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    Контрольная работа для 8 класса Spotlight Module 5
    тест по английскому языку (8 класс)

    Ковалёва Виктория Николаевна

    Проверочная работа по теме Экология: чтение, лексика, словообразование, грамматические структуры used to



    Файл ekologiya_chtenie_leksika_used_to_ing_forms.docx19.06 КБ

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Name____________________________________ VARIANT 2

    Form_________________________________  (______/60)___%

    1.Read definitions of natural disasters and name them.


    1. a period of time with no rain -                                                        _____________________

    2. large amount of water that covers an area which is usually dry -  _____________________

    3. an extremely violent wind or storm -                                            _____________________

    4. a huge wave caused by an earthquake which flows onto land -     _____________________

    5. a shaking of the ground -                                                                _____________________


    2. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold. (change it into nouns)

    1. Her daughter made such a nice_______________ for the party.                               INVITE 

    2. A lot of animals on the Earth need __________________                                   PROTECT 

    3. He had a very attractive _____________________                                                APPEAR

    4 We live in the house with all the modern ________________                      CONVENIENT

    5. I still think he needs your _____________ in choosing the career.                             GUIDE


    3.Fill in: pollution, cyclone, global warming, poverty, endangered, famine in the correct form. There is one extra word.

    1. The oil spill near Alaska in 1989 was the worst case of water ______________ in history.

    2. There are a lot of __________________________ species on the planet.

    3. We say that people live in ______________ when they don’t have enough money to pay for their food or housing

    4. __________________________ are very common in South East Asia.

    5. Governments should do everything not to let people die of _______________________  



    4. Choose used to/be used to/get used to

    1. He lived in the North for a long time so he _______________ the cold.

    2. When a child she __________________play with a lot of dolls.

    3. She’s been in Britain for three months and she can’t ________________ driving on the left.

    4. Mike __________________doing his homework to music. It’s a usual way he does it.

    5. Pupils don’t like wearing uniform to school but surely they will____________________ it.

    6.When I was a child I _______________ a lot of questions. (ask)

    7. Sue lives alone. She It is not strange for her. She____________________ alone. (live)


    5. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form –ing form or infinitive.

    1. Has it stopped __ __________________ yet? (snow)

    2. They denied __________________________ the window. (break)

    3.They decided _______________________the homework. (do)

    4. My sister agreed _________________ me clean the room. (help)

    5. The baby began _________________ in the middle of the night. (cry).


    6. Fill in 

    1 I'm tired of breathing car exhaust fog/fumes/ smoke every time I walk around the city.

    2 Don't lose/miss/waste your time trying to make her change her mind.
    3 The members of the rescue
    team/crew/staff pulled the man out of the collapsed building.


    7. Fill in: in, off, on, out, for

    1 The fire fighters were called……...to save the people from the burning building, (asked to come to somebody's rescue)
    2 The match was
    called ……...due to bad weather, (cancelled)
    3 The floods in the Philippines
    call ……...immediate action, (need)


    8. Reading. 

    Volunteers needed

    Holiday time does not have to mean being idle and bored. It’s a chance to

    gain new experiences outside your classroom. Sports events, scientific expeditions, wildlife adventures - everything is possible if you have the will to do it. This information is for those who would like to participate in ecological projects and to learn more about nature and wildlife.

       The ‘My Future’ organisation was started recently. Our aim is to protect the

    unique places in our country - their ecosystems, animals, and plants. In the future, we are planning to take part in international projects too.

       Currently ‘My Future’ is undertaking a project to save threatened wetland

    species across the country and we are looking for brave and smart students who

    would like to offer us their help. It is going to be our first experience of accepting teenagers on to our projects and we hope it will be a success.

       At the moment, we have twenty vacancies for school students aged 16 and

    over. The jobs focus on taking care of the injured and abandoned animals, assisting wildlife vets, animal and bird watching, and taking part in the promotional and educational events of the organisation.

       All the first-time volunteers will be supervised by our veterans. There are

    environmental specialists from all over the world who have been working with us for years. They will teach you how to use our environmental equipment for water and soil sampling and how to treat the polluted water and soil. Needless to say, all our volunteers are provided with free clothes and boots appropriate for working around lakes, bogs and other wetlands. All the volunteers are also provided with food and drinking water. Sleeping in tents in wetland is not very comfortable or safe, so our volunteers are accommodated in local inns, carefully selected by our managers according to our hygiene and safety standards. Free doctor’s services are available at any time as well as transportation to the city hospital in case of emergency. There are no special health requirements for candidates, except that everyone should be vaccinated against the few (not many!) infections you may come across in the wetlands.

       It’s worth mentioning that, by joining the team, you’ll enjoy a multilingual

    and multicultural working environment. If you cannot boast a very good command of English, do not worry - three quarters of our volunteers speak English as a foreign language and we never experience any problems because of this! For any further information, visit our website. There you can also fill in an application form to become a ‘My Future’ volunteer.

    Despite this, it doesn’t mean that the slavery should go on. Adaptation programmes are needed to help the dolphins to restore their immune system and to learn all the skills needed in the sea.

    A pod is a place where dolphins meet up before and after hunting

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    It has been proved that dolphins have telepathic ability.

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    Dolphins use their navigation system to find fish.

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    In India dolphins DO NOT participate in entertainment shows any more

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    In the USA keeping a dolphin as a pet is a serious crime

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    The Indian government has officially declared that living in pools and

    dolphinariums is harmful for dolphins

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    If dolphins born in a pool are let into the sea, they risk getting ill.

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

    It takes the dolphins about half a year to adapt to living freely in the sea.

    1) True 2) False 3) Not stated


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