    Morse has a faithful young partner called Detective Sergeant Lewis who accompanies him everywhere. 
    The Inspector Morse books were so successful that Central Independent Television made them into a TV series that is still popular today. 

    8 Who wrote the Inspector Morse novels? 

    9 What did Inspector Morse like/dislike? 
    10 Where did Morse work? 

    11Was the TV series popular?
    12 Who was Detective Sergeant Lewis? 

    3Complete the sentences with the words below. There are two words you do not need to use.

     area    river   amazing     bushes     discover      nephew      uncle        explore
    13 Be careful! There are lots of pickpockets in this…… 
    14 20000 Leasues Under the Sea is an…… book! 
    15 Hide in the ……….before the angry dog sees you! 
    16 Did Columbus …….America? 
    17 Someone’s ………is the son of their sister or brother. 
    18 Did the children …….the old house at the end of the street?

    4 Circle the correct answer. 
    19 We’ll continue the investigation after/until we find the murderer. 
    20 I turned on the light as soon as/until I arrived. 
    21 Amy left for work after/when  she had breakfast. 
    22 Helen waited as soon as/until it got dark. 
    23 She ran to the police station until/after she saw the thief. 
    24 Please turn off the computer as soon as/when you leave.

    5Complete the sentences with the correct past forms of the verbs. 
    • find • tell • watch • stop • dive 
    • cry • take • solve • call • go • try 
    • drop • fill • feel • send 

    25 James ……to the police to report the incident. 
    26 He …….. into the swimming pool twice. 
    27 He …… me the truth. 
    28 I …….the last episode of my favourite TV series yesterday. 
    29 She……. him a present by post. 
    30 Mary …… a lot when she heard the bad news. 
    31 Brian ……. the train to London. 
    32She ……. happy when she got her jewels back. 
    33 Peter …….. my mother’s antique vase. It broke into thousands of pieces. 
    34 Laura ……. her mother as soon as she arrived in Paris. 
    35He …….. talking when I walked into the room. 
    36 She …… to stop the thief, but he got away. 
    37She …….. the glass with orange juice. 
    38 Miss Marple ……. many mysteries in St Mary

    6 Fill in the gaps with the past simple form of the verbs in the list. 
    • not/have • lose • manage 
    • find • go • stop 

    39 A: I ……my wallet on the bus. 
    B: Did you report it? 
    40 A: Last night, I …… my lost key. 
    B: That’s great. 
    41 A: I …….swimming yesterday. 
    B: Good for you. 
    42 A: Why are you late for work? 
    B: My alarm clock …… working this morning. 
    43A: I ……. to solve the puzzle before breakfast. 
    B: You are very clever, Mike. 
    44 A: Did Brian win the race? 
    B: No, he didn’t. He ……. got a fast enough boat.


    Listen and answer the questions. 
    45 What was Jenny scared of? 
    46 What did he do last night? 
    47 What time did she finish school today? 
    48 Who are they describing? 

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