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    Итоговая контрольная работа в 5-х классах (Комарова ЮА)
    тест по английскому языку (5 класс)

    Анандаева Цыцыгма Доржиевна

    Итоговая контрольная работа в 5-х классах (Комарова ЮА)


    Предварительный просмотр:


    5 CLASS

    1. Choose is, isn’t, are, aren’t:
    1. There ______ a river in Moscow.
    2. There ______ a lot of cinemas in our city.
    3. There ______ some coffee.
    4. There ______ any apples.
    5. ____ there a cake? Yes, there _____ .
    6. ____ there any oranges? No, there _____ .
    1. Choose a/an/some/any:
    1. I’ve got ___ computer.
    2. She’s got ___ egg.
    3. There are ____ sweets on the table.
    4. There isn’t ____ milk.
    5. Susan hasn’t got _____ money.
    6. Is there _____ orange juice?
    1. Complete the table with three degrees of comparison
    1. Choose the right word.
    1. My granny is _____ in my family! She’s 100!
    1. older b) the oldest c) more older
    1. Nick is _____ at sport than me.
    1. better b) the best c) the goodest
    1. An elephant is _______ animal in the world.
    1. big b) the most biggest c) the biggest
    1. Choose the Present Simple, Present Continuous or Past Simple verbs:
    1. I _____ my homework every day.
    1. do b) does c) am doing d) did
    1. She usually ______ breakfast at 9 o’clock.
    1. haves b) has c) is having d) had
    1. My sister ______ to music now.
    1. listening b) is listening c) are listening d) listen
    1. Leonardo da Vinci ______ an artist.
    1. be b) was c) were d) beed
    1. Piere and Marie Curie ______ scientists.
    1. were b) was c) been d) beed
    1. The children ______ pictures now.
    1. isn’t drawing b) aren’t draw c) don’t draw d) aren’t drawing
    1. Our teacher ______ the Internet on weekends.
    1. doesn’t surf b) doesn’t surfs c) isn’t surfing d) didn’t surf
    1. I _____ Maths lessons.
    1. doesn’t like b) don’t like c) am not liking d) not like
    1. ___ he ___ now?
    1. is dance b) is dancing c) is dancing d) does dance
    1. ___ your grandpa visit this museum in 1945?
    1. do b) does c) is d) did
    1. Choose the topic and write 5 sentences on it:
    • 1)My family 2)My city 3) My school 4) My chores at home 5) My ordinary day

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