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    Проверочная работа по Модулю 1( УМК Spotlight 11 класс)
    тренажёр по английскому языку (11 класс)

    Коробейникова Екатерина Викторовна

    В работе представлены 3 задания на проверку лексичксих и грамматических навыков для 3 вариантов.


    Файл Содержание задания15.52 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Сard 1

    №1 Fill in the gaps: divorced, separated, married, engaged, maternal

    1. His parents……. … when he was a boy and had to sell the house. He’s been living with his father in an apartment ever since. Ann and her husband Jim are………so she has moved out and lives with her parents. She goes to her therapist every week to figure out if she wants to stay………They aren’t happy together. We got ……..in May and the wedding is in November.
    2. Translate:брак, свадьба, полная семья, неполная семья, родственники, взаимоотношения
    1. Tenses: What time _____________ (the meeting/end)?

    Tomorrow I _____________ (fly) to Moscow to visit my aunt Sally.

    Right now he _______ (talk) on the phone.

    The Earth __________ (go) round the Sun.

    I _________ (look) for my camera for an hour.

    Card 2

    1 Fill in the gaps: wedding, marriage, relatives, relation, generation, ancestors

    1. My grandparents are celebrating 30 years of …………this year.
    2. Their ……anniversary is on the 21st of October.
    3. Tom’s family is very large, he hasn’t even met all of his………..who live in 6 different states.
    4. His ………originally came from India when they moved to America two centuries ago.

    2 Translate: поколение, предки, пожилые люди, демографический взрыв, население

    3 3 Tenses:

    1. I ... my laptop at the moment. You can borrow it. (use)
    2. It ... in summer. (snow)
    3. He ... English, he only speaks Russian. (speak)
    4. Last week they rented a nice flat, so now they ... for a place to live. (look)
    5. They moved to another neighbourhood. We ... each other very often now. (see)

    Card 3

    1 Fill in the gaps: wedding, marriage, generation, ancestors, married couple

    1. The………..of most Americans come from around the world.
    2. …….Z will have to face new challenges.
    3. On the cruise ship I saw a young ………just after their ceremony.

    2 translate : быть женатым (быть в браке), жить раздельно, быть в разводе, родственники жены, семейные традиции

    3 Tenses;

    1. The coffee ___________ (smell) good.
    2. At the moment we ___________ (take) a walk around a beautiful village.
    3. We _____________ (not/finish) our history project yet.
    4. Kim _____________ (never/be) abroad.
    5. School always _______  (close) for Easter holidays.

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