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    План проведения урока английского языка в 5 классе (технология развивающих методов обучения). Домашнее чтение "Алиса в стране чудес"
    план-конспект урока (5 класс) по теме

    Яковлева Мунира Сулеймановна

    Конспект урока в 5 классе "Алиса в стране чудес"


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    Предварительный просмотр:

    План проведения урока английского языка

               по домашнему чтению

    ( технология развивающих медотов обучения)

                          в 5 классе

    Учитель -  Яковлева Мунира Сулеймановна

    Тема урока: Домашнее чтение. Глава 12 книги Л.Кэрролла

                          «Алиса в Стране Чудес»

    Цели и задачи урока:


    Совершенствование навыков работы с текстом, активизация изученных лексических единиц и речевых оборотов, развитие навыков монологического высказывания.


    Развитие и совершенствование коммуникативных умений обучающихся, формирование оценочного суждения, самостоятельного исследовательского подхода.


    Формирование лингвистической, тематической и социокультурной компетенции,  активная жизненная позиция и толерантность, стимулирование познавательного интереса, формирование нравственных взглядов и оценок.

    Ход урока. Вступительное слово учителя и речевая разминка.


    1. How are you?
    2. What is the weather like today?
    3. It is fine, isn’t it?
    4. It is cold today, isn’t it?
    5. Is it raining now?
    6. It isn’t snowing now, is it?
    7. What day of the week is it today?
    8. What day of the week was it yesterday?
    9. What day of the week will it be tomorrow?
    10. Which is your favourite day of the week?
    11. What date is it today?

    OK! Today is Saturday, the 16th of May.

            Every Saturday we have our home-reading lesson. Today we’ll continue to speak about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Your homework was to read and be able to work with Chapter 12. So get ready and let’s start our lesson.

    Look at the pictures of the sounds. Read the words and repeat after me.

    • hand, pack, back, rabbit, fan
    • Humpty-Dumpty, Duchess, cut, mushroom, hush
    • head, red, seven, neck, egg
    • who, you, blue, through, too
    • card, gardener, laugh, pass, heart (Queen of Hearts)
    • rose, soldier, most, gold, home

    Now, look at the words again. Guess the word by its definition.

    • It’s a yellow metal that costs a lot of money. (Gold)
    • It’s a plant with a short stem and round top, which can be eaten. (Mushroom)
    • It’s a person in the army. (Soldier)
    • It’s a small animal with long ears which lives in holes under the ground. (Rabbit)
    • It’s a small piece of stiff paper with pictures and numbers, used for various games. (Card)
    • It’s a piece of land where trees, flowers, or vegetables are grown. round a house or in a public place. (Garden)

    Who wants to write the words on the blackboard?

    Well done! Train reading the list of words. Now look through the text, find   and read aloud the sentences with these words.

    While you were looking for the sentences, you’ve gone over the details of the text. Let’s remember some more details. Look at Ex.1.

                    Who said it?

    1. “Will you please tell me, why are you painting these white roses red?” (Alice)
    2. “We are afraid she will cut off our heads.” (The gardener Two)
    3. “What is your name, child?” (The Queen of Hearts)
    4. “My dear, she is only a child. You must not forget it.” (The King)
    5. “The Duchess is in prison. They will cut off her head.” (The White Rabbit)

    You have read the words of these characters but I’d like your reading to be more emotionally coloured. Do you understand this expression? What do I mean?

    “С выражением” I mean. So let’s work in small groups and read some extracts from the text. Try to read your part so that to express all the emotions of the characters.

     The 1st extract is the talk between Alice and the gardeners.

    S1, you are Alice.

    S2, you are a Gardener (one for the three).

    S3, you will read the words from the author.

    Who wants to read the 2nd extract.

    S4, you are Alice.

    S5, you are the Queen.

    S6, the author.

    The 3rd extract is the talk between Alice and The White Rabbit.

    So, you are Alice.

    You are The Rabbit.

    And you are the author.

    Well done, S1 for your excellent reading you get a ‘5’.


    Now, let’s have a break and do some exercises.

    Stand up!

            Hands up!

            Hands down!

            Hands up!

            Move your fingers!

            Hands down!

    Sit down! Thank you!

    Our next exercise is “True or False”. I’ll give you these sheets of papers with some sentences. Read and choose the correct answer. If the answer is “False”, give the right answer. Who wants to start?

    1. Alice looked about. There was a big HOUSE near her.                 T/F
    2. Alice took a bite from the piece of the APPLE in her hand.                T/F
    3. The roses which grew on a large rose-tree were YELLOW.        T/F
    4. The Queen liked only RED roses.                                        T/F
    5. Alice noticed THE CHESHIRE CAT talking to a Queen.                T/F
    6. The poor gardeners ran to Alice and cried: HELP! HELP!                T/F
    7. Alice put the cards into her POCKET.                                T/F

    (The right answers are: 1 – TREE, 2 – MUSHROOM, 3 – WHITE,


    Go on, pupils. Read and answer the questions. You can use the text if it is necessary.

    1. How did Alice get into the beautiful garden? (She opened the little door with the gold key. But she couldn’t get…..)
    2. Whom did she see there? (She saw three gardeners)
    3. What were the gardeners doing? (They were painting roses red)
    4. Was she surprised? (Yes, she was)
    5. Why did the gardeners paint the roses? (Because the Queen liked only red roses)
    6. What did the gardeners do when they saw the Queen? (They at once fell down on their faces to the ground)
    7. Did Alice fall down on her face either? (No, she didn’t)
    8. Was the Queen angry? (Yes, she was)

    Well done, pupils. I see that you know everything. You know the plot of the chapter perfectly. You know the main characters. Look at them. Who are they?

    Right you are. Now try to describe them. We usually describe different objects with the help of adjectives.

    Look at the list of useful adjectives. I’m sure you know their meanings. What is the Russian for …

    • curious (любопытный),
    • polite (вежливый),
    • impolite (невежливый),
    • rude (грубый),
    • brave (смелый),
    • angry (злой),
    • helpful (оказывающий помощь),
    • kind (добрый),
    • fussy (суетливый),
    • timid (трусливый),
    • nervous (нервный),
    • proud (гордый, важный).

    Now you can easily answer the question: What are the main heroes of our story? Prove your opinion.

    Alice is curious, polite, brave, helpful.

    The White Rabbit is fussy, nervous, timid.

    The Queen of Hearts is impolite, rude, proud, angry.

    I want you to remember some Russian and English idioms of comparison. Do you know what they are? They are often used to describe people, their appearance, personality, behavior. We compare them with other well-known objects. For example:

            He was as cold as ice.

            He was as brave as a lion.

            The Queen of Hearts was as angry as a dog.

    Look at these words. Match the columns. Make idioms of comparison.        

            as cool as                a peacock                                

            as busy as                a wolf

    as flat as                an owl  

             as white as                a cucumber

            as slow as                a bee

            as wise as                a hare

            as fat as                a pancake

            as timid as                a ghost

            as hungry as                a pig

            as proud as                a snail

    So, our lesson has come to the end. Did you like it? I think you did. You’ve been so active, so well-prepared. Thank you very much. Listen to your marks for today.

    Your homework is to read the next chapter of the book.

    Good bye, pupils. See you on Tuesday.




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