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    Контрольная работа к учебнику О. В. Афанасьевой, И. В. Михеевой "Английский язык" 7 класс
    тест (7 класс) по теме

    Чистякова Наталья Анатольевна

     Контрольная работа к учебнику о. В. Афанасьевой,, И. В. Михеевой "Английский язык 7 класс" поможет провести промежуточный контроль лексико-грамматических знаний учащихся, а также навыков чтения и словообразования.


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    Предварительный просмотр:

                                       PROGRESS TEST  7____

    Name ________________                                                          Date ___________                                            

    Variant 1

    I. Choose the right answer (a, b or c)

    1. What is … difference between … opera and … operetta?

    a) the, the, the    b) the, an, an  c) a, the, the

    2. The King`s order was to put the young man to … prison.

    a)a  b)the c)-

    3. Charles turned … to be a very good friend; he was really very helpful when I was in trouble.

    A )into  b)up c)out

    4. In the middle of the night somebody knocked … the window.

    A )on  b)at c)in

    5. John told me he had seen an alien. I almost believed him but but looked at him to see if he was….

    a) pushing his luck b) pulling his face c)pulling my leg

    6. This knife won`t cut, it is absolutely…

    a)rough b)blunt c)pointed

    7. Jane`s life turned out to be much … than she could expect.

    a) more unhappy b) unhappiest c)unhappier

    8. Here you are! I… everywhere for you.

    a) have been looking b)have looked c)was looking

    9. Jane agreed that John … trouble since the day of his arrival.

    a)had been causing  b)has caused c)had caused

    10. What is … news?

    a)the latest b)the last c)last

    11. Jane is two years … than Jack.

    a)elder b)older c)oldest

    12.The young man was so hungry that he … at the food that was given to him.

    a) got b)turned c)rushed

    13. The opposite to “spiteful”is …

    a) greedy b) moody c)kind

    14. “Reliable” means…

    a)able to be trusted b)vey patient c)considerate

    15. Does your granddaughter often visit you, Mrs Walter? – Oh, no. …

    a)once in a white moon b)twice in a blue moon c)once in a blue moon

    16. How old is he? – He is going to be 21 soon. He is …

    a)a person advanced in years b)a person coming of age c)a person getting on in years

    17. He went to bed and tried to make himself…

    a)fall asleep b)go to sleep

    II. Put the word in capitals in the right form.

    Kevin Heyes is 18 years old. He loves sport and he has a dangerous hobby.

     He 1)______________ waterfalls! How is this possible? The answer is easy. He     CLIMB

    2)________________  in the summer but he climbs in the winter when           NOT CLIMB

    everything 3)___________________.                                                                                    FREEZE

    At the moment  Kevin  4) __________________ plans for his next climb. He is            MAKE

    going to  travel to the Canadian Rockies in January. He wants to climb a

    big waterfall there. Kevin 5)________________ to be fit for his hobby and he           HAVE

    is training this month. Every day he 6)________________ for an hour and                   RUN

    he goes swimming. Many people think Kevin 7)________________ crazy.                   BE  

    Although attentively reading a book, I was also scanning the passengers.

    They were a 8)_________ _________of all kinds. A young                                                  MIX

    9)___________ girl with                                                                                                             INDIA

    10)_____________ black hair   who   was standing next to a young man                       SHINE 11)____________ in white trousers, a smart white shirt and                                            DRESS

    a red 12)________________ coat. His                                                                                   WOOL

    13)__________ hair    was black. Indians are not often seen here                                 WAVE

    and the other people in the carriage were 14)______________staring at                     OPEN

    the couple.


        III.  The following letter from Mike about his recent European vacation was sent to Linda. Unfortunately, her dog chewed it up and now Mike needs to put it back in the right order. Can you help him? Put the correct number into each of the boxes in the four missing parts. There are two extra paragraphs you don't need.

    1. Clive and his wife left us once we got to Germany by train. They went up into Denmark but we continued to Munich. Wow - what a great city. I bought you a surprise gift there. I hope you like it.

    2. As I told you yesterday, I am in Rome today. Tomorrow we are getting the train down into the south of the country and then the ship across to Greece.

    3. I paid nearly $200 for it but it looks magnificent and is made of real leather.

    4. OK, that's enough from me for now. I want to post this letter now so you get it by the weekend.

    5. At least when we got to Paris, the sun was shining! We only stayed for one afternoon in the French capital because my friends really wanted to visit Euro Disney which is to the east of Paris.

    6. I sent her a postcard last night. It had the Eiffel Tower on it, which she has always wanted to visit. Now she can look at it on a postcard every day!

    Dear Linda,

    How are things with you. It was great talking to you yesterday by phone.

    I can't wait to arrive in Athens to see all that history. Let me tell you something about where we have visited so far. I know you want to come here on vacation too one day!

    We started in England and we spent two days in London and another day in Canterbury. We saw a lot of great history and the only bad thing was the weather - it rained for the whole time we were there. Can you believe it?

    Well, I have to say I prefer the American Disneyland. But we met some nice people from Canada and spent two great days with them. One of them, Clive, is going to your university next year. How's that for a coincidence!

    After that, we went south into Switzerland. It was very expensive and we couldn't stay as long as we wanted to, so that's why we're in Italy now!

    See you soon,


    PROGRESS TEST  7____

    Name ________________                                                          Date ___________                                            

    Variant 2

    I. Choose the right answer (a, b or c)

    1. … Sun is shining brightly but there are … clouds in …sky.

    a) the, -, the b) the, the, the c)the, -, -

    2. Dr Clerk works in …. hospital.

    a)a b)the c)-

    3. The wind was so strong that it turned our umbrellas

    a)inside out b)upside down c)inside down

    4. The wind blew … the candle and we found ourselves in the dark.

    a)off b)out c)down

    5. Though Boris said he hadn`t ridden his brother`s bicycle, Allan… and Boris had to explain where he had been and how he had broken his brother`s bike.

    a) pushed him to the wall b)pushed himself together c)pulled him to pieces

    6. My favourite colour is dove…

    a) green b)white c)black

    7. Which of the cities is ….: Tula or Volgograd?

    a) the most populated b) populater c)more populated

    8. Someone … my bike and … it.

    a) has ridden, has broken b)rode, has been breaking c)has been riding, has broken

    9. Little Sarah`s face and hands were in flour. It was clear she ….

    a) had cooked b)has been cooking c) had been cooking

    10. Yesterday we bought the … copy of this weekly magazine.

    a)last b)latest c)farthest

    11. I wonder what her … explanation is going to be.

    a)farther b)farthest c)further

    12. How do you usually get to  … underground station?

    a) the next b)nearest c)the nearest

    13. I am sure you will … over all difficulties.

    a) rush b)come c)get

    14. Nick had to be rushed … hospital when a snake bit him.

    a)at b)in c)to

    15. People who have no hair are…

    a)skinny b)with a dimple c)bald

    16. “Fussy” means …

    a) moody b)difficult to please c)considerate

    17. Why are you so blue? I mean why you are so…

    a)cheerful b)sad c)angry

    II. Put the word in capitals in the right form.

    Are today`s teenagers really lazy, rude and 1) ______________________?                           HELP                                                    

    We talked to forty teenagers and  2)_____________ parents.    We                                       THEY

    wanted    to find out  if they got on well. Most of the teenagers said they

    3)______________ rebels. For example, Emma, aged 14, said that                                        NOT BE                                          

    she4)_____________________ often with her parents. She said her mother              NOT ARGUE

    was her 5)________________ friend. Several teenagers said they were not               CLOSE

    happy at home, but they also said their 6) ______________ were important            FAMILY

    to them. Donna, aged 15, said that she 7)______________- talk to her parents      CANNOT

    about  problems because they didn`t understand her. But she said it didn`t

    worry her because she didn`t  spend 8) __________ time at home.                             MANY

    Are young people 9) _______________today than 50 years ago? This is a very        HAPPY

    interesting question. I have talked to many of my friends about this. They

    have many 10) _________________ opinions. Young people have more                         DIFFER

    opportunities than in the past. They have more money, more chances

    to get a good 11)____________________.  There is also a lot of new technology     EDUCATE

    to enjoy. There are mobile phones and the Internet. They give lots of

    12)________________ for communicating with friends. On the other hand,         POSSIBLE

    there are many pressures on young people now to have a career, to

    earn lots of money, to look 13)_______________ and to be in a happy                   GOOD



    III. Read this letter from Milena to her pen-pal, Elena. There are six paragraphs. Match each paragraph to a subject by writing the correct letter (A-F) for what it talks about.

    Dear Elena,

    Thank you for the letter you sent me last week. I'm very happy to hear that you and Francesco are well and that your exam results were so good. Well done! I know you studied hard and you deserve your success.

    Mine are next week so at the moment I'm studying a lot. I'm really nervous about them because, if you remember, I was ill for a couple of months at the end of the year and so I missed a lot of lessons. When they finish I would like to come and visit you for a few days, if that's OK with your mom and dad.

    Do you remember I told you about my friend Amanda from Scotland? She's going to come here next month and is going to stay for two weeks. I'd like you to come too so you can meet her and we can all go out together. What do you think? We can practice our English!

    I remember last year we had such a good time. The beaches near your house are wonderful and I really enjoyed meeting your friends (especially Roberto! Is he still single?) I can't remember the name of the disco next to the train station but I'd like to go there again - it was fun.

    Oh, guess what! Jason broke his arm last weekend! He went to the skateboard park with his friends from school and fell down some steps (he doesn't know how to skateboard!) He's got a plaster cast and he's going to have it for at least six weeks. He's such an idiot!

    My mom's calling me for lunch so I'll finish this letter now. Say hello to your family and don't forget to congratulate Francesco for me.

    lots of love

    1. Well done!       C. Preparation for exams.            E. I have to go.
    2. Plans                 D. News                                      F. Our latest holiday together.

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