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    Контрольная работа 8 класс
    тест по английскому языку (8 класс)

    Анандаева Цыцыгма Доржиевна

    Тест включает в себя задания по следующим темам:

    Сослагательное наклонение

    Видо-временные категории глагола,

    Артикли с географическими названиями,



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    Предварительный просмотр:


    I. Put the verbs into the correct forms (Conditionals II,III):

    1. If  I were you, I  (read ) more.
    2. If she won the lottery, she (travel) a lot.
    3. If you (speak) English very well, you would find a highly-paid job.
    4. If you had asked me yesterday, I (help) you.
    5. If people (throw) waste in the water, our rivers would have been cleaner.

    II.  Put the verbs into the correct forms (the Past Continuous, the Past Perfect, the Present Perfect Continuous):

    1. We (read) the book since Monday. I hope we will finish it next week.
    2. By the time his Mom came home he (do) his homework.
    3. I (write) an essay for an hour and haven’t finished it yet.
    4. At 6 o’clock yesterday I (watch) TV.
    5. When we arrived to the station, the train already (leave).
    6. When he came into the classroom, the students (wait) for him.
    7. The baby (play) for half an hour. He likes his new toy very much.
    8. I (listen) to the music since last year.
    9. It (rain), when I left the house.
    10. I met him while I (walk) along the street.

    III. Choose the article.

    1. …Volga is the longest river in Russia.

    a). the            b). -

    1. …United Kingdom  consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    a). the             b). -

    1. …Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

    a). the             b). -

    1. We are going to spend our holidays in … Alps.

    a). the            b). –

           e.   … Baikal is the deepest lake  in the world.

    a). the            b). –

    1. … British Isles are a group of  islands to the north-west of Europe.

    a). the            b). –

    IV. Make nouns from the following  verbs. Some verbs have the same form.

    1. to waste
    2. to protect
    3. to pollute
    4. to research
    5. to explore
    6. to support

    V. Make adjectives from the following  nouns.

    1. nature
    2. nation
    3. ecology
    4. environment
    5. culture

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