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    контроль лексики 8 класс
    методическая разработка (8 класс) по теме

    Мирзоева Елена Николаевна

    Тест по лексики по разделам 1 и 2 УМК Enjoy English в 8 классе .


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    Контроль лексического материала

    в 8 классе по УМК Биболетовой Enjoy English.

    Module 1.

    I. Write words using the transcription. Translate.









    II. Make up phrases and translate.

    1. solar

    2. milky

    3. raining

    4. terrible

    5. below

    6. space

    7. four

    8. north

    9. football

    10. blue

    a) weather

    b) zero

    c) oceans

    d) way

    e) star

    f) system

    g) pole

    h) suit

    i) cats and dogs

    j) planet

    III. Put the words into the sentences.

    Telescope        cloud                distance        sunny                 lovely                solar system            cold             galaxy                earth    

    1. I like her. She has a ______ smile.

    2. ______ is the Sun together with the planets going round it.

    3. He came to his _________ and looked at the sky.

    4. The _____ is the 5th largest planet in the solar system.

    5. ______ is a large huge disc with a bulge in the middle.

    6. The __________ from pole to pole is 20000 km.

    7. I think it’s too ____ to go skiing.

    8. What a ______ morning. The sun is shining and there is hardly a ______ in the sky.

    Module 2.

    1) Match words.

    1. air
    2. recycling
    3. throw
    4. drop
    5. waste
    6. protect
    7. rubbish
    8. environmental

    a) bin

    b) litter

    c) paper

    d) away

    e) centre

    f) pollution

    g) environment

    e) research

    2) Put the words into the sentences.

    waste          bin        prohibited        drinks         environmental              recyclable        packs                

    1. Why did you do that? There is a gabbage _____ over there! Never do litter in the streets!

    2. Only 80 per cent of packaging is ___________. 20 per cent cannot be recycled.

    3. ______ from plants and factories pollute water and air.

    4. People should care more about _____ problems.

    5. So much litter was left in the streets after the holiday: _____ of cigarettes, cans of _________.

    6. Smoking in transport is ___________.

    3) Put correct form of the word.

    1. More (recycle) centers should be built in our country.

    2. I am getting (use) to this atmosphere in the camp.

    3. Today there are a lot of environmental problems on the Earth, such as sea and air (pollute), littering of cities and countryside.

    4. (Protect) of nature is an important problems nowadays.

    5. Please, avoid (litter) the streets.

    6. Bottles, cans and paper packaging can be (recycle).

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