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    Входная работа 6 класс
    учебно-методический материал по английскому языку (6 класс)

    Фазлахметова Елена Дмитриевна

    Входная работа для 6 класса с пояснительной запиской (с ответами) и аудированием.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Фамилия, имя________________________________________________

    Входной тест по англ. языку 6 класс

    I Аудирование

    Послушайте текст и определите, какие из утверждений 1-6 являются верными (T), а какие неверными (F).

    1. Novosibirsk is a very important city in Siberia.
    2. The Ob River is not very big.
    3. The   metro   bridge   across   the   river   is   the   longest   in Europe.
    4. The year 1893 is very important for the city.
    5. If you visit Novosibirsk, you can enjoy watching a ballet or listening to an opera.
    6. The children of Novosibirsk would like to have a zoo in their city.

    II Чтение

    Прочитайте текст.Закончите предложения после текста.

    Journalist: Mr Lockwood, I'd like to ask you some questions if        you've got a minute.

    Mr Lockwood: OK. What are you interested in?        

    Journalist: I hear that you were   away   from   the   country   last month.        

    Mr Lockwood: It's true. I was in Russia.

    Journalist: In Russia? Did you go there on business?

    Mr Lockwood: No, I didn't. I went to Russia as a tourist because I wanted to see the country and meet its people. It was my first visit there.

    Journalist: Why Russia?

    Mr Lockwood: Because I'm interested in Russian culture and history and want to know more about them.

    Journalist: Did you enjoy your trip?

    Mr Lockwood: I certainly did. I visited Moscow and St Petersburg. I watched a ballet in the Bolshoi and visited some picture galleries in St Petersburg. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Journalist: What about the climate? They say Russia is a cold country.

    Mr Lockwood: I was there in March, in early spring and it wasn't very cold. I know that winters in the north of Russia are the coldest season.

    Journalist: Did you meet a lot of people? What are they like?

    Mr Lockwood: Very friendly and warm. I think Russian people are very talented. They make great poets, musicians and painters. They are brave soldiers too.

    Journalist: Would you like to go there again?

    Mr Lockwood: Yes, I would. I'd like to travel about the country, go to Siberia and the Far East, to visit the north.

    Journalist: Thank you for your time, Mr Lockwood.

    1) Mr Lockwood ... to Russia on business.

     a) went        b) didn't go

    2) Mr Lockwood ... what he saw.

    a) liked        b) didn't like

    3)  Mr Lockwood visited Russia ... .

    1.   in the coldest season     b) when the temperature was not low

    4) Mr Lockwood wants to see more of ... .
    a) Russia        b) Siberia

    III Лексика и грамматика.

    1) Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple.

    Mary Stuart … (become) Queen of Scotland in 1542 when she … (be) six days old. When she … (be) a girl of five, Mary … (go) to live in France. She … (marry) the King of France’s son, Francis, when she … (be) fifteen and … (become) Queen of France the next year. When she … (be) eighteen, Francis … (die) and in 1561 Mary Stuart … (sail) back to Scotland.

    In 1568 Mary … (escape) to England. She … (ask) her cousin, Elizabeth, for help but Elizabeth … (put) Mary in prison because she … (be) dangerous for her. Some people … (want) the Catholic Mary to be Queen of England. In 1587, Elizabeth … (order) the execution of her cousin, Mary.

    2) Вставьте подходящее слово:







    1. Emma loves … , especially chemistry.
    2. Stefan wants to be a painter. He's studying … .
    3. Angela wants to design building one day. She’s studying … .
    4. Luke plays the piano in all the school concerts. He’s a brilliant at … .
    5.  … is the study of numbers.
    6. Jess is very interested in animals and plants. She wants to study … .

    IV Письмо. Составьте предложения из слов и запишите.

    1. week/ the/ sea/ my/family/and/I/ last/went/to___________________


    1. not/read/I/ three/ago/magazines/could/years/English/in___________


    1. children/go/ in/ Russian/ skiing/ parents/winter/ their/with________


    1. get up/ who/people/every/ dogs/ because/ early/ have/walk/pets/they/their/morning_______________________________________________________________________________________

    Предварительный просмотр:

    Входной тест по английскому языку для 6 класса

    Проверяемые элементы:

    1. В заданиях раздела «Аудирование» (1-6) проверяется умение воспринимать на слух и понимать информацию из текста, построенного на знакомом языковом материале.
    2. В заданиях раздела «Чтение» (1-4) проверяется умение читать про себя и понимать содержание небольшого текста, построенного в основном на изученном языковом материале, и находить в тексте необходимую информацию.
    3. В заданиях раздела «Лексика и грамматика» (1-16, 1-6) проверятся умение распознавать и употреблять в речи изученные грамматические явления, развивается догадка.

    Время выполнения – 40 минут.


    Listening                                            Reading






















    № 2

    1.  Science
    2. Art
    3. Architecture
    4. Music
    5. Mathematics
    6. Biology


    1. Last week my family and I went to the sea.
    2. Three years ago I could not read magazines in English.
    3. In winter Russian children go skiing with their parents.
    4. People who have dogs get up early because every morning they walk their pets.

    Текст аудиозаписи:


    Novosibirsk is one of the largest cities in Russia. People often say that it is the capital of Siberia. It is situated on the Ob, a long and powerful river. The metro bridge across the river is the longest metro bridge in the world. The birthday of the city is April 30, 1893.

    Novosibirsk is a very beautiful city with wide green streets and large squares. It is a city of students and scientists, its university is famous in the country.

    There is a lot to see and to do in Novosibirsk. It has one of the best opera houses in Russia, theatres, cinemas, museums and a very unusual railway station. Children can take a ride on the children's railway or go to the zoo, which has more than 600 kinds of animals.

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